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How Ayurveda Can Correct Your Eye Sight?

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How Ayurveda Can Correct Your Eye Sight?

In Ayurveda, the term ‘drishti dosha’ has been used to refer to eye sight issues. Ayurveda has identified and also explained a number of eye sight disorders. It has identified the causes, symptoms and different kinds of treatment for these eye disorders.

Causes of frail eyesight:
Weak eyesight is a common problem faced by people nowadays. Its major causes are-

  1. Increased pollution in our surroundings leads to accumulation of dust within the eyes. This is a major cause of eye-related disorders.
  2. Excessive use of computers, laptops and smart phones stresses the eyes which are very sensitive organs.
  3. An unhealthy lifestyle including over consumption of junk food, lack of sleep, irregular sleeping hours, mental disturbance and constant exposure to bright light weaken the eyes.

Though the symptoms of eye-related problems vary from one type of disorder to another, there are certain common symptoms which include-

  1. Redness and watering of the eye
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Itching and burning of eyes
  4. Pain and swelling in or around the eye area
  5. Excessive blinking of the eyes

How Ayurveda Can Help?

Ayurveda has several remedies which one can use to correct eyesight. These remedies are easy to follow and include simple tasks one can undertake on a daily basis. These include-

  1. Indian gooseberry or amla is known to contain high amount of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and other nutrients to improve sight. The vitamin C contained in this fruit improves function of the retina. One can consume 2-5 teaspoons of amla juice with some warm water in the morning and evening to improve vision. One can also consume the juice of this fruit with honey to improve the quality of vision.
  2. Visual acuity is used to determine visual strength. To improve visual acuity, there are several Ayurvedic remedies. One such remedy is to consume a mixture of fennel, almond and sugar with milk every day before bedtime. The three ingredients must be powdered and mixed in equal ratio for this remedy.
  3. Coriander leaf juice can be mixed with honey and consumed fresh each day to improve vision.

Ayurveda provides several natural solutions to treat eye related issues. One can practice these simple natural home remedies to improve vision. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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