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Increase Stamina Tips

3 Handy Tips Of Healthy And Pain-free Living!

Physiotherapist, Bhubaneswar
3 Handy Tips Of Healthy And Pain-free Living!

Stay Healthy With 3 Handy Tips -

1.Walk For Atleast 45 Min
2. Do Self Stretching
3.Take Bath With Lukewarm Water With Rock Salt In It

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Know More About Chakra Healing!

MA Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Know More About Chakra Healing!

Everything in our universe radiates energy. From living organisms to natural wonders, all radiate energy. The human body is not any exception and radiates energy as well. The human body is a very specialized system and it radiates many types of energy depending on the part of the body and its function.

There are several channels for the continuous flow of energy in and out of our body and these channels are known as chakras. This is the energy which influences our lifestyle significantly and plays a powerful impact on our happiness, health and other aspects of our daily lives which we cannot afford to miss out on.

Chakras have been present in Ayurveda for thousands of years. The approach to Chakras is more on the spiritual side of the human body and mind. Ayurveda says that a person’s ailments can be healed when he or she can uplift their chakras. Chakras make energy flow in and out of the body and along with it, they can also revive the affected areas of their body or combat other factors which may be causing an ailment.

With the help of chakra healing, a person can be treated from possibly any kind of disease. There are seven points in our body along which our chakras exist and each point is associated with a different set of organs or systems. So how is the concept of chakras related to healing?

Chakras And Healing

Chakra healing is related to Ayurveda because it is not only spiritual in nature but there is a lot that goes into this form of healing. Long term dietary techniques are used in chakra healing and this requires the person to consume pure foods which are beneficial for the body.

The threefold approach in Ayurveda for treating ailments is also used in chakra healing. These are Sattvavajaya, Daivachikitsa, Yuvi vyapashraya. All of these approaches are very much beneficial and has helped the people to recover from the different intensity of diseases over the years.

Chakra healing is related to yoga as well because the various yoga asanas affect the chakras. There are specific asanas which can be practised to target a specific chakra.

Chakra healing is strongly related to Ayurveda because the techniques and treatments used in ayurvedic treatments affect the various chakras of our body which in turn heals the body.

Examples -

Let us have a look at some brilliant examples which will help you to understand how chakras can help you get relief from different diseases. For example, a person may be suffering from intestinal problems and then takes the help of ayurvedic treatment to get rid of that problem. The ayurvedic treatment helps in overcoming the problem by making the Root chakra function properly.

So as you can see that chakras can play a significant role in influencing, improving and enhancing your lifestyle and health in a brilliant manner.

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Work Efficiency - How To Enhance It?

Ms.Samiksha Jain 92% (663ratings)
Hypnotherapist, Diploma in Counselling Skills, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Psychologist, Bangalore
Work Efficiency - How To Enhance It?

Nowadays, it is quite challenging to increase work efficiency by overall team performance due to increasing competitions. Hence, the use of modern technologies is helping tremendously to improve productivity.  But at the same time, these advanced technologies have started creating hindrances in the overall productivity. It includes the internet and social media. They are the major culprit for killing work efficacy and distracting every working personnel. Amongst all these, smartphones are at the topmost level comparing to other technologies. However, these are not the only cause of distractions.

What could be the exact cause of the distractions?

According to recent surveys, the biggest efficiency killers in the workplace are as follows:

  1. Noisy atmosphere
  2. Seating in the closed rooms
  3. Gossiping with the colleagues
  4. Being excessively active on social media
  5. Frequent meetings
  6. Taking a frequent break for snacks, or for smoking

All these activities tend to distract people at the workplace, making them inattentive, and least productive. These distractions have significant consequences as it affects the quality of work and hampers the relationship with the boss and the subordinates. The great productivity comes from a proper focus on one task at a time until it gets completed. The use of all these gadgets during work hour is increasing day by day. Notifications from these programs used to keep in touch with people are the biggest distracting measures.

In some organizations, the distraction is avoided by removing all the barriers, such as blocking social websites, banning personal calls, and cell phone use, monitoring emails and internet use, limiting meetings, providing open space etc.

How to improve work efficiency?

