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Who Is A Good Candidate For IVF?

Who Is A Good Candidate For IVF?

What is IVF?
IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the process in which the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body and then implanted in a woman’s embryo. The treatment does not take place in a single procedure but in several steps over a period of time or cycle. An IVF procedure involves several careful steps:

  1. Any IVF treatment begins with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), where the women are administered hormonal medication or injections to produce more eggs. Then the eggs are monitored.
  2. The egg is retrieved from the women’s embryo.
  3. Sperm is collected and thawed.
  4. After careful monitoring and proper screening, both the collected egg and sperm are fused together and allowed to mature.
  5. The last and final step is placing the embryo in the womb of the women for pregnancy to take place.

Who is Good Candidate for IVF?
IVF has become very common with many couples opting for it in recent times, and also there has been a proliferation of fertility clinics and centres. However, it is better for couples thinking about going the IVF route to know whether they fit the criteria of an IVF candidate:

  1. Couples trying to conceive for a long time - If you can’t get pregnant naturally, then you can go for the IVF treatment.
  2. Women who have been unsuccessful with other fertility treatments - Couples who have opted for IUI (intrauterine insemination) and fertility medications and have been unsuccessful should consider going for the IVF treatment.

Couples suffering from other types of infertility or problems can also opt for IVF. They include:

  1. Fallopian Tube - If your tubes are scarred, blocked or damaged, then IVF is the way to go. The fallopian damage or blockage may be caused by an inflammation of the fallopian tube due to chlamydia (sexually transmitted disease). Going for IVF is ideal as the treatment bypasses the fallopian tube completely.
  2. EndometriosisIt is a condition where the endometrium tissues lining the uterus are displaced all over the pelvic region. This results in preventing the fertilized egg from travelling to the uterus. Women suffering from this condition can opt for IVF treatment.
  3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - Women suffering from PCOS have difficulty in getting pregnant sometimes. For these women, IVF is an excellent option.
  4. Male Infertility - Men suffering from low sperm count or low motility can take the help of IVF treatment.

As there are good candidates, there are also couples or women who might not benefit from an IVF procedure. They include:

  1. Women who are not producing healthy eggs and also not willing to use a donor.
  2. Conditions in women that can affect the IVF treatment like fibroid tumours, uterine abnormalities or ovarian dysfunctions.
  3. Obese women have very high BMI (body mass index) and are told to lose weight to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
  4. Women who are past 40 years of age have a greater chance of having a miscarriage.

If you are considering going for IVF treatment, go to your doctor and talk to him about all the pros and cons involved in the process before finally taking the plunge.

Impotence Treatment!

Impotence Treatment!

For a man, performing in bed is all about masculinity. If the reproductive capacity of the male is affected because of any malfunction then it can be the reason to worry. Also known as impotence, it is one of the most severe problems that can affect the life of a couple. It might include the inability to perform sexual actions along with the inability or disorder for producing children. The condition might accompany physical or mental conditions, preventing performing sexual intercourse successfully. Although there are different treatment options available, it is the impotence Ayurvedic treatment that helps in improving the condition.

Causes of male impotence

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common types of impotence. This type of dysfunction can be either permanent or temporary. It is important to understand that erection has to be for ample time for effective and successful penetration into the vagina so that sperms get injected into the uterus. If you are not able to do so then it can cause unsuccessful intercourse.

Natural treatment for impotence

In recent few years, an increasing number of men are switching to Ayurvedic medicines for getting rid of the impotence problem. There is much cause for it. There are no side-effects of Ayurveda treatment, which is one of the primary benefits of such a treatment. The main causes of ED  include tight foreskin, malfunctioning of the glands, disordered limbs, sexual infections and use of drugs.

  • Men who have suffered from this kind of dysfunction should increase the intake of protein in their diet.
  • One of the most popular and effective Ayurvedic medicine for treating impotence is'VajikaranaAushadhis'.
  • There are other Ayurvedic medicines available too. These medicines are recommended for strengthening muscles, nerves and veins so that you are able to achieve a proper erection. 

Along with consulting a sexologist, you will also be asked to start exercising. It is often the combination of treatments that can help you in getting rid of these issues. Sexologist is considered effective in treating this condition provided you visit the doctor timely. Do not let your sexual life bear the brunt of impotence, opt for Ayurvedic treatment.

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Get Rid Of Infertility Problem!

Get Rid Of Infertility Problem!

The rate at which the Sexual problem is increasing is a matter of concern. Problems, as well as a number of people suffering the infertility problem, are increasing each passing day.  Infertility problems are the condition in which the couple fails to conceive a baby post unprotected intercourse. In other words, it is the condition in which the couple fails to conceive even after many months of having unprotected intercourse. It is not merely a disease. It can affect life to an extent one cannot even think of.  If you are looking for Sexologist in Delhi then you will many such Sexologist doctors.

