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Easy Meals That You Can Eat Before & While Traveling!

Dr. Shalini Singhal 94% (205 ratings)
Ph.D ; M.Sc Foods & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Easy Meals That You Can Eat Before & While Traveling!

Travelling is a wonderful way to explore new places, cultures and even exciting cuisines. But before you reach your destination, it is essential to decide what you will eat before you begin travelling and while you are travelling. It is also important to know what foods you must avoid. This is because certain meals or snacks can upset your stomach easily or cause a feeling of heaviness, nausea, bloating or sluggishness. The key is to eat light, both before and during the journey. And, it is always better to carry fresh home-made food instead of eating out. Home-made food is always light.

So, read on to find out why you should carry home-made food while you are on the go, and what you can do to avoid uneasy feelings that can ruin your trip. 

The Benefits Of Carrying Home-Made Food While You are Travelling-

  1. Very light: Home-made food is very light and can be digested very easily. Eating light is very important during travel, as no one wants to spend their time with an upset stomach or constant nausea breaks. If the travel duration is long, eat light for at least two days prior to the day of travel.
  2. Flexibility: Not only is the home food hygienic, but it also gives you the flexibility to eat whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to constantly look out for the next eating joint without having an option to choose one.
  3. Time-saving: A food break on a journey normally takes about 40 minutes to an hour and eating on the go can help reduce your anxiety while traveling. If there are kids who are bored and keep asking when shall we reach, this is a good way to keep them engaged.
  4. Cost-effective: It is a very well-known fact that carrying your food is cost-effective than eating outside.

Foods To Avoid Before Travelling

  1. Carbonated drinks – Sodas or beer can make you feel bloated and cause stomach pain while you travel. 
  2. Salty and deep fried food – These kinds of foods make you feel excessively thirsty and bloated as they dehydrate your body. So, avoid sugar cereals, deep-fried snacks, salty chips, and breads. 
  3. Coffee – Avoid drinking too much coffee as it can give you the feeling of frequent urination. 
  4. Legumes and beans – These are well-known for causing gastric discomfort, and should be soaked overnight first before having them. 
  5. High-fat foods – Stay away from cheese, cream, sausages, butter, and ham as they can lead to nausea or headaches. 
  6. Others – Avoid alcohol, broccoli, cabbage, radish, turnips, peaches, apples, barley and rye as these can lead to the formation of gas. 

Foods To Eat Before Travelling

  1. Foods rich in water – Cucumber, raw carrots, lettuce, celery, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, and grapes are loaded with water and will keep you well-hydrated. 
  2. Citrusy fruits – Eat fresh oranges, plums, different kinds of berries, kiwi and grapefruit to get your dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. These will also keep you hydrated. 
  3. Sweet potatoes – These take time to break down in your gut and release energy slowly. Plus, they are loaded with essential vitamins, manganese, potassium, dietary fibers and have less fat and sodium. 
  4. Buckwheat – You can have this instead of white rice, as buckwheat is high on antioxidants. It will reduce your stress level, boost immunity, and contains sufficient magnesium to make you feel relaxed. 
  5. Avocados – Loaded with healthy fats, vitamin E, potassium and folic acid, avocados are very healthy and make for yummy dips and salads. You can have it with brown rice or oats. 
  6. Others – Dry fruits, lean meats, brown rice, steel cut oats and coconut milk are some other foods you can have.  

Meals To Eat While Travelling
Whatever you choose, make sure it should be light on the stomach, easy to pack, and also easy to open up and eat. Some of the options that you can consider are

  1. Fruits: You can keep fruits like bananas, oranges and apples handy. These are easy to carry and eat and are light on the stomach, which makes them a great snack.
  2. Dry fruits: When you are feeling down slightly, try munching on a couple of almonds or raisins and see your mood elate. They also provide instant energy. However, you should be careful, so as not to consume them in excess. 
  3. Simple rolls: Roti rolls or wraps not only easy to pack but are tasty and convenient to eat when traveling. Make sure the vegetables are simple to digest like potato and tomato and there should be less spice and oil used, both for the roll and for the stuffing.
  4. Sandwiches: Carrying a box of whole wheat bread sandwiches, some with butter, and some with plain cucumber, tomato and onion with some mint spread are ideal to eat during travel. Sandwiches are easy to digest, pack and the combinations will give you variety as well. 
  5. Other foods: Some other food options that you can go for are salads with healthy dressings, poha, idli, besan chila and upma, etc. 

Stay healthy and fit so that you can enjoy your traveling with the required energy and enthusiasm. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Hi, I did masturbate and now m I am facing prob. like erectile dysfunction and having a low stamina power. So what should I do now?

