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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hernia Surgery - 10 Effective Tips For Speedy Recovery!

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Dr. M K GuptaGeneral Surgeon • 48 Years Exp.MBBS, MS- General Surgery
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You will definitely face many complications after a hernia surgery, but certain measures can lead you to a speedy recovery. Your main aim must be to ensure you don’t get any infection. Avoid any jerking like sneezing or coughing. Some of the tips for speedy recovery are mentioned below:

  1. Apply ice to reduce painIf you experience any form of swelling or pain, ice will help reduce it. Apply ice for 10-20 minutes in a day, and you will get your results. However, refrain from applying ice for too long. It might make the condition worse. Also, wrap up the ice in plastic or a piece of cloth and then apply it to the intended portion.
  2. Take regular medication: Patients experience fever and pain after a hernia surgery. To combat these, you can take prescribed medications from your doctor. Medications also aim in improving your immunity so that you do not get infections easily. Hence, the medications are not to be missed.
  3. Keep your wounds clean: The operated area must always be kept clean to prevent any form of infection. You must dress the wound daily and keep the incision points clean and dry. Change the dressing as your doctor has advised you to do. You can apply any antiseptic or any other cream but take your doctor’s permission first.
  4. Keep a pillow near you: When you get an urge to sneeze or an urge to a cough, just cover your incision with the pillow and do it.
  5. Maintain a proper dietA proper diet plays a significant role in the recovery process. Consume fruits to replenish your storehouse of nutrients. Include high-fiber food in your diet so that you don’t have to suffer from constipation. You need to avoid constipation as much as you can. If food doesn’t work, you can take stool softeners. Constipation will lead to extra pressure on the cuts which can lead to bleeding.
  6. Wear loose clothing: Don’t wear tight pants or clothing that will stick to your skin. The waistbands must be loose and not tight.
  7. Avoid lifting weights: Don’t lift weights. Lifting weights will cause stress at the cuts and may even lead to rupture so avoid doing strenuous activities.
  8. Go for a small walk: As soon as you feel a bit better go for a little walk. You need to move your muscles otherwise they will become stiff.
  9. Don’t smoke: Avoid smoking after the surgery as it will hamper your breathing and circulation process.
  10. Check out for warning signs: Always keep an eye on your wounds. Report to your doctor as soon as you see bleeding or anything abnormal.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will see how fast you will recover. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a General Surgeon.



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