Close all these communication channels. It will definitely help to concentrate on the work. Receiving notifications in between work breaks the chain of thoughts and takes more time to complete the work. Try to gather all the information before starting work. Put smartphone either on silent mode, or vibration mode, and stay away from all such distractions.

Schedule a break with definite starting and ending time. This will serve a dual purpose, in making one feel relaxed and feeling refreshed to start the work again with the same enthusiasm. Be in the company of productive people. Get inspired by observing how other co-workers are improving their productivity.

Take a walk in case of difficulty to concentrate. Researchers have shown that taking a walk for 15-20 min improves brain function, provides refreshment and renewed energy.

Stay away from the noisy environment. The good remedy to avoid noise is using headphones and listening to soothing music. Stay away from any kind of gossip, or unnecessary discussions as they divert the mind from the main focus.  


Being focused is equally important to improve the work efficiency, to improve productivity, and to maintain the relationship with the organization. Distraction will never help to flourish and will create many obstacles in the path of success.

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Tips For Raising Mentally Strong Kid!

Dr.Pankaj Singh 87% (41ratings)
Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation , P.hD in Psychology , PG Psychology, PG Clinical Psychology , M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Nagpur
Tips For Raising Mentally Strong Kid!

Parents are always concerned about their child's physical health but often ignore their mental health. Along with physical well-being, your child's mental well-being is also equally important.

The following are eight tips to improve your child's mental well-being:

1. Adequate sleep- Sufficient amount of sleep is required for a child to stay mentally fit. Parents often engage their children with various classes and activities and compromise on their sleeping hours. This, in turn, affects the child's mental state. Therefore, as a parent, you must take care not to compromise on your child's sleeping hours.

2. Allowing them to play- Nowadays, children are overburdened with studies and other learning activities. They do not get to play quite often. But as a parent, you must take care of your child's schedule, so that he/she can have proper playtime too. Playing involves physical activity as well as creativity in certain cases. This helps to improve mental health.

3. Learning to share and care- You must take care to inculcate in your child the values of sharing and caring. These little things can also help improve your child's mental health. Learning how to share with others and caring for others will help them to stay happy.

4. Regular exercise- Encouraging your child to regular exercise will not only help improve his/her physical health, but also mental health. It will also help them to reduce stress and maintain a good mood as well.

5. Listen to them- Parents often ignore when children are speaking on less important matters; may be about a new friend or a strict teacher in school. But as a parent, you must take out some time from your daily schedule to listen out to their stories. Listening to them attentively will make them feel important, increase their confidence and hence, improve their mental well-being.

6. Encourage them to make friends- Encouraging your child to make new friends will help them to socialize better. They will feel confident about themselves and also open up. This can boost up their mental well-being.

7. Good nourishment- Proper nourishment is not only essential for being physically fit, but also mentally fit. Good nourishment will help them stay healthy physically and increase their energy levels. This, in turn, will positively affect their mental health.

8. Make them feel safe- Children need to feel safe in order to stay mentally fit. Try and spend some time with them every day. As a parent, always make your children realize that you are right beside them. Listen to their problems and help them find solutions to solve those instead of scolding them. Help them to relax and feel secure to stay mentally fit.

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Hygiene During Sex - How To Enhance It?

Sexual Health Clinic
Sexologist, Delhi
Hygiene During Sex - How To Enhance It?

Although having sex is important, maintenance of a few proper sexual hygiene standards is of equal importance. A low standard of sexual hygiene can cause infections which can lead to serious diseases. Some tips for hygiene during sex are suggested below:

