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Mr. Santosh Pandey 91% (86 ratings)
Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
Acupuncturist, Mumbai  •  20 years experience
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How Acupuncture balances 5 elements of body and disorders it can treat

Hi, I am  Santosh Kumar Pandey, owner, and founder of Shenmen Healing Center. It is in Santa Cruz, West Mumbai. In my clinic basically, we are doing acupuncture, acupressure, we are trying to help people with this therapy a lot and it is really wonderful and amazing therapy I would say. First, we should know what is acupuncture and pressure, of course. So acupressure and acupuncture are same. But in acupressure we do pressure points on the meridians and channels of the body and similarly we try to stimulate the same point and same channels with the needles, and it is amazing therapy, it is wonderful I would say, we are helping lots of people, trying to cure them. Sometimes there are magical results with acupuncture and when it opens all your blocked energy and blocked chi from the body. It gives you lot of relief from the pain, constipation, indigestion, gases, headache, cervical, back; patients are really happy with this therapy and it is going to be one of the best modes of natural therapies.

Here, we are treating all type of cases, like pain, paralysis, any type of stress related disorders, cervical spondylitis, backache and even we are very good of allergy and asthma and hormonal cases, even skin disorders we are treating with acupuncture, we are getting the very good result into that also. I would say in lots of cases where medically there is somewhere lots of issues with the medication, side effect of the medicine, in all those cases we are getting very good results in natural technique, in the natural way of the therapy. In acupuncture, I would say, in all those cases, where sometimes only medicines like painkillers or some like a suppressant medication started by the doctors. Lots of side effects into all those things, in that cases we are able to help lots of cases like I would say a migraine, backache and your knee pain and headache, sinusitis, asthma.

So in acupuncture, we prick needle on the specific points to open the blockages from the meridians, or we call it channels also. So wherever the blocked chi, it opens that particular area, that particular meridian and through that you feel sometimes energy is travelling, and another system, and you feel good, you feel relaxed; emotional and any time of pain is there, sometimes it releases from there and sometimes you feel the energy, sometimes you feel like the body is very much balanced, you feel sleepy, after that you feel really good energy into that, since we put needle, sometimes you feel like a little prick with the very tiny needle we put into that. People are afraid because of the presence of the needle in acupuncture that it is not that painful. After putting the needle, sometimes you feel a little prick, and bite I would say. After that there is nothing. And sometimes we give electrical stimulation called tens and some rhythmic massage or muscular exercises you feel after that the patient feels very nice when you put that lens. In few cases we are giving it for 20 minutes and sometimes 28 minutes, it is lying in the body, that machine and needle. Mostly with the needle we do 28 minutes and with the machine 20 minutes only. And with that, you will feel very good.

With the rhythmic message in the body; you will feel some sensation toward the meridian. If your system is very sensitive you will feel more and it releases lots of pressure, lots of blockages from the body.
This is my personal experience, sometimes after a first or second session, you will feel little……..because of the detoxification of the body. You might feel little tired or sometimes you will feel little indigestion, gases I have also seen. Or I have seen some loose motion, one or two sessions, one or two days, sometimes one or two times only. And there is no other complication of doing acupuncture. Overall you will feel very good doing this. And your energy will improve. And it’s very good to enhance the body’s energy and your minds energy, your emotional energy. It releases the stress from your body. So you will be feeling very good.

Any further inquiry if you want to do, you can visit me or you can call me through Thank You.

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