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Dr. (Prof.) R. K. Tuli 91% (93 ratings)
M.B.,B.S., Post-Graduate (Aviation, Sports & Internal Medicine), PhD - Holistic Medicine, DHA, DAc, MD - Acupuncture, CHt
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Delhi  •  49 years experience
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My name is Dr R.K.Tuli I am considered the pioneer of the concept of Holistic medicine, Holistic medicine is the latest speciality of medicine in the world. It combines the best of the science of evidence-based modern medicine that art various alternative drug-free recognized systems of health. This combination gives the best to the human being, who helps to overcome various diseases by drug-free harmless methods. It is highly reproducible, the beauty is that it hardly cost anything compared to the convention medical care and cures the disease from his root cause and restores positive health and total wellness body mind and spirit. I am the founder of Soham, Soham is stands for Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine, my 48 years into the medical profession. Now, I feel that the medical systems need to be complimentary the allopathic system of medicine used to complement with the various as I said alternate systems of medicine and here we pick up only the drug-free modalities so they remain harmless. The beauties, they are so efficient that this helps to cure all the diseases. Holistic medicines treat the human being not merely as a physical body or its parts but as a complete human being body, mind and spirit. The motto of Holistic medicine is Survey Bhavantu Sukhinah Survey Santhu Niramaya that is the Vedic concept that may all beings be healthy and may no one suffer in any way that is our motto. And it is very important because health is the most important aspect of a human being according to the Vedic wisdom we need health to achieve anything in life be it our education, our financial success or even to attain Moksha, we need health. So Holistic medicine can be called sampuran chikitsa, is a combination, a balance of all the drug-free modalities of various systems of medicines because no drugs are used, we can use no harm, no side effects. It treats the human being as a whole as I say body, mind and soul. This helps to tackle all ailments of an individual concurrently at the same time. It is a complete solution sampuran chikitsa, is a santulit chikitsa of all the different systems of medicines, it is very successful, its saksham, it is sampan chikitsa and it is sadhvic because no drugs are used no harm can be done. It is essentially very important, patients come to me when they have lost hope of getting better by various specialities. It is absolutely useful in any kind of pain, I could say I specialise in curing helping the people to cure their incurable pain due to any cause, paralysis due to any cause or various psychosomatic disorders right from mild anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness onto various other psychosomatic diseases. It helps us to overcome and cure the diseases related to various allergic conditions whether of the respiratory system or of the digestive system of the skin any of the organ of the body and various autoimmune disorders. The autoimmune disorder is a huge problem in the humanity today, but my experience teaches me that there is no problem no disease which is not curable. It is very useful in various degenerative disorders like doctors keh dete hai ki yeh toh umar ka takaza hai, but this body has got infinite power of rejuvenating, reconstructing and anti-aging. Thereby all the problems which may be of muscular skeleton origin or because of the various neurological disorders they can all be cured. It is very successful in various hormonal situations particularly diabetes, diabetes and its complications various complications there is no cure. Diabetes and hypertension are slow killers aap kitni bhi dawaiye khayenge, in spite of the medicine they may delay but cannot prevent the complications, the morbidity and eventual painful death because of these problems. Hormonal disorders may be because of amenorrhea particularly infertility in women due to amenorrhea primary or secondary PCOD etc. Then even in the male particularly the sexual health. Today there is a huge problem of infertility due to low sperm counts or there is a premature ejaculation or you know whatever the sexual health problem even in women or girls there is any sex problem they can be cured.

I am very fond of treating the sportsmen, sports is my additional passion in my life, special passion in my life because this helps to bring out the best in the human being we want to win an Olympic gold medal, its make it so much easier, it helps to improve, enhance your performance without using any drugs or medicines. It helps us to recover, sportsmen it is essential that every day we play a competitive game, it needs certain strain, certain minor injuries in our systems. To help to recoil, to bring out in the next event it helps very well. At the same time sportsmen suffer from an injury, sometimes these injuries can lay you for months on. But the support of Holistic medicine into sports helps to recover injuries very quick and fast thereby one doesn’t lose one doesn’t recondition and at the end even a quick rehabilitation from any kind of injuries. To summarize I would say Holistic medicine is not only a natural, a drug-free, harmless a very highly efficient, cost beneficial system of health which restores. Most people say I not felt so healthy last 10 years, it helps youth, it helps vigour, vitality to go and conquer the world. This is in summary, the benefits of Holistic medicine as I said it is sampuran, it is santulit, it is saksham, it is sampan and it is satvik pratikriya, apni khoyi sehat ko vapas pane ke liye, isse achcha koi ilaaj nahi ho sakta kyunki aap apni healing power ko use karke apni sehat ka, apne swastha ka dubara se anand le sakte hai. You can contact me through Lybrate or you have telephone number, contacts number etc. on the site it been my pleasure to help you, to start living life all alone. Thank You.

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