Dr. Anoop Negi 87% (284 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MBA (Healthcare)
Ayurveda, Dehradun
Hi, I did masturbate and now m I am facing prob. like erectile dysfunction and having  a low stamina power. So what s...
Hi, Semen, which is in essence the very life-force of a man, must be retained in the body to maintain a man’s health. Daily materbation (hand job) reduces the life-force available to a man, which is evident from the immediate drop in energy and generally depressed nature, which can be observed after ejaculating. If you’re worried about whether you masturbate too much, ask yourself the following questions: Do you ever miss school or work because you’re doing masterbation? Is materbation constantly on your mind? Does masterbation get in the way of your daily activities (such as going to sports practice, etc.)? Do you skip hanging out with friends or engaging in social activities because you’re at home doing masterbating? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be spending too much time on masterbation. Stay active daily exercise. Reduce stress, Kick bad habits to increase sex power Eat these fruits and vegetables Garbanzo Beans. Eggs. Spinach. Dark Meat Chicken. Bananas. Walnuts. Watermelon. There are many usefull medicine in Ayurveda for yor problem. You can talk to me privately without hesitation on Lybrate.
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Hello I have some Sexual problems  Age: 27  Not married.  height 5 feet 11 inch  weight 77 kg.  My penis is bent downwards like a banana and thin at the root.  I do get erection but not sure if its hard enough or not.  Have not done intercourse yet so no idea how would I do in sex.  My problem is  If I get sexual thoughts or watch an erotic movie then I immediately get an erection and a thin clear liquid comes out of my penis (sometimes even happened without watching). The erection comes with in a 10-15 seconds and the drops come after 15-20 seconds or erection.  I also get a urine drop after 10 minutes to an hour after urination but not sure if this is related or not.  Some one told me that I have lot of heat in my body and I need to get this out of my body.  If any one could help me I will be very thankful.  Cheers.

Dr. Bhagyesh Patel 93% (3959 ratings)
MS - General Surgery, FMAS.Laparoscopy
General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
I have some Sexual problems 
Age: 27 
Not married. 
height 5 feet 11 inch 
weight 77 kg. 
My penis is bent down...
Hello dear lybrate-user, hi Warm welcome to I have evaluated your query thoroughly.* Your issue is more of psychological stress and anxiety rather than physiologic problem.* There is no penis in the world which is normal in other part and thin at the root. It is creation of your mind to make this thought. Take it out right now.* Secondly the thin liquid you are getting when erection is precum (pre ejaculatory fluid only) not semen. Normal for every man before ejaculation. You are considering is just beginning of excitement, it is not the climax part at all.* You are getting erection, means you are going to perform best in future sex life with your partner without any failure.* My take home messages for you - focus more towards your usual work.- do regular walking in fresh air, exercises,deep breathing, YOGA - avoid smoking, alcohol if using - BE POSITIVE attitude towards life - do not think everything told by someone as scientific truth, just ask expert doctors before taking it granted - avoid stress, anxiety - manage regular sound sleep of 8 hours - balanced nutritious diet Hope this clears your query. Wishing you fine recovery. Welcome for any further assistance. Regards take care.
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Hello sir/madam I got thyroid problem during pregnancy and it got continued even after delivery and I started to use thyronorm 125 but how can I reduce my weight which I have putted on? Suggest me some medication or remedies for weight loss.

Dr. Prabhakar Laxman Jathar 92% (12331 ratings)
MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Hello sir/madam I got thyroid problem during pregnancy and it got continued even after delivery and I started to use ...
Lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. Most important is to achieve a strict control over hypothyroidism, which can be done by maintaining TSH level around 3 to 4 mU/L. At that level all the symptoms of that condition are in check. Weight gain is a clear sign of uncontrolled hypothyroidism. Therefore, unless TSH is maintained at above levels, your efforts will not succeed. Plus you will have take a balanced but restricted diet that provides exact amount of calories based on your ideal body weight (not the present weight). You have to avoid sweets, deep fried foods, junk foods, pastries, bakery items and foods made of maida. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, salads and fruits. Plus exercise for at least an hour or more per day. Since there is no mention of the height and weight, it is difficult to know how serious is the situation. Thanks.
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I usually suffered shoulder pain whenever I try to hit smash in badminton and volleyball and also some other activities like that. Some time it gives too much pain. Is it serious problem?

Dr. Priyanka Saini (P.T.) 92% (74 ratings)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Advanced Dry Needling Therapist
Physiotherapist, Noida
I usually suffered shoulder pain whenever I try to hit smash in badminton and volleyball and also some other activiti...
Hello Lybrate user, your pain might be a reason resulting in any of the ligament or muscle injury. Start doing hot fermentation twice or thrice a day and go for active exercise of shoulder, avoid weight lifting or such sudden activities from the affected shoulder, avoid sleeping onto the affected aide. And if pain persists for long again consult to a physiotherapist.
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Hi, Sir loose motion hai kaffi dino se please kuch suggetstion provide kare please.

