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Homeopathy for Acute Bronchitis

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy 91% (102 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
Homeopathy for Acute Bronchitis

Allergic Acute Bronchitis

The word itself defines the bronchitis caused due to allergy. An acute bronchitis generally start with viral causes and if stay for more days bacterial growth appears. Any patient who suffer from acute bronchitis if start treatment with proper homeopathy remedies can be cured within 2 to 3 days. As there are no specific medicines in homeopathy for any disease and are choose as per the symptoms so it varies patient to patient. But homeopathy has an assured treatment in acute bronchitis. Here it is a question comes in everybody mind how for a same disease different medicines come. It is because homeopathy helps to cure the disease by enhancing body immune power so that the body itself get boost and cure the condition. So to find out the medicines for any person a homeopathy physician finds the medicines which can be best suitable to give the boosting effect to the person's immune system. The word 'boosting ' also can not exactly applied but can say modify the body's immune system to work healthily to maintain a healthy body function. Therefore to choose the exact medicine for the person it is required to know his details physical symptoms , mental symptoms and the most unique symptom of the disease that the patient tells which altogether helps us to find out a homeopathy remedy that can able to modify the body's immune system to work healthily. 

Chronic Allergic Bronchitis

Chronic allergic bronchitis is generally caused by allergy. There is no bacterial cause for chronic allergic bronchitis. In chronic allergic bronchitis the common symptoms are productive cough, fever, malaise, wheezing sound, respiratory distress, loss of appetite. The general cause of chronic bronchitis is exposure to various allergens. In the atmosphere where we live do expose to numerous allergen or antigen in the form dust mites, pollens, moulds, animal dander, chemicals, various smoke, various proteins, etc. Those starts reacting in our body and cause various respiratory disease and chronic bronchitis is one among them. But the most important thing is why some people suffer from such disease but others do not suffer though all are staying in the same environment. Here the immune system plays the important role. Some person's immune system is very hypersensitive to certain allergen and when contact with them start reacting, but others immune system are not so much sensitive so not react aggressively. Here one thing strikes why one's immune system is so oversensitive than others. There are various cause for the hypersensitiveness of the immune system of any person. Many factors affect the immune system like emotional factors, faulty life style and faulty food habits, environmental pollution, nature of a person, suppression of emotion, hereditary cause etc. Here the homeopathy treatment helps to modify the person's hypersensitiveness immune system to work as a healthy one. Every person has different factors of getting hypersensitive immune system. That needs to know and to select the homeopathy medicines accordingly so that the hypersensitiveness of the immune system modify to a healthy one and works healthily. This is the key point how homeopathy offers a long term cure to a chronic bronchitis. 

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Shaving Below: Penis Skin Care

Dr. Vinod Raina 91% (4436 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Shaving Below: Penis Skin Care

Obviously, guys like to compare themselves to other guys, and that includes the penis. Whether it's a quick glance in the locker room or observations from watching porn, men like to know how they stack up. And one thing such impromptu surveys indicate is that there are actually quite a few guys who are into pubic shaving. Whether it's just keeping the pubic bush neatly trimmed or a full-scale shaving of the penis and balls, more and more men are doing it. And assuming a guy takes proper care, it's not going to create any penis care issues. That said, dudes who try shaving do want to be sure they take proper steps to protect the delicate penis skin.

Start with a trim

Guys who have (or have had) a beard know that just taking a razor and hacking away at a thick bush of hair is not the best plan. Before getting down to the actual shaving, a guy should trim down that thick bush of pubic hair to about ¼ inch or so. The best way to do this is to use a pair of scissors. Don't worry about an even trim; just use it to get the majority of the hair down to a manageable length.

Some guys find it awkward to do this standing up. It may be easier to lie down and hold a hand mirror in one hand to help guide along. Men who have grown a significant gut may find lying down helps to expose more of the pubic hair area.