This is very important that you take care of this condition with great care. According to studies and research, it has been established that few problems arise due to problems in females while the majority of the times, it is because of the sperm dysfunction and other factors that the couples face such a dysfunction. It has also been found that some issues arise because of the poor lifestyle and eating habits and others factors such as obesity, lack or no exercise, smoking, consumption of alcohol, mental stress and age among others. It is at the sexologist doctor that you can get the right treatment for the condition.

Sexologist provides complete treatment to the couples who are not able to conceive even after having unprotected intercourse for a year or two.  Choose the Sexologist Doctor which the specialization in natural treatments, male infertility, and sperm banks and drugs, embryo and egg donation and IVF. It is important for you to know that a lot depends on the Sexologist doctor you are choosing for infertility treatment

The times are gone when infertility problems were not treatable. The condition is very much curable provided you are able to find the right Sexologist in Delhi.  With the advancement in technology and medical science, it has become possible for you to overcome the infertility problem.

IVF - Know Pro's & Con's Of it!

IVF - Know Pro's & Con's Of it!

IVF, as we all know is an assisted reproductive technology. This is a process of fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieve a sperm sample and then manually get an egg and sperm to combine in a laboratory dish. The embryo then gets transferred to the uterus.

Now before going deep into the advantages and disadvantages of IVF, let’s take a look the kind of patients, on whom IVF can be used to treat the problem of infertility:

  • Women who have damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes refer to the pair of tubes through which eggs pass through to the uterus from the ovaries.

  • Males, who are suffering from infertility due to decreased sperm count.

  • Any individual who has a genetic disorder.

IVF helps many patients to conceive, who would otherwise be unable to have children following the conventional path. Achieving a successful pregnancy along with the delivery of a healthy baby is the ultimate objective of In Vitro Fertilization. Some other advantages are discussed below as follows:

  • Have A Child Using Their Own Eggs: IVF allows Women, who have their fallopian tubes blocked or damaged, with the best alternative to conceive child artificially through the usage of their own eggs.

  • Patients With A Low Ovarian Reserve: IVF helps to maximize the chance of conceiving among older patients. Generally, some fertility clinics use Natural IVF as it’s main focus is more on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity.

  • Help Males Get Rid Of Their Infertility: Males with infertility problems, as a result of low sperm count, will have a much higher chance of conceiving through IVF.

  • Assist Women Who Have Had Premature Ovarian Failure: Premature Ovarian Failure or Menopause among women can go through IVF treatment using donor eggs, which has been known to have high success rates.

  • Safe Track Record: It was in the year 1978, when the first ‘IVF baby’, Lousie Brown was born using Natural IVF. It’s been 40 years since then and the technology has advanced with refined techniques, which has helped create safer, successful treatments.

There are certain disadvantages to this form of infertility treatment as well. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Side Effects and Risks Associated With IVF: In Vitro Fertilization treatment is not without certain risks and side effects, the most severe one being Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome.

  • Women Can Have A Slightly Higher Chance Of Ectopic Pregnancy: For women having damaged fallopian tubes, IVF treatment can lead to the risk of ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the fertilized egg gets attached in a place other than inside the uterus.

  • IVF Is Not Always A Success: One cycle of IVF may not bring success, hence patients well need to go through multiple cycles before being treated completely.

So, one can get a fair idea about the benefits and drawbacks of IVF treatment, which would ultimately help patients to take decisions accordingly.

Diseases Which Can Cause Male Factor Infertility!

Diseases Which Can Cause Male Factor Infertility!

A number of diseases can cause male infertility. Few systemic diseases and infections can affect the development of sperm. E.g. Celiac disease which is a digestive disorder, STDs like gonorrhea, HIV can cause decrease in sperm count or cause scarring which can block passage of sperm. Genetic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, may result in lack of sperm due to missing vas deferens or seminal vesicles.

1. Does cigarette smoke affect semen? 

Yes, studies show that men who smoke have a lower sperm count compared to the men who do not smoke. Smoking decreases the size and movement of the sperm and damages their DNA content. Smoking also can affect the seminal fluid, ejaculated with the sperm.

2. Can the use of steroids for body building cause Infertility

Yes. Steroids taken orally or by injection can impair the production of hormones necessary for sperm production.

3. Does abnormal semen analysis or sperm lead to children with birth defects

Abnormal semen may not necessarily mean that the child will be born with defects. Couples seeking fertility treatment have the same risk of conceiving a child with a birth defect as the general population. Though, some disorders (especially genetic disorders) that cause infertility may result in an increased risk of conceiving a child with birth defects. It is thus very important that couples undergo thorough evaluation and counseling before proceeding with assisted reproductive techniques.

4. What is the most important to be remembered about male infertility? 

In the case of infertility, neither of the partners should be blamed. It is estimated that roughly one-third of infertility cases can be due to male factors, with another one-third due to women. In the remaining one-third of infertile couples, infertility is caused by either a combination of factors, or, in 20 percent of cases, is still unexplained. But today, physicians have the technology and surgical tools to address many infertility problems.

