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I need to maintain or enhance immunity. Whether I may choose ayurvedic or allopathic. Please guide me immediately on phone.

I need to maintain or enhance immunity. Whether I may choose ayurvedic or allopathic. Please guide me immediately on ...
Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system don't smoke. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation. Get adequate sleep. Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly. It is now clear that vitamin d has important roles in addition to its classic effects on calcium and bone homeostasis. Vitamin d can modulate innate and adaptive immune responses. Deficiency in vitamin d is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection.
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I can give my 9 years son giloy ghanvati in regular basis for immunity. If yes then please tell the dosage n duration. It should be taken in empty stomach or after food. please reply.

I can give my 9 years son giloy ghanvati in regular basis for immunity. If yes then please tell the dosage n duration...
You can give your 9 years son giloy ghanvati on a regular basis for immunity. The dose is 1 tablet twice daily with water after the meals.
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Immunity System - How To Enhance It?

Immunity System - How To Enhance It?

Ever wondered why some people fall ill more often than others? Part of the reason is a poor immune system. The immune system is the body’s defence mechanism against all types of infections. There are a number of ways to strengthen one’s immune system. Here are 10 tips that could help.

  1. Eat Probiotics: Contrary to popular belief, not all bacteria are bad. 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Keeping gut bacteria healthy can help boost the immune system. An easy way to do this is to have probiotics regularly. This could be in the form of probiotic supplements or probiotic food like curd.
  2. Eat enough: Many people cut back on the food being eaten in an effort to lose weight. While a low calorific intake can help you lose weight, this is not good weight loss. Not eating enough can reduce your energy levels and keep antibodies from reaching all the parts of the body.
  3. Sleep well: 8-10 hours of sleep every night is essential for a good immune system. This helps the body rejuvenate itself and improves the immune system’s ability to fight against infections.
  4. Drink some soup: Stock or broth made from animal bones can act as great sources of glutamine. This amino acid powers the immune system. Glutamine is also available in the form of supplemental tablets and powders.
  5. Get some sun: Exposing the body to sunlight is the easiest way to replenish vitamin D levels. Another way to get your daily amount of vitamin D is through cod liver oil capsules.
  6. Drink plenty of water: Water not only helps hydrate the body, it also flushes toxins from the body. Ideally, one should drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.
  7. Quit sugarSugar increases the calorific intake but provides no nourishment. For this reason, these calories are also known as empty calories. Quitting sugar can help improve your overall health and boost the immune system.
  8. Quit alcohol: Like sugar, alcohol does not provide any nourishment to the body. Instead, it impairs the immune system’s ability to function and increases the risk of infections. Hence, it is best to quit alcohol.
  9. Use herbs and spicesHerbs and spices in your kitchen not only add flavour to your food but can also help strengthen the immune system. the most important herbs for the immune system include garlic, ginger, pepper and onions.
  10. Exercise: Lastly, exercise regularly. Exercise has many benefits including weight management, improved blood circulation and better immunity. If you do not have the time for an extensive workout, try incorporating exercise into your daily routine. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator.
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Physical Activity - How It Can Boost Your Immunity?

Physical Activity - How It Can Boost Your Immunity?

A healthy person can be more productive; increased productivity will eventually lead to success and happiness. However, all of this goes for a toss when you suffer from frequent illness. The frequency of falling sick is also known to reduce a body’s immunity further.

And, exercise is known to boost not only the immune system of the body, but also keeps the bones and the heart healthy, preventing the risk of many diseases and illnesses. It is in the last few decades that various studies and research has confirmed a number of health benefits associated with regular exercise, immunology being one of them.

Physical activity boosts the immune system

Doctors have found that regular physical activities help in boosting the cells that are there in the body to attack the bacteria and other disease-causing microbes when they enter the body. In people who do not exercise at all, these cells turn out to work rather more slowly compared to those who lead an active daily life with a few hours or minutes of physical activities in it. And as a result of exercising, the immune system becomes well-equipped to prevent attacks of germs which could make you sick.

Can doing too much physical activity be harmful?

Physical activity is primarily known for keeping your body in a perfect shape and your weight under control. However, one must understand that it can only help the body's natural immune system when done at a moderate level, as overdoing it can lead to suppressing the normal immune functions instead. If you don’t give your body the rest it requires, the immune system can become weaker than before, making you feel weak, tired and badly run down.

How can you boost your immunity power through exercise?

One doesn't need to be an athlete or start doing heavy weightlifting to boost the body's immunity power. Walking half an hour daily or spending a few hours every week in the gym can help you develop better immunity. Remember, the whole concept behind physical exercise boosting the immune system of the body lies in speeding up the cells of the immune system so that, it can fight off the bacteria. Therefore, as long as an exercise is boosting the cells' functionality, you're good to go, irrespective of whether it's swimming or cycling or regular jogging.

