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I want ask about my jaundice report my bilirubin total is 2.36 and 0-1.2mgdl kya ye normal hai.

No it is not normal tell me what symptoms you have and send me all your reports based on that I can tell you what exactly problem is.
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My baby born on mobile and he is having jaundice level of 15.49, is this dangerous?

My baby born on mobile and he is having jaundice level of 15.49, is this dangerous?
This seems to be neonatal jaundice, baby need care is hospital with photothrrapy and if treated properly it is completely curable.
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I am 25 year old (male) I have jaundice, 1 week before alt and ast and conjugated ind and dir also at high level. Bilirubin is 2.

Take home cooked boiled food without oil.*.avoid street food, fried, masala foods, processed and junk food. Sugar cane juice is good.
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Sir last one month ago myself effected with malaria typhoid and jaundice. Jaundice percentage is 3.9.whereas sgpt is 103 and sgot 110 slowly jaundice came to 0.8 sgpt is 49 sgot is 52 and after 1 month yesterday report was jaundice came to 1.1 and sgpt is 23 and sgot is 31. Doctor suggested lecithin essential 1 mg tablet for 10 days. Sir suggest me is any harmful to me and after using above medicine it will increase. Or decrease. What type of food can I take regularly.

Sir last one month ago myself effected with malaria typhoid and jaundice. Jaundice percentage is 3.9.whereas sgpt is ...
Hi, Lybrate user, your diet in jaundice be rich in carbohydrate & protein. Tk, rice, coconut,  curds ,pumpkin, boiled green leafy veg, sugar cane & glucose water.  avoidance: fatty foods ,ice-cream,  milk with cream, ghee/butter & pastry/cookies. Precaution: boiled water be allowed to drink. @ cleanliness be maintained  as jaundice may become fatal, if ignored. Jaundice can very well be managed & cured by homoeopathy, mericulously. @.chelidonium q -10 drops with 2tsfl of water,  thrice. Tk, care.
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I am suffering from jaundice my bilirubin levels are 5.8 mg/dl. What is the treatment and can I go for ayurveda? What type of ayurveda medicines should I use?

hi .. drink sugar cane juice. avoid yellow color food . drink more water. expose to sunlight in morning 7 to 7.30pm
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Jaundice - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Of It!

Jaundice - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Of It!

Jaundice is a medical condition, which is characterized by the yellow coloring of the skin and eyes. It generally occurs when there is an excess of bilirubin in your system. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment formed in the liver by the breakdown of red blood cells. It normally gets discharged by the liver along with other dead red blood cells. So if you are suffering from jaundice, it usually indicates that you have some serious problems regarding the functioning of your liver, pancreas, or gallbladder.

Signs and symptoms:
Signs and symptoms commonly associated with jaundice include:

  1. Yellow-tinted eyes and skin
  2. The whites of your eyes may turn orange or brown in color
  3. Dark urine
  4. Pale stools
  5. High fatigue and vomiting (in severe cases)

Jaundice, as mentioned above, occurs when there is an excess of bilirubin and the liver is incapable of metabolizing it along with the old red blood cells. It is more common in infants than in adults, because their livers are not fully developed. However, it is also a frequent occurrence in adults and could be a potential sign of any of the following problems:

  1. Liver infection
  2. Scarring of the liver, or cirrhosis
  3. Hepatitis
  4. Alcohol abuse
  5. Liver cancer
  6. Gallstones
  7. Pancreatic cancer
  8. Blood disorders, like hemolytic anemia
  9. Parasites in the liver
  10. Abnormal reactions to or overdose of medication

Diagnostic tests may include:

  1. Jaundice is diagnosed primarily by taking blood tests, to help measure the amount of bilirubin as well as to trace the presence of other diseases like Hepatitis.
  2. Liver function tests in order to make comparisons between levels of certain proteins and enzymes when the liver is in good shape and when it is damaged.
  3. Liver biopsies, where samples of liver tissue are first extracted and later examined under a microscope.
  4. Imaging studies, consisting of abdominal ultrasounds, computed tomography scans and magnetic resonance images (MRI) tests.
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I have mucus in stool for around last 7-8 years, though it was not very frequent. But now a days I am suffering from it badly. Now I have to go to washroom 2-3 times a day. And it is making me very week. I had jaundice 4 times. Last time I had jaundice around 3 months back. Gas forms in my stomach as well. I don't eat food from outside and in my home also I use to avoid oily and spicy foods. Please give me some suggestions.

Mucus in stool can be due to various reasons and mostly it is not troublesome. But now it is associated with jaundice, I think you should get yourself further evaluated in the form of colonoscopy and various blood test on consultation with gastroenterologist near you.
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