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Hypertension: How Does It Increase The Risk Of Major Diseases?

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This is Dr. Ramesh Kawar and I’m interventional cardiologist attach to Bombay Hospital, Beach Candy Hospital, Surana Group of Hospitals and in Malad Lifeline Hospitals. I’m in the field of interventional cardiology from last 20 years doing an intervention for coronary and non-coronary situations. For vulvar situations, for congenital heart diseases and other interventional fields. Today we are going to talk on hypertension. As you know hypertension is a very common illness which is affecting as a non-communicable disease which is affecting Indian population at large.

If you see the prevalence of hypertension in India in rural population is somewhere around 5-7% while in urban population it is around 10%. So a huge chunk of our population is suffering from hypertension. Unfortunately, diagnosis and the treatment of hypertension remains poorly managed in the sense that almost 25 % of our patients are not diagnosed. Though they are suffering from hypertension around to the latest ACCH guidelines. Almost 25% remains undiagnosed, roughly around 25% they are diagnosed but they are not treated properly.

Similarly, around 25% of these patients who are diagnosed are treated poorly. Only 25% of our patients who are suffering from hypertension is are being treated properly. So there is a roughly 25% rule. It is important to treat patients with hypertension why? Because if we keep these patients untreated they are going to land up in a lot of cardiovascular disease problem like patients suffering from a stroke because of either ischemic stroke or bleed in the brain or they may suffer a heart attack like myocardial infarction or die from erythema because of hypertensive heart disease.

They may also suffer from kidney problem and lead to end-stage renal disease and dialysis. They may suffer from a retinal problem with loss of vision. So it is very important to treat and control their blood pressure so as to prevent all these deadly diseases. Now there are various stages of hypertension. Normally we say that a patient whose normal blood pressure is less than 120mm systolic and less than 80mm diastolic then we call as stage 1 hypertension where your blood pressure systolic blood pressure is between 132-139.

Earlier was 142-149 but now with the latest guidelines, 2017 ACCH guidelines recommend that any person who is having systolic blood pressure between 132-139 and a diastolic blood pressure of 80-89 is classified as stage 1 hypertension. And anything more than 140mm of systolic and more than 90mm of diastolic is classed as class 2 hypertension or stage 2 hypertension. Respective their stage we have to take a proactive step to control their blood pressure either by non-pharmacological means or by pharmacological means.

Non-pharmacological means should we tried for each and every patient whatever stage is, it is very important and there are various ways in which you can control blood pressure. If you are obese then reduction of weight will help you in controlling your blood pressure, reduction of salts intake less than 2-3 grams per day will help you in reducing your blood pressure. Similarly increasing potassium intakes like fruits-vegetable lot of vegetables and fruits especially fruits containing citrus fruits like juicy fruits like oranges, sweet limes all these will help in bringing down your blood pressure.

Regarding the salt intake, you have to avoid all the salty things like a pickle, pepper, baked products, processed foods, junk foods, you have to avoid all these to reduce your salt intake. Home cook food is best. Besides salts and potassium and weight reduction, other non-pharmacological majors which will help you in controlling your blood pressure is sedation of smoking if you are smoker, reduction of alcohol to less than 60ml per day for adult males and less than 30ml for women should encourage.

Then also regular physical activities is very very important in controlling your blood pressure. You should walk to at least 30-45minutes of the brisk walk at least 5-6 days a week if not for all days but the minimum for 5 days a week and 30-45minutes of brisk walking. You can also do yoga, meditation and other things to control your blood pressure. If your blood pressure doesn’t come under control with these majors then one can start with pharmacological treatments. You have to control your blood pressure by whatever means.

Even if you have to take 1 medicine 2 medicines 3 or even 4 number of medicines it is very very important to keep them under control with the help of drugs which are very effective in controlling your blood pressure. If you control your blood pressure properly you are less likely to suffer from other cardiovascular disease mortality. So it is very very important to control your blood pressure. Be aware about your blood pressure and try to control it by whatever means which includes non-pharmacological treatment as well as pharmacological treatment. So to book an appointment with me you can contact me through

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