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Independence Day - 5 Lifestyle Changes To Get Freedom From Diabetes!

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Independence Day - 5 Lifestyle Changes To Get Freedom From Diabetes!

India celebrates Independence Day on 15th August every year on the commemoration of the nation's independence from British Rule.
As India completes it's 73 years of Independence, our we really independent from illness? While many of us fight with health issues on a daily basis. Staying away from diseases with some simple changes in our lifestyle choices can help us to stay healthy.

Diabetes is a major problem in India. In fact, India is considered to be the diabetes capital of the world. It is expected that the diabetic population of India will reach 69.9 million by 2025.

With such grim statistics, it is clear that a lot needs to be done to make people aware of how to deal with this problem. When you are a diabetic, enjoying a normal life may not be easy. Depending on your blood sugar levels, there are restrictions you have to adhere to.

However, your ultimate goal is to bring your blood sugar down and keep it that way. This is where you can do with a little bit of help.

Here are 5 lifestyle changes that you have to implement to get freedom from diabetes –

  1. Include fibre in your diet - Foods like bananas, apples, broccoli and pears are rich in fibre. When you eat fibre, it slows the speed of digestion, which mean the sugar from food is released into your bloodstream slowly. Including fibre in the diet is a good way to prevent blood sugar spikes after a meal.  Moreover, fibre also promotes healthy bowel movements.
  2. Exercise on a daily basis - Jog on a treadmill, go for a walk or hit the gym to get a grip on your blood sugar levels. When you exercise, your body uses up sugar to energize your workouts. Moreover, obesity increases the risk of diabetes and its complications. Exercise also supports the body with more effective utilization of the insulin it produces.  Implement a regular workout regimen to keep yourself fit and healthy.
  3. Manage your stress better - When you stressed, your body releases hormones like cortisol that increase your blood sugar levels. Not just that, chronic stress also promotes inflammation in the body that increases the risk of diabetes complications.  Practise stress-busting techniques like yoga and meditation to calm yourself. Moreover, these techniques will improve your perception of life that will help you deal with stressful situations better.
  4. Sleep tight - Sleep is important to keep your body healthy. It allows the body to rest and recuperate. Ensure that you are getting 6-8 hours of sleep daily.
  5. Pick your carbohydrates wisely - All of the carbohydrates you eat are broken down into sugar in your blood. But all carbs are not equal – the speed at which they are broken down by the body varies.
  • Simple carbohydrates like fruits and milk trigger an instant rise in the blood sugar.
  • Refined carbohydrates like refined wheat flour (maida) and white rice also cause a similar effect.
  • Complex carbohydrates like whole grains and most vegetables are broken down slowly by the body and therefore allow the blood sugar to stay stable.

Implement these lifestyle changes today and take charge of your health. On this Independence Day, let's take an initiative to change our lifestyle to get freedom from Diabetes.

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