After finishing the pubic bush, use the scissors to carefully trim the hair on the balls and shaft. Again, at this point a guy is not trying to get shaved down to the skin - just cutting down long hairs which might get caught in a razor and cause an uncomfortable tugging. Again, trimming here can put a guy in awkward positions; using mirrors to see what is what is very helpful.


After the hair is trimmed to a manageable length, pre-soak the areas that are to be shaved using warm soap and water. Some men prefer to shave in the shower or bathtub, which has the advantage of keeping the skin moist as he goes along. Since penis skin is delicate, this is especially recommended.

Lather up

Penis skin can be very sensitive, but in most cases using shaving cream rather than soapy lather is better. Find shaving cream intended for sensitive skin that does not include harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Prep the penis and shave carefully

There isn't much hair on the penis itself, but what is there can be shaved more easily if the penis is erect. Be very careful and don't use a dull razor. For the balls, using an ice cube or laying them on a cold surface tightens them so that shaving is easier. In both cases, apply as little pressure as possible. Rinse and lather up as necessary to keep the skin smooth and avoid nicks on the penis and balls. Take care with the pubic bush, but it is generally not as sensitive as the penis and balls.

Take good care after shaving

Use a soft towel to pat (not rub) the penis and surrounding areas dry. Once all is dry, the skin will then need to be re-moisturized. Shaving and washing can deplete the penis skin of oils that keep it hydrated.

Penis skin responds better after shaving if a guy uses a first level penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) with excellent moisturizing agents. Look for a crème with both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) for best moisturizing results. It also helps if the crème contains a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, which helps strengthen the skin by fighting excess free radicals.

Flat Chested Female

Dr. Kapil Dev Gupta 87% (36 ratings)
Homeopath, Chandigarh
Flat Chested Female

Homoeopathic remedies for flat chest in woman

  • Sometimes a woman's breasts don't develop much during puberty but she remains" flat-chested" - without any or much palpable breast tissue. Typically, flat-chested girls do have a nipple that looks swollen or elevated, but for some reason the breasts don't grow in size at all. Flat-chested girls do get pubic hair and start menstruating just normally and their breasts do have milk glands - it's just that the breasts don't grow in size like most girls.
  • Unfortunately experts like doctors and lactation consultants don't really know why this takes place. It is known that typically flat-chested women's hormone levels are just fine and they can often successfully breastfeed, so it may be that this represents a problem in the connective tissue inside the breast and not in the actual duct / alveoli system of the breast. It has been suggested that maybe flat-chested women's breast tissue is insensitive to normal levels of circulating hormones.
  • But no matter what the cause, it won't hurt to eat healthy so as to give your body the best chance to have everything working properly.
  • During pregnancy the breasts do usually develop more and grow in size, and flat-chested women can breastfeed and produce milk. A totally flat woman's breasts can grow to a a or even b cup during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, obviously with small'storage space' the baby might need to nurse quite often
  • A flat chested woman is not abnormal in the sense that her breasts are functional and can make milk. She's also not abnormal in the sense that there are many many other women out there with a flat chest (or almost that). They typically used padded bras so you don't necessarily notice it from outside unless you know the person
  • It is true that a flat-chested woman's breasts did not develop as most women's, and lack the fatness, but like already noted, it is not known why this is.

Homoeopathic remedies

Flat breasts especially if associated with scanty periods respond miraculously to homoeopathic treatment

  • Onosmodium - onosmodium is one of the best remedies for undeveloped breasts with infantile ovaries and uterus. The person experiences aching of breasts and itching of nipples. Menses too early and too profuse. Sexual desire completely destroyed. Soreness in the uterine region.
  • Sabal serrulata - sabal serrulata is another best remedy for undeveloped breasts. Breasts undeveloped and shiveled with infantile uterus and ovaries. Suppressed or perverted sexual inclination.
  • Onosmodium given infrequently followed by sabal serrulata - changed the life of young girls with atrophic breast.
  • Iodum -iodum is effective for undeveloped breasts with loss of flesh with great appetite. Great debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration. All glandular structures atrophied. Dwindling of mammary glands
  • Pusatilla, bryonia and belladonna - in cyclic rotation makes the breast became firm, roundish and smooth.