  1. Take a Bath: Of course, no one would feel like getting intimate if you smell bad or you are completely wet with your sweat. So it’s suggested that you take a shower and feel fresh before you get going for a sexual quickie. With this feeling of freshness, you would feel more aroused and can perform the sexual act with better energy.
  2. Clean Up: Couples always want to enjoy oral sex as a foreplay act or during the sexual stint but if you have not washed your sexual organs properly, your partner could get put off and reluctant to give you the oral pleasure. Also, you must wash off your sexual organs properly before and after having sex for your own personal health.
  3. Get Rid of Brittle Hair: While enjoying sexual acts, one tends to touch their partner all over their body and if they are too hairy on certain parts, it may put your partner off. So make sure you have shaved off brittle hair or at least trim them neatly, so that your mate can enjoy to the fullest and give you maximum pleasure. Also, the body hair can make you look unkempt and can even come in way of your sexual pleasure and make it uneasy for you and your partner to enjoy.
  4. Keep Your Hands Clean: You would often feel tempted to love your partner anywhere and at any point of time. But you must ensure that your hands and especially your nails are not dirty, as it may irritate your partner. The dirt tends to carry various germs, dust etc, which your partner would not appreciate when you touch them. So it’s not a great thing to start foreplay right after eating something or when you have come from outside. Always wash your hands, so that your partner feels nice when you softly touch them on cheeks, lips and other parts of the body.
  5. Breath Fresh Air: If your mouth is stinking due to something that you ate before having sex, it can create a state of discomfort for the other partner while kissing. So always brush you teeth after a meal and before you get into the bed. You can also get rid of this smell either by chewing a mint gum or by taking some mouth freshener that makes you breath fresh and pleasant.

So next time when you seek some romantic moments with your partner, make sure you have gone through all of these hygiene tips, thus leaving no chance to irk your partner in the bed. Moreover, it’s always good fun to love someone who is clean and careful about their own hygiene. So enjoy sex sans any discomfort!

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Cricket - Diet Essential For It!

Dt.Kanika Khanna 90% (178ratings)
M.Sc in Food & Nutrition, BSC in Clinical Nutrition & Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Cricket - Diet Essential For It!

With cricket being such a favourite sport in our country, almost everybody takes to it. What starts off as playing during summer holidays in open grounds can take more professional and committed routes with an obsession to become national and international players. It is very important to understand that it is not about the game, but about overall fitness, both of the mind and the body. It requires extreme physical fitness and focus and therefore planning a meal for cricketers is of extreme importance.

A cricketer’s diet should include the following. It would depend, of course, on how much you are playing, age, build, metabolism, etc.

  1. A good source of energy as everything requires energy, including standing on the field through long hours. About 40% of the diet should include carbs, which should come from whole grains and cereals. Processed foods and packaged foods are best avoided. Ditto for white rice and flour.
  2. Fats from nuts, seeds, yoghurt, and other dairy products is advised. Avoiding excess fat, as it can reduce agility and speed on the field, be it during fielding or running between the wickets. Fried and oily foods are a strict no-no. Grilled foods are great any day!
  3. Sufficient quantities of protein which can come from cottage cheese, spinach, greens, legumes, chicken, fish, and other seafood. About 30% of the diet should include proteins.
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables and hydration cannot be ignored. These not just give fibre, but also give the required vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals for optimal body and mental functioning. Specifically, sodium and potassium are essential for the muscles.
  5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol in excess. Green tea is a great substitute
  6. Sports drinks are filled with not just energy, but are also carbonated and sugary. Not recommended daily except for a sugar rush when playing.
  7. It is advisable to eat with the people you play with. It helps boost each other's food habits, which could be different from others.
  8. On a daily basis, the foods should be spread through the day.
  9. Eating should be spread out as, breakfast – pre-workout – workout - post-workout – lunch – training – post training – evening meal/snack – dinner.
  10. In addition to eating, a good amount of hydration (water predominantly, can also include other natural drinks like tender coconut and fruit juices and milkshakes) is essential to keep the body and mind fit.
  11. The meal should be planned to ensure the body is provided with a constant source of energy instead of large amounts of sugar rushes.
  12. If there is a need to lose weight, this might need to be revisited to achieve the target weight

Happy eating and happy cricketing!!

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Nutritional Requirements Of Sportsmen - Know About The Vital Ones!

Dt.Arti Jain 91% (2526ratings)
PGHRM, PG Certificate In Diabetic Educator, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, P G Diploma Nutrition & Dietetics, Certification In International Sports Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Navi Mumbai
Nutritional Requirements Of Sportsmen - Know About The Vital Ones!

When it comes to athletes and sportsmen, merely having a balanced meal is not enough. Athletes burn much more energy than an average person and hence need to consume additional calories. Getting the right nutrition can make a big difference in an athlete’s performance. To calculate the required calorie consumption, one must take into account the individual’s height, weight, gender and level of physical activity. An athlete must pay special attention to three categories of foods; carbohydrates, fats and proteins. 

1. Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source for sportsmen. When the body ingests carbohydrates, the sugar and starch in it are converted to glucose and stored as glycogen. If the body does not have enough glycogen while working out, it will begin to burn fats and proteins to get its energy. This can make your performance levels drop. Bread, cereals, rice, high fibre fruits and vegetables and pasta are some food items that are rich sources of carbohydrates.

Along with eating the right food, it is also important to eat at the right time. On a normal day, an athlete should consume 1-4grams of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight 1-4 hours before exercising to give the body the necessary energy for your workout. However, if your exercise lasts for more than an hour, you should eat additional carbohydrates during the session. Your body also needs carbohydrates within half an hour of completing an activity to help the muscles recover.

2. Proteins - Proteins help build muscles and thus are essential for bodybuilders and endurance athletes. It should account for 12-15% of your daily calorie intake. However, the actual amount of protein required depends on the athlete’s growth rate, rate of healing and physical activity level. The human body cannot store protein and hence it is not advisable to eat an excessive amount of this nutrient as it will simply be stored as fat. Proteins can be found in many food items including meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts and beans.

3. Fats: There are two types of fats needed by the human body; saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Combined, they should account for not more than 20-30% of your daily calorie intake. For low to moderate intensity exercises, fats are the primary source of energy but for workouts of higher intensity, fats become a secondary source of energy to be used only when the body runs out of glycogen. Meat, milk, eggs and cheese are good sources of saturated fats while vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fats.

Along with eating right, athletes also need to pay special attention to hydrating their bodies. Drinking cool water is the best way to stay hydrated. Water is lost while exercising through sweat and hence must be consumed before, during and after exercising.

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Exercises To Increase Your Stamina In Bed?

Dr.Nakul Sharma 87% (92ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Hisar
Exercises To Increase Your Stamina In Bed?

Research proves that exercise is a great way to improve sexual function in both men and women. Whether one suffers from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or may just want to improve their sex life, exercising the sex muscles is effective in both cases. A particular group of muscles function together and are involved directly in the process. Exercising these muscles will naturally increase the flow of blood to your penis and help improve sexual performance. 

Here are ways to exercise which prove to be effective in enhancing your sex life.
1. Exercising the core muscles and supporting muscles

This type of exercise aims at strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. An easy way to locate these muscles is to stop the flow of urine midway or to hold one's bladder when one needs to pee. Keeping the muscles contracted for a period of ten seconds and relaxing them completes one cycle. This exercise helps improve erection and control your orgasm better by strengthening the core muscles.

2. Exercising the supporting muscles
The second exercise involves pushups. Without this exercise, the other muscles might become tired and one may not be able to achieve sexual fulfilment. This exercise tends to improve the strength of one's abs, lower back, shoulder, chest, arms, legs and buttocks. The muscles in the aforementioned body parts are the supporting sex muscles which work together to make the act more fulfilling. A set of 10 or 20 pushups, three times a day is recommended.

3. Exercising to enhance flow of blood to all body parts
Rebounding on a mini trampoline for at least 10 minutes a day can improve one's sexual performance to a great extent. It is important that one engages in the act carefully so as to avoid injury or accidents. This exercise is both fun and easy. It helps to increase the circulation of blood to all areas of the body and helps to strengthen the pelvic, abdominal muscles, hip and leg muscles. This exercise also helps to overcome lethargy.

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Unknown Erogenous Parts In A Woman's Body As A Man You Should Know!

Sexual Health Clinic
Sexologist, Delhi
Unknown Erogenous Parts In A Woman's Body As A Man You Should Know!

Pressing the right buttons in a female body can heighten the pleasure markedly. The human body is a very fascinating entity that people know very less about. These hidden spots in a woman’s body will definitely turn her on and ensure an intense orgasm and in some cases, multiple orgasms too.