Though, there are still debates on the direct relationship between exercises and how it improves the immune functions of the body, immunologists and allergy specialists have found simple truths about the impact of exercise on immunology. Therefore, outside of helping your body in becoming healthier over time, there’s no denying that regular exercise can help the body in fighting off harmful diseases as well, by boosting its immune power.

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What is the best way to reduce inflammation inside the body? Any lifestyle changes.

What is the best way to reduce inflammation inside the body?
Any lifestyle changes.
Inflammation is a process which acts as a defense for limiting the infection. Sometimes it starts against own body and creates problem. Please write what problem you are facing so that I can guide you as this term inflammation is not conveying anything about your symptoms.
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Autoimmune Problems - How Ayurveda Can Tackle It?

Autoimmune Problems - How Ayurveda Can Tackle It?

When the immune system of the body reacts against the tissues of its own body, it is called an autoimmune disorder. To put it more dramatically, the body becomes its own enemy. The immune system of your body keeps fighting disease-causing germs and bacteria, but in rare cases, the immune system might malfunction and fight its own body causing different disorders. These disorders may be caused due to genetic issues or due to mutations. According to ayurveda, autoimmune disorders are a result of constant unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda works at the root cause of the disease where it starts treating the malfunctioning immune system.

Here is how Ayurveda treats autoimmune disorders:

1. Toxin removal: Ayurveda starts working on removing the toxins from the body. According to ayurveda, toxins or ama in the body interfere with the proper functioning of the immune system, which often leads to autoimmune diseases. Usually shunthi, haritaki, pippali, maricha, hingu and saindhav lavan are used to detoxify the body.

2. Metabolism correction: Not only will ayurveda detoxify the body, but it will also correct the metabolism which gets messed up when afflicted with an autoimmune disorder. Neem, guggulu, guduchi, vasa, patola patra and ghrita are used to correct the metabolism.

3. Increase in ojus production: Ojus is the component which helps in the nourishment of the immune system. It is generally received from the food you eat. Due to dysfunctional immune system causing the impairment of metabolism, production of ojas decreases to almost nil. Hence ayurveda increases its production. Guduchi, haridra, manjishtha, amalaki, nirgundi, yashtimadhu and pippali are used to increase ojha production.

4. Immune system correction: Lastly, ayurveda works at correcting the immune system. If the immune system is not corrected, then the above treatment procedure will just be useless. Ghrita, haritaki, bahera, amalaki, ela and dadim are used generally to calm the immune system and rejuvenate it. They help correct the immune system for normal functioning.

Autoimmune disorders may not be easily treated, but that doesn't mean you cannot expect it to cure or witness a miracle. You just need some faith and confidence alongside proper treatment and you are ready to roll.

How To Improve Your Immunity?

How To Improve Your Immunity?

Monsoon is almost here!! How many of you are looking for ideas and ways to boost up immunity for your kids, elders or yourselves?

Well, here’s my recommendation to boost up your immunity this monsoon-

Have a freshly brewed cup of turmeric tea every morning!

Here’s how to make it -

Boil four cups of water; add 1-2 teaspoons turmeric powder. Simmer it for 10mins, strain and consume hot. You can flavor your turmeric tea with lemon, ginger, cinnamon or honey.

Kids can consume turmeric by adding it with milk, the good old “Haldi ka doodh” every morning.

How does it work?? Well, turmeric has an active component “curcumin” which has anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties; thereby improving immunity. Turmeric tea is made with its powder or root; which is the best way to get the wholesome goodness of the spice.

So let’s get fit, healthy & monsoon ready by having a daily dose of the magic spice “turmeric”!!

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Hello, I am 23 years old. I have a very weak immune system and have digestive problems and right now suffering from anal fissure I request you to suggest me a diet plan to improve my digestive system?

Tips for better digestive health: Eat a high-fiber diet. ... Get both insoluble and soluble fiber. ... Limit foods that are high in fat. ... Choose lean meats. ... Incorporate probiotics into your diet. ... Eat on schedule. ... Stay hydrated. ... Skip the bad habits: smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol... Exercise regularly... Manage stress
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Hello doc's I want to how can I increase my immunity which food is suitable because I often get cold and etc so which food is good for immunity increase and which food is suitable for the sexual growth which I can eat in these summers.

Hello doc's I want to how can I increase my immunity which food is suitable because I often get cold and etc so which...
You can increase immunity by taking a well-balanced diet, fruits, vegetables and doing mild exercises. Above all, you need mild physical exercises.
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How exactly can I boost my immunity? Like I get caught up by desires very easily!

How exactly can I boost my immunity? Like I get caught up by desires very easily!
Dear lybrateuser, - You can boost your immunity by leading a healthy lifestyle including a well balanced diet including more of green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains instead of refined ones & protein rich foods - have plenty of oral fluids including 7-8 glasses of water for proper hydration - do regular exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling & yoga - sleep well for at least 7-8 hrs at night, keep your sleep and wake up time fixed - keep stress levels low by doing regular exercise, meditation, deep breathing & yoga - an overall healthy lifestyle leads to a strong immunity.
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