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Know How To Support The Healthy Functioning Of Solitary Kidney!

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Know How To Support The Healthy Functioning Of Solitary Kidney!

Solitary kidney or having one kidney, is a medical condition in which you have one functional kidney in your body. This could be because of any birth defects, injury or surgery or in case of kidney donation. A healthy single kidney can perform all the functions like filtering out the waste and fluid from blood. But it is advised to take special care of your kidney, to avoid any complications later in life.

Tips to ensure healthy functioning of solitary kidney

To ensure healthy working of kidneys, and to avoid any disorders in case of solitary kidney, it is important to take care and check for the functioning of kidneys. The following tips will help you keep your kidney healthy:

1. Regular check-ups: It is important to get your annual kidney test done. There are two simple tests to check for kidney disease - urine test to check for albumin levels and a blood test to check for creatinine level.

2. Keep a check on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels: Uncontrolled blood pressure and sugar levels are the two leading causes of kidney disease. In case you have a history or are currently suffering from diabetes or BP, it becomes important to keep them under control.

Healthy weight: Maintaining a healthy weight, is important to avoid any risk of metabolic diseases. Being overweight also increases the burden on kidneys to filter out toxins.

4. Eat healthyDASH diet is considered to be kidney-friendly. Limit your intake of salt and avoid processed and preserved foods. You can consult a dietitian who will help you plan a diet as per your condition and lifestyle.

5. Avoid alcohol and tobacco: Smoking and alcohol consumption can badly impact your kidneys health and functioning. It also increases your blood pressure and risk of diabetes.

6. Exercise daily: Daily exercise, helps in maintaining a healthy weight, controls BP and sugar levels. All this helps in preventing the risk factors for kidney disorder.

7. Avoid over the counter medications: There are certain over the counter medicines, which can be harmful for your kidneys. Always consult your doctor and avoid any kind of self medications.

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