Dr. Arun Gupta 90% (202 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Dear lybrate-user, if you want ayurvedic remedy, you may take kutajghan vati 2 tabs two times a day with buttermilk. Consume Saunf, pomegranate more. If doesn't get relief in next three days, consult a nearby Ayurvedic doctor for further solution. Thanks.
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Hello Sir/Mam, I am 26 years boy and I have problem of anxiety and depression. I am not happy with my life and always want to die. I always think and think and get depressed. Whatever I do I can't concentrate on that. My mind always think of negative things like whatever work I do my mind think of negative things. I can explain what actually is happening with me - If I want to go out or eat something or want to do any work than my mind thinks of lots of negative things that if I don't do this than something wrong will happen or if I didn't go their than something negative will happen. When I walk or eat or any work I do my mind always thinks lots of negative things and due to this I can't live my life happily.

Ms. Jagriti Sharma 92% (43 ratings)
M.Phil - Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma In Rehabilitation Psychology, Advanced Certification In Behavior Testing, M.A. Clinical Psychology, BA (H) Applied Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Hello Sir/Mam, I am 26 years boy and I have problem of anxiety and depression.
I am not happy with my life and always...
Hello Lybrate User I appreciate your effort that you could understand and put it in words what you are going through. It is very important or rather a first step that we require some help. After reading what you have mentioned, I would suggest you to visit a Psychiatrist or if the psychiatrist is not available in your area then visit a physician for the same. Side by side if you can seek help from a clinical psychologist, it would be great as it will you to understand your symptoms more and more and also an understanding would be developed about your personality traits, your coping mechanisms and what is actually leading to such thinking. A lot of people undergo certain life events, if not events but 'something' keeps on bothering them, due to which one develops negative thinking towards the self and the others. Moreover, it seems that you have started making associations of lot of things in your life, like if I will do this, that will happen etc. Or just like you mentioned in your concern. Therapy with the psychologist helps you to develop a skill to deal with this vicious circle you are into most of the time. So, consult a psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist, take few therapy sessions with the clinical psychologist and you will experience a shift from your current state of mind. If you have further queries, please write back. All the Best! Regards.
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Hair Health

Dr. Sunil Savanji 89% (63 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
Hair Health

Hair and scalp health are closely interlinked with each other. A healthy scalp is an indicator of healthy hair, thus, focus on improving the scalp condition. Usually scalp is either dry or oily, both the conditions in excess is bad. Problems in the hair is a sign of dosha imbalance in the body, so various remedies may be adhered to so that the imbalance is corrected.

Ayurveda, being a holistic method of treatment, has a beneficial effect on the body. Ayurveda has the following remedies to improve scalp and hair health:

  1. Diet: Diet plays an important role in the health of your scalp. The foods you eat is an indicator of your hair health. Avoid eating junk foods as these foods results in accumulation of toxins in the body. Include leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet as they contain antioxidants which are good for your skin health.
  2. Keep your scalp clean: Use an herbal shampoo to cleanse your hair on a regular basis, followed by an herbal conditioner to retain the moisture in your hair. The shampoo should contain herbal ingredients such as neem and shikhakai as they have anti-bacterial properties. Make sure to wash your hair every alternate day, as excessive washing may lead to an oily scalp.
  3. Massage your scalp: Massaging your scalp improves blood circulation in your scalp, and also assists in dissipating stress from your scalp. The oil nourishes the scalp and helps in improving the quality of your hair.
  4. Sleep: Quality sleep is as important for hair as your diet. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to revitalize your body.
  5. Herbs: Apart from the above-mentioned remedies, you may also use herbs like methi. Methi has certain properties that make it a very effective remedy for hair growth. You may apply methi paste on your hair before shampooing. Aloevera is another herb that is very good for your hair and skin health. You may consume it or apply it on the hair to avail its benefits.

Quick Tips

  1. Not to wash your hair alternate days and leave it without applying oil.
  2. Plastic combs are not good as they get charged due to friction and pull the hair, so apply coconut oil daily to smoothly comb the hair and wash hair twice a week.
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I had sex for the first time and at that time I didn't bleed. When I came home and went washroom. I could see dot sized blood when I touch over there. I woke up today and bleeding happen! So is it that my hymen wasn't properly broke at that time?

Dr. Rekha George Kanugara 96% (286 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Fellow of The Royal Society of Health, Certification In Sexologist
Sexologist, Delhi
I had sex for the first time and at that time I didn't bleed. When I came home and went washroom. I could see dot siz...
No the hymen was broken definitely as you saw spotting and bleeding followed ,its normal way of course so don't worry.
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