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I am women of 39 age. My amh is 1.67 ng/ml. Whats the possibility of normal pregnancy or iui?

I am women of 39 age. My amh is 1.67 ng/ml. Whats the possibility of normal pregnancy or iui?
Possible yes. Because of late age better to have pregnancy at the earliest and also accepting higher incidence of some problems for you and future child. Discuss in details with treating gynecologist before going ahead for pregnancy.
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Hi, My wife is 40 & her fsh is 9.6, amh is 1.18 & tsh is 6. The doctor has prescribed ovigyn d3 for 3 months to improve amh level. Is there any other good medicine for amh better than this medicine. Also, what are natural ways to improve this level.

Hi, My wife is 40 & her fsh is 9.6, amh is 1.18 & tsh is 6. The doctor has prescribed ovigyn d3 for 3 months to impro...
Please note there are no natural ways to improve the AMH , you need to take and continue these supplements till you get pregnant
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All About Infertility!

All About Infertility!

Infertility is a condition that can be caused due to a variety of reasons, for both males as well as females. Yet, it also comes with plenty of emotional baggage because there is a great deal of social stigma attached to childless parents, especially in the developing countries like India, where we still hold on to traditional thinking which does not really justify modern day realities.

Understanding Infertility in the Developing World: As per medical science, infertility is defined as a problem that is faced by couples who do not manage to conceive even after a year of trying without any birth control measures. In countries like ours, there is a great social stigma that is attached to being childless. As per many studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15% of couples the world over are affected by infertility. Also, such cases go undetected because there is a great social stigma attached to the same. Further, there may be underlying conditions like Tuberculosis which may have been undiagnosed because people do not like to talk to doctors about the symptoms. The main problem in countries like India, and others areas is that people do not open up about such problems and they consider doctors and other medical practitioners as strangers.

Still in the Dark Ages: Even though we have made the transition from an agricultural country where we would pray to the elements and wait for signs for all our everyday activities from harvesting to childbirth, to an industrial country we are still in the dark ages as far as our social setup goes. There are many educated and well-heeled families where being childless is considered as an issue. And many people tend to go to astrologers and temples to change their fate, where a simple visit to a doctor and procedures like IVF, or adoption as the last resort, can also work out.

Infertility Stigma for Males and Females: For an infertile couple, the problem may stem from the male, or the female or both partners. There are still many social stigmas that are attached to this and many people in countries like India tend to call the woman barren, if she is unable to bear a child. In many cases, the male partner does not even go in for a check up as it is not even considered as an option that the problem might lie with him. Male erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and general infertility can cause a range of issues for the couple when it comes to conception. So it is imperative to have the same checked by the doctor so that a sperm test can also be conducted and the treatment can carry on accordingly with the help of IUI or IVF.

Impotency - Can Sexual Dysfunctions Be The Reason For It?

Impotency - Can Sexual Dysfunctions Be The Reason For It?

A couple becomes a family when they become parents. And, a lot of people want to enjoy the experience of being parents. But sometimes, sexual problems can lead to bigger problems, like infertility.

The state of childlessness can be the result of sexual problems. Sometimes couples who go for fertility treatments do not realise that previously existing sexual dysfunctions can be the cause of infertility. Before spending a lot of time on expansive and expensive treatments, it is important to discern if the couple are having problems with their sex lives, with special reference to the frequency and timing of coitus.

Two further categories of sexual dysfunctions need to be considered. One is premature ejaculation (PE) in which, the semen is ejected soon after sexual activity and with minimal penile stimulation. The second point is to consider whether the sperm is being introduced to the vagina. This is a personal examination of the couple’s method of having sex.

Sexual problems related to infertility in men are loss of desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and retarded ejaculation and in women are loss of desire, vaginismus, dyspareunia and anorgasmia. All these dysfunctions can be solved with the help of an expert. Thus, it is important to go for a thorough consultation before going for fertility treatments. 

Adequate sexual function can contribute to the success of fertility treatments, but at the same time it also leads to much stress and discord among couples as the pressure of procreation might get too much. This can have harmful repercussions, affecting the entire fertility treatment. The pressure of planned sex, to perform on demand and anxiety also harms fertility. 

Talking about sex and focusing on your relationship as a couple helps in the long run.

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I have pcos, infertility, trying to conceive bt not, hormonal imbalance, stress anxiety. I am 31 years old have one daughter of 10 years and have miscarriages also.

I have pcos, infertility, trying to conceive bt not, hormonal imbalance, stress anxiety. I am 31 years old have one d...
Hi Sana, No need to worry. Hormonal imbalance due to PCOS. Please treat with homeopathic medicines to cure pcos. Please consult with me privately for more details.
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