Here are a few clandestine pleasure points you need to keep in mind for your next sexual encounter:

  1. Ears: The ears have 120 acupressure points which is why you should be paying attention to caressing the ears. Biting, caressing, licking and blowing into the ears can arouse a woman tremendously. If you are a great talker, whisper dirty, sexy things into her ear to increase the spread of sexual energy in her body.
  2. Wrists: The wrists are an erogenous zone which not much people pay attention to. However, the wrist is covered with a thin layer of skin which classifies it as a pleasure point because when the wrists are kissed and nibbled, a woman gets turned on immensely.
  3. Nape of the Neck: This spot is packed with nerve endings that make it a spot to be paid attention to for maximum arousal. Kissing and licking the nape of a woman’s neck is tingling and inflames the sexual arousal in her. Hence, this is a part you should be paying extra attention to during foreplay.
  4. Lower Back: Pay attention to this sensitive spot as a part of your foreplay repertoire as massaging the lower back is very stimulating to a woman. Other than an elevated arousal, massaging the lower back soothes the pelvic muscles and makes the intercourse smoother.
  5. Inner Thighs: Perilously close to the genitals, the inner thighs are an underrated pleasure point which most guys don’t focus on. Kissing and licking the inner thighs will turn a woman on in no time. During foreplay, you can work your way up from the inner thighs to the clitoris to arouse her further
  6. Back of Neck: The reason your neck is such a hot spot: it’s extremely sensitive, full of blood vessels, and is associated with vulnerability. Soft, lingering caresses are clutch. 
  7. Pelvis: Concentrating some affection on her pelvis is a great idea; however, you’ll have to resist the urge to slip down to her vagina while you’re so close. Like teasing her inner thighs, kissing and licking around her pelvis will excite her until she’s begging for more. Prolong the sensation by leaving the region to focus on another body part for a while.
  8. Behind Her Knees: This area is one that most men don’t think of when trying to stimulate a woman, but it is, in fact, quite sensitive. Gently caressing the back of the knee under her skirt while the two of you are in a public place will make her ready to get busy once you get home. Don’t forget to pay some more attention to this special spot once you’re alone too.
  9. The Arm: The area of her arm below the shoulder and between her elbow on the exterior part of her arm is another clitoris.

When you find the point that is that one special pressure point and when pressed on directly and held for 10 seconds or more, she has the capability of moving into orgasmic breath and wave of pleasure fills through her body.

The Takeaway

While sexual arousal seems like a highly individual sort of thing, people generally tend to agree on which spots get their motors running. These so-called "erogenous zones" are linked to feelings of sexual arousal—stimulating these spots can ramp up feelings of sexual pleasure and make sex more satisfying. The best way to find out what you and your partner like is to communicate, experiment, communicate some more, and repeat.

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Can Yoga Asanas Help In Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr.Manoj Pandey 86% (32ratings)
Sexologist, Patna
Can Yoga Asanas Help In Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Yoga is known for improving the testosterone levels as well as increasing your blood flow to the pelvic area of the body that aids in beating erectile dysfunction. If erectile dysfunction is becoming a serious issue in your sex life, and is making you feel embarrassed, and if there is intriguing fear of intimacy with your partner, then it is important to get hold of a yoga mat and try out some easy yoga poses that can alleviate the issue to a considerable extent.

The yoga techniques are well-regarded for their ability to spice up your sex life, and you may try some of these yoga poses to get over your erectile dysfunction.

  1. Seated forward bend: This can help in boosting your endurance by toning as well as strengthening the perennial muscles of your body, which are known for aiding in erectile rigidity. Practising this pose or asana regularly will not only help in beating erectile dysfunction, but also delay the ejaculation as it can contract the perennial muscles right before the orgasm. It is recommended to try this pose and practice it regularly for at least 10 to 15 seconds at a stretch for better results.
  2. Plank pose: This asana is one of the most effective ways of treating erectile dysfunction and improve the levels of stamina in the bedroom. After performing it consistently for a week or 10 days, you can notice an uplift of your stamina levels and an increased upper-body strength that is required while having intercourse. You will have to do this regularly and hold the position for as long as you can and lower down your body slowly.
  3. Raised legs pose: This posture helps in offering an intense workout to the core muscles and involves the glutes and quads as well. This, in turn, aids you to last longer while having intercourse in the missionary position. It also helps in stretching of the muscles which are located at both the sides of the lumbar region and the hip flexor that helps a human being to bend the knees. Practising the exercise on a regular basis increases energy levels and blood flow to the pelvic region and combat erectile dysfunction to an accountable degree.

It is no surprise that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction lead to various problems that also affects the bonding between two persons. Increased stress levels along with various other factors have contributed to all these health issues that can be easily shot down through proper practice of yogic postures.

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