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Jet Lag - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag disorder or jet lag as it is commonly called, is a temporary sleeping disorder that can happen to any person who is travelling quickly over multiple time zones.

The human body has its internal clock which is medically known as the circadian rhythm that signals the body when to remain awake or go off to sleep. Jet lag happens when the body’s clock remains still in sync to your original time zone, from where you started your journey. Instead of the new time zone where you’ve travelled and is your destination. The more time zones that you cross, the more jet lag disorder you will find in your body.

Although jet lag is not a life-threatening condition, and goes away in a few days, but nonetheless it can significantly reduce your business or vacation travel’s comfort.Medically jet lag disorder which is a chronobiologic problem, is known as desynchronosis.

More About Jet Lag :

The term ‘jet lag’ is a new found terminology that was never used before the invention of passenger jet aircrafts. Earlier, while travelling by propeller driven aircrafts, or by ships or train, travelling was slower than jet flights. Thus long distance travels did not contribute widely to this kind of problem, which became apparent when aviation technology made human beings to travel far and fast enough, to cause a chronobiologic problem known as jet lag.

Guide for Jet Lag :

The guide for calculating jet lag is to take a note of the number of time zones that you have crossed, with the maximum difference of minus or plus 12 hours. However, if the tome difference is more than 12 hours between your place of transit and the destination, you must subtract that number from 24. This means, for an example if the time zone of your destination is GMT +15, then that will be same time of the day as GMT – 9, though in this case the former day is one day ahead of your place of departure.It must be remembered that jet lag only happens for trans-meridian flights (east to west or west to east), since a long distance flight from north to south or south to north close to the same longitudes does not cause jet lags.


It has been also noticed that jet lag is more for travelers flying to the east of the globe, when you lose hours, days and time, than flying west, when you gain back time. Moreover, older people generally suffers more from desynchronosis, than younger people who often take lesser time to adjust their bio-clocks.

Usually self diagnosable Lab test not required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
Fatigue Difficulty in concentrating

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All About Jet Lag Disorder!

All About Jet Lag Disorder!
What is Jet lag disorder? Jet lag, also called jet lag disorder, is a temporary sleep disorder that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones. It is a disruption of the internal body clock. Symptoms of Jet lag disorder- Inso...

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Popular Questions & Answers

I have missed my periods for last 2 times, just moved to abroad 2 months back is it due to jet lag or lifestyle change or is there any reasons that should I consider. My cycle is not regular it usually 45-70 days once. Can you help me with this problem?

If your cycle is usually 45-70 days then this time it’s only 60 days. Don’t worry it will happen. But do you always have periods at such a long interval. If so there has to be a reason. U need to diagnose it case.
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I am 51 years old. I came to U.S. To see my son for a short trip of 3 weeks. Apart from jet lag I am finding it difficult to get sleep. I think that I am under depression. Only one week time is remaining for me to go back to India. I am afraid to stay alone in closed room. Please suggest natural remedy to overcome this.

Hi lybrate-user mam Has it happened to you before also or this is the first time. Your description of symptoms is incomplete I would like to take in more information to guide you in best possible way. I believe you should discuss your concerns in ...
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Is trika .25 mg. Tablet the right medication for the jet lagged? Is it harmful for a Type 2 Diabetic?

It should be taken only if your doctor prescribes it for you (depends upon case history and physical examination ). Read more about jetlag and how it can be managed naturally by adapting healthy habits. Any treatment that is not needed can disturb...

I've had a very bad habit of fiddling with my hair . It's started to fall and I am facing hair thinning issues. I was once known for my beautiful dense jet black hair . Help

Hello, fiddling may not be the reason for hair fall. Plz mention in detail about your hair loss including whether anyone in your family has this problem and what shampoos u r using.

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What is Jet Lag?

More About Jet Lag :

Guide for Jet Lag :

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