Drink Tea For Healthy Teeth

Dr. (Major) Varun Nischal 89% (308 ratings)
BDS (Gold Medalist)
Dentist, Gurgaon
Drink Tea For Healthy Teeth

Today, the average size soft drink is 20 ounces and contains 17 teaspoons of sugar. More startling is that some citric acids found in fruit drinks are more erosive than hydrochloric or sulfuric acid—which is also known as battery acid. These refined sugars and acids found in soda and citrus juice promote tooth erosion, which wears away the hard part of the teeth, or the enamel. Once tooth enamel is lost, it's gone forever.

  • There is a beverage that does not produce such irreversible results. When deciding between the many options available, the best thing to drink to avoid tooth erosion is brewed tea, according to a study in the peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).
  • Apart from tasting good, brewed tea has many health benefits. Tea is loaded with natural antioxidants, which are thought to decrease incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
  • One researcher compared green and black tea to soda and orange juice in terms of their short- and long-term erosive effect on human teeth. The study found that the erosive effect of tea was similar to that of water, which has no erosive effect. And, when comparing green versus black, he discovered that there is a better option among those as well.
  • When we look at tea and read about the benefits, it's amazing—not because green tea is 'the in thing'—but because there are advantages. Green tea has been identified to being superior over black due to its natural flavonoids (plant nutrients) and antioxidants.
  • But, if you do drink tea, experts suggest avoiding additives such as milk, lemon, or sugar because they combine with tea's natural flavonoids and decrease the benefits. In addition, stay away from prepackaged iced teas because they contain citric acid and high amounts of sugars. It does not matter whether the tea is warm or cold—as long as it is home brewed without additives.

Deflating an Erect Penis: Sex Mood Killers to Avoid

Dr. Vinod Raina 91% (4436 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Deflating an Erect Penis: Sex Mood Killers to Avoid

It's an all-too-common scenario: A guy and his date are moving steadily toward what promises to be a robust and entertaining bout of sex. Things are going beautifully and the moment of penetration is close at hand when suddenly something unexpected happens - and the mood is ruined. Sometimes the effect is only temporary; other times, a guy might as well zip up and go home, as that erect penis is done for the night. Yes, sometimes there may be a penis health issue at play here, but more likely this has been at attack of the mood killers instead.

Mood killers

Sexual mood killers come in a wide range. They can be visual, verbal, aural, olfactory (i.e., involving a scent), physical, mental - just about anything that jars the mood of what had been a very sexy situation.

And, of course, certain mood killers for one person may mean nothing to another - or could even be mood enhancers to someone else, especially where fetishes are concerned. However, there are some experiences that are often mood killers for the majority of the population; here are a few that fall in that category.

- Babying the manhood. Not a news flash-injection'. Men can be very sensitive about their penises. The vast majority of men want their members to be described in the most effusive manner possible; it's practically impossible to go too far in assigning manly, powerful attributes to a guy's favorite body part. But treating the member like a baby and describing it as "cute" or "adorable" or (God forbid) "little" can turn a massively erect penis into a softie in no time.

- Suggesting a sex toy. Sex toys can be a great addition to a couple's repertoire - but they shouldn't be suggested when an erect penis is all primed and ready for action. Discuss the idea in advance instead; otherwise, that erect penis is liable to think that a lady doesn't find him up to the job at hand and may decide to sulk about that fact.

- Laughing inexplicably. Hey, sex is fun and there's no shame in having a good time. But sometimes a partner may laugh at an inopportune moment (such as when an erect penis is first revealed) and then refuse to say why. Not conducive to a good sexual adventure.

- Going too heavy on perfume. It's wonderful when a woman wants to smell inviting - but just as men can go too far on the cologne, some women take perfume to the wrong level.

