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How Ayurveda Helps Manage Back Pain?

Dr. Pragya Singh 87% (462 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lucknow
How Ayurveda Helps Manage Back Pain?

Back pain refers to a severe pain in the back due to a strain in the muscle and the associated ligaments of the spine. Back pain is a fairly common condition and almost everyone has experienced it at least once in their lifetime. The pain can be either acute (pain in sudden bursts) or chronic (lasting for more than a month). Back pain generally tends to subside if one takes appropriate measures. 

You might experience the following symptoms along with back pain:

  1. Severe pain around the muscles which might stretch down to your feet
  2. Back pain will significantly limit the flexibility of your back
  3. If there are recurrent instances of high fever and severe gall bladder disorders along with the pain, a consultation with your doctor is highly recommended.

Back pain might occur due to the following reasons:

  1. Back pain might occur as a result of osteoarthritis (a disorder that is characterized by the breaking and wearing down of the flexible tissues at the end of the bones) and osteoporosis (a disorder marked by bones that are weak and brittle).
  2. It might occur as a result of a fatal accident or an injury.
  3. If you are a chain smoker and have a history of excessive alcohol or drug abuse, you are more likely to experience back pain.
  4. Back pain might also occur as a result of ageing, excessive weight gain, lack of regular exercising, cancer and instances of severe depression.

Ayurveda can be very useful for eradicating back pain. According to Ayurveda, back pain is caused due to the heightening of the ‘vata’ owing to an unhealthy diet, anxiety, and suppression of muscles, collectively called ‘dosha’. 

The Ayurvedic remedies for back pain are as follows:

  1. A regular intake of 30 ml of Aloe Vera juice in the morning might heal symptoms of back pain
  2. A regular intake of a mixture of 5g Triphala churnam mixed with water before retiring for the night might help to ease the general discomfort associated with back pain.
  3. Consume a medicinal preparation of 100ml of Black Gram (Urad Dal) daily for a week in order to get rid of the pain.
  4. You can also perform Paschimottanasana (an exercise where you have to touch the toes and repeat the same for a few times) and Vayu Mudra (an exercise where you have to move the index finger on the thumb base and the thumb finger in closed proximity to the index finger while the other fingers remain in a perpendicular position) to get rid of the back pain.
  5. Cut down on your consumption of pungent spices. This is because these pungent spices tend to have a drying effect on the body, that in turn, might lead to severe back pain, especially in the lower back along with constipation. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.

Besides all these, such people should always avoid sudden change in temperature like if you are sitting in AC, then switch off the AC atleast 15mins. before you move out of the car or the chamber or house.

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Successful Liver Cirrhosis Treatment With Ayurveda!

Dr. Paresh J Thakkar 88% (10 ratings)
Ayurveda, Ahmedabad
Successful Liver Cirrhosis Treatment With Ayurveda!

Liver cirrhosis is characterized by the replacement of normal liver tissue with fibrous tissue. This condition occurs when the liver has been exposed to certain causative factors for a prolonged period of time. Liver cirrhosis can be compared to “Kumbhakaamla” as stated in Ayurveda.

In Ayurvedic terms, liver cirrhosis is through to result due to an extreme aggravation of the pitta dosha. The liver is considered as the seat of pitta and therefore, an aggravated pitta dosha affects the functioning of this vital organ that helps eliminate toxins from the body. It can lead to problems such as anemia, jaundice, hemorrhage, ascites, and liver and spleen enlargement. This may end up aggravating and dis-balancing other doshas as well.

Because of aggravation of the pitta dosha, all the functions of the pitta such clarity of skin complexion, hunger, digestion, and production of blood are seriously affected. Because of the aggravation, the rasa and rakta dhatus are severely affected followed by other dhatus.

Ayurvedic treatment for liver ailments is highly recommended as it is completely natural and does not result in any side effects. It helps reverse all of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis and other diseases while restoring the normal functioning of the liver. There are several Ayurvedic remedies that you can practice to relieve the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

The following are some of the most common Ayurvedic tips for liver cirrhosis:

  1. Patient must take expert opinion of an Ayurveda for the right treatment of liver cirrhosis
  2. Cirrhosis is a complicated and serious situation thus, home remedies or any single herb treatment is not recommended.
  3. Avoid foods that aggravate pitta, such as non-vegetarian food items, sour and spicy products, and oily foods.
  4. Incorporate sugar cane juice and raisins in your diet
  5. Consume well-churned buttermilk instead of curd
  6. Consume a mixture of 1 tablespoon licorice (mulethi) and 2 teaspoons honey twice a day
  7. Quit alcohol
  8. Eat a well balanced and nutritious diet that contains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables
  9. Opt for sources of good fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, soy and olives
  10. Limit your intake of salt and sugar
  11. Avoid packa\ged food items with added preservatives, including pickles
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Uneven Skin Tone - 6 Home Remedies For It!

Dr. Manju Keshari 92% (46 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Ghaziabad
Uneven Skin Tone - 6 Home Remedies For It!

