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How To Manage Diabetes?

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I am Dr. Mohammad Mehmood Ahmed Dialectologist and Gastroenterologist.

Today I want to teach you what is the importance of balanced diet in diabetes . Doctor will tell you that the best way to stay nourished while you have diabetes is to eat balanced diet. What’s a balanced diet? A diet consisting of variety items from all the recommended food groups in the right conditions and qualities.

How does it translate a real-life setting? Give yourself a large amount of non-starchy vegetables. There are many kinds to choose from like Spanish, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms and peppers. Fill half of your plate with fruit and vegetables. Eat whole grain protein and fat free or no fat dairy products. Drink a glass of fat free milk with your maize. Focus on carbohydrates, sugar and starch or both carbohydrates. The total amount of carbohydrates you eat is more important for blood glucose control than this source.

When you look at your plate , vegetables should fill up 1/2 of your plate and starchy foods such as whole grain, Beans, peas and should fill up one quarter of plate. Meats, poultry or fish should fill up the remaining quarter.

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