- Playing the wrong music. Musical taste varies widely, and one person's erotic playlist may be another's techno nightmare. Until musical tastes are known, silence-500mg-syrup' target='_blank'>silence may be a better option.

- Comparing. It's natural to compare one lover to another - but doing it to their face during the act itself is probably not a good idea. Even if a woman finds this new man to be a superior lover, it may be wise to keep that news to herself until after the event. Otherwise, a guy may start feeling self-conscious and start wondering "Am I still ahead of him? Am I still doing it right?"

Mood killers can create an erect penis fail, so avoiding them is important. Also important for men: keeping that penis healthy through the regular use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For really prime results, be sure that the selected crème includes a wide range of vitamins, including A, B5, C, D and E. In addition, find a crème that lists L-arginine among its ingredients. This amino acid helps produce nitric oxide, which in turn helps penile blood vessels open up to receive increased blood flow.

I am married and when I do sex i get ejaculated so early within 4-5 minutes which makes me feel so embarrassing. Please help me to get rid off it.

Dr. Arun Desai 92% (182 ratings)
BAMS, M.D.Alternative Medicines
Ayurveda, Belgaum
I am married and when I do sex i get ejaculated so early within 4-5 minutes which makes me feel so embarrassing. Plea...
Hello, your PROBLEMs- 1. Premature ejaculation. 2. Performance Anxiety. Generally Average sex time varies from 5 to 15 min. Sex time is not same for every person. Different for every person. CAUSES - 1.HORMONAL-sex hormone and thyroid hormones disturbances 2. Neuromuscular weakness. 3.Infections. 4.Performance anxiety stress 5.Hurried sexual Act. 6.Lack of proper sex education 7.Ejaculatory system weakness and pelvic floor muscles weakness. SOLUTION - 1.Exercises -Kegel's and pelvic floor exercises. 2.Yogasan-Halasan vajrasan pavanmuktasa Bhujnagasan 3.Start stop method. 4.Squeeze Method. 5. Counselling -Managing stress anxiety. 6.Wearing Thick condoms. 7.Masturbation 1 hr before sex. 8. Extending Fore play. 9.Using desensitizers. 10. Changing sex positions e.g.Left lateral position increases sex time. HOME REMEDIES- 1.Jamun seeds powder 1 tsf twice a day after food. 2.Nutmeg fruit powder 1 tsf twice a day after food. HERB REMEDIES - 1.Akarakarabha churna 1 gm twice a day or Before sex 2 hrs. 2.Utangan beej churna 1 gm twice a day or 2 hrs before sex. TREATMENT DEPENDS UPON THE UNDERLINE CAUSE. U need proper education treatement and counselling for your problem. I have very good ayurvedic treatment for your problem. Safe. Effective.No side effects. I can increase your sex time safe and naturally. U can consult me for your problem. I wish you happy healthy and properous life ahead. GOD BLESS U. REGARDS
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Hi Sir, mere penis me terapan (curved penis) hai. Or penis kafi small hai aur shigrapatan(Premature ejaculation) ki problem hai please help me for that.

Dr. Rushali Angchekar 95% (53247 ratings)
Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Hi Sir, mere penis me terapan (curved penis) hai. Or penis kafi small hai aur shigrapatan(Premature ejaculation) ki p...
1.Peyronie's disease is caused by formation of "hardened scar tissue beneath the skin" . It cause curve and also causes pain during erection & causes shortening of penis, decreased flexibility .following homeopathic medicines prove useful - Silicea, Kali-Mur ,Phytolacca. Rhus Tox. Arnica.Sabina. Kali-Iodatum. Flouric Acid. Graphites. Sepia. Can notharis. Rhodenderon.Sulphur. Guaicum. Lap-A.etc. 2. Homeopathic remedies are very effective and powerful in reducing the symptoms and helping those men who have the problem with rapid or premature ejaculation .3-4 months course required to cure completey. No side effects. You can consult me online for peyronies disease & premature ejaculation treatment.
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Ayurvedic Remedies For Constipation!