If you are observing an uneven skin tone in some specific areas, you are bound to get concerned. Uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation usually occurs due to an excessive production of melanin. Excess melanin is produced by the body because of sun exposure, hormonal changes and due to scarring. Your appearance gets affected, if you develop uneven skin tone. There are several ways to correct uneven skin tone. They are as follows:

  1. Drink plenty of water: Drinking lots of water leads to a beautiful and healthy skin. The skin is made of 75% water and thus, drinking adequate amount of water leads to enhanced skin health and appearance. Water helps in cleaning the skin inside out and improves your skin tone drastically.
  2. Apply sunscreen daily: The damage from sun exposure and the harmful rays of the sun leads to uneven skin tone. Wear sunscreen before going out in the sun for preventing further damage due to sun exposure. After using it for some time, your uneven skin tone improves.
  3. Keep your skin hydrated: Uneven skin tone may result from oily skin and acne, and you should use a moisturizer regularly for its elimination. Keeping the skin well-moisturized and clean helps in the management of uneven skin tone. There are different types of moisturizers available, and you must choose one, which suits your skin the best. Certain moisturizers help in balancing your skin tone.
  4. Baking soda paste: Baking soda is effective in the treatment of several skin issues. It exfoliates the skin and does not affect it in any way. You can prepare a paste of baking soda by mixing it with water and applying it on your skin. This helps in fixing uneven skin tone, which has been caused due to scarring and sun damage.
  5. Yoghurt mask: Yoghurt contains natural bleaching agents, which improve the skin tone and exfoliate the skin effectively. It helps in lightening the effects of scars, suntan and uneven pigmentation. A yoghurt mask must be applied on your face several times a week for improved skin tone. You can prepare the paste by adding a small amount of water to fresh yoghurt.
  6. Milk powder paste: Milk, similar to yoghurt, is used for improving your skin’s health. The bleaching agents in milk help in making your skin tone even. You need to take some milk powder and add milk to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face for getting the much improved skin tone.

Other natural remedies which are used in the correction of uneven skin tone include sugar scrub, sandalwood masks, tomato pulps, papayas and several others, which work efficiently without any side effects.

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I am a little fat so I want a diet chart plan for me. What should I do to be slim?

Dt. Surabhi Jain 93% (325 ratings)
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
I am a little fat so I want a diet chart plan for me. What should I do to be slim?
Hi, Thank you for your query. We will be happy to help you. For a healthy and effective weight loss, -Cut back on all junk and processed food -Plan your meals: Plan meals ahead of time and make sure they are calorie controlled. Include lots of healthy food such as fruits and vegetables in your diet. Prefer only home cooked meals. -Increase your water consumption. -Exercise regularly. -Stay consistent to see results You can also go through this article for more tips: If you require a detailed and customized diet plan, feel free to drop a message. Eat healthy, stay healthy Regards.
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I have always vaginal itching. It so much that I can't tell the pain .usually have only on walls if vagina. Have done home made remedy but no use. please suggest me as I have to much itching.

Dr. Sunil Savanji 89% (41 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
This problem may occur due to unhygienic conditions, infection of the genital tract, or impaired immune function. Need proper medicines, Vaginal wash, diet ping in personal chat.
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I am 35 year old and facing erection problem and quick fall and can you let me know what are the medicine I can use to be sexually fit and workout for longer period s.

Dr. Sunil Savanji 89% (41 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
I am 35 year old and facing erection problem and quick fall and can you let me know what are the medicine I can use t...
Erectile Dysfunction may be observed in healthy males due to stress, fatigue or some health problems. Use of anti-depressant drugs, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, psychological problems are other causative factors. Need proper ayurvedic erectile dysfunction treatment ping in personal chat.
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I am having pains inside my legs and in hands wrist to elbow from inside if I sit it is okk but if start walking paining starts in it My questions are 1) WHERE THE BONE MARROW IS SITUATED MAY BE I AM WRONG BUT I THINK ITS PAINING because OF DEFICIENCY BONEMAROW IF YES THEN HOW IT BE RECOVER 2) please SUGGEST FOODS FOR INCREASING BONE MARROW AND CALCIUM AND SOME MEDICINE FOR IT Thanks.

Dr. Ambadi Kumar 90% (1015 ratings)
MD, Fellowship in Intergrative Medicine, MBBS
Integrated Medicine Specialist, Kochi
I am having pains inside my legs and in hands wrist to elbow from inside if I sit it is okk but if start walking pain...
Details not enough to give specific advice what is your job your eating habits -BF ,Lunch, dinner Veg / non veg smoking / Alcohol stress work / home home food / outside food tests done till now and results medications you are taking send a feedback with name age, and working phone number and answers to all questions asked. And take a consult if you want to get treated naturally most probably without medicines.
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My wife do not like oral sex. How to tempt her satisfy my eagerness? How to have erection for more time?

My wife do not like oral sex. How to tempt her satisfy my eagerness? How to have erection for more time?
Many indian women have aversion of oral sex. You need to have a discussion with your wife as to what are her thoughts about oral sex. If she is not willing to do it inspite of discussion I think it is not advisable to force her to do so. Sex is an ultimate form of love and should never be forced. And to have erection for extended period of time you can use few techniques like as soon as you feel like you are about to ejaculate 1. Wait and pinch with your thumb and first finger at the base of the head of penis till the sensation goes off and start having sex again. 2. Try diverting your mind like counting numbers etc. Use of condoms or lignocaine gel can also prolong erection. Thinking too much about your sexual performance actually can reduce the ejaculation time so chill and go for it. Do not think too much.
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My gf and I had sex just before her periods date. It was unprotected. I ejaculated outside. Still due to fear I gave her ipill. Again after two days we had sex. She feared of getting pregnant. She took ipill again. Her due date was 17.1.18 till now she didn't get her periods. What to do?

Dr. Prabha Ranjan 94% (17 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma In Obstetrics & Gynae (DGO), MNAMS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology), DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Delhi
My gf and I had sex just before her periods date. It was unprotected. I ejaculated outside. Still due to fear I gave ...
Hello! welcome to iclinic. I have gone through your history and understand your concern. I'll try my best to help you. The way she had taken I pill is not recommended one. So she is facing side effects of I pill now.
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