Dr. Vikas Gupta 96% (1165 ratings)
MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jammu
Ayurvedic Remedies For Constipation!

Consuming less fiber, low intake of water or having too much of junk and spicy food lead to constipation, which is very irritating and makes you feel lethargic. Less exercise and a side effect of certain medications can also result in constipation.

Whatever may be the cause behind it, you can easily relieve yourself from this stomach ailment without consuming any drugs. It can make you miserable and it is medically defined as less than three stools a week or worse. Daily bowel movement is essential to keep healthy and feel fresh.

You can try these natural treatments to relieve your discomfort and keep it at bay:

  1. Yogurt: It is an excellent source of probiotics which contain beneficial bacteria. Yogurt is a great remedy for constipation. You can consume it daily to keep constipation at bay.
  2. Baking Powder: Baking powder has an alkalizing effect and eases movement through bowels. Add a teaspoon to cup of warm water and drink it quickly for best results.
  3. Oatmeal Tea: When constipation is severe, this remedy is the best. Oatmeal is fibrous, Honey is healing and moisturizing, and Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory agent which soothes the stomach. Together, they can cure severe constipation. So, take a cup of water and add three teaspoons of oatmeal, a Chamomile tea bag and two teaspoons of honey. Drink 2-3 times a day if your problem is severe.
  4. Lemon: Lemon contains citric acid, which has the ability to stimulate the function of digestion in your body. The action of lemon on your digestive system enables it to get rid of the toxins and undigested material that generally accumulates on the colon's (the last part of your small intestine) walls, giving rise to constipation as a result. Collect the juice of 1 lemon in a cup by squeezing it. Fill the rest of the cup with warm water. Drink it every morning.

Painful Bladder - What Should You Know About It?

Dr. Sagar 89% (28 ratings)
Gynaecologist, Pune
Painful Bladder - What Should You Know About It?

The bladder is a muscular sac that is seated just above the pubic bone. The organ stores urine produced by the kidneys allows us the control the frequency of urination by the expansion and contraction of its muscles. Pain in the bladder is usually caused due to one of three reasons:

Interstitial cystitis: This is a chronic condition which affects more women than men. It makes the bladder inflamed and irritated. The bladder walls turn stiff because of this which makes it difficult for the bladder to expand. Interstitial cystitis may be caused by a defect in the lining of the bladder.

Urinary tract infectionUrinary tract infections can affect a person at any age and may develop in the ureter, urethra, bladder or kidneys. However, it is most commonly seen in the bladder. This infection is caused by bacteria that enter the body through the urinary tract.

Bladder cancerCancer that develops in the bladder is known as bladder cancer. Transitional cell carcinoma is the most common type of bladder cancer cell. This begins in the innermost layer of the bladder lining. Pain during urination and discomfort in the lower pelvic region are common symptoms of this disease. Once the cause is diagnosed, antibiotic medication can help treat bladder pain. Along with that, there are a few things you could do at home as well.

  • Drink plenty of fluids: Ideally, we should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps flush toxins from the body. It also helps dilute the urine. This can make urination less painful as concentrated urine may be acidic and difficult to pass. Water also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and thus helps the kidneys function optimally.
  • Urinate frequently: Do not try to control your urine. Holding urine in for extended periods of time allows bacteria to multiply within the body. It is also important to urinate after intercourse as sexual activities can push the bacteria present on the skin deeper into your body. This is important for both men and women.
  • Dress comfortably: Avoid synthetic, tight fitting underwear and clothes. Instead wear, loose, comfortable clothes that are preferably made out of cotton. These clothes will help keep your skin dry and not allow bacteria to breed.
  • Pain relievers and heating pads: Sometimes, antibiotics can take a day or two before addressing bladder pain. In such cases, pain relievers can help deal with the discomfort and cramps. Heating pads can also help soothe abdominal and lower back pain that results from bladder infections.