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Hemorrhoids - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Swollen veins near the lower rectum or the anus are known as hemorrhoids. More than half of all adults experience hemorrhoids or its symptoms before turning 50. They may be external or internal. External hemorrhoids form outside the anus, while internal hemorrhoids form within the rectum or anus. Hemorrhoids can also be called piles. External hemorrhoids can be the most troublesome and are the commonest kind. Hemorrhoids cause severe itches, difficulty in sitting and pain. They are thankfully treatable. Experts aren’t really sure what makes hemorrhoids appear.

Possible factors are:

  • Being strained during bowel movements.
  • Complications during chronic constipation
  • Sitting for long time periods, especially on toilets
  • A familial history for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids may be genetically passed from parents to children. If either of your parents have had hemorrhoids, then you have higher chances of getting them. Constant lifting of heavy objects, having continuous body strain or being overweight can put consistent strain on the body and increase the risks of hemorrhoids. Standing for prolonged periods without taking breaks can also result in hemorrhoid formation. Diarrhea and constant anal intercourse also can increase the risks for hemorrhoids. Pregnancy also increases the chances of developing hemorrhoids. The uterus when it enlarges, presses on a vein present in the colon and makes it bulge. A visual exam of the anus suffices for diagnosing hemorrhoids. For confirming the diagnosis, the doctor might do a separate exam to look for any kind of abnormalities in the anus. This is called a digitized rectal exam. The doctor puts in a lubricated and gloved finger on to the rectum in this exam. If they experience any abnormalities, they might ask you to get an extra test done, known as a sigmoidoscopy. Your doctor will use a tiny camera to look for internal hemorrhoids in a sigmoidoscopy. This tiny fiber optic camera known as a sigmoidoscope is fitted into a narrow tube and is then inserted into the rectum. Using this test, the doctor can get a clear vision of the insides of the rectum so as to examine the hemorrhoid closely. To avoid straining the hemorrhoid, you should avoid putting pressure during bowel movements. Also, try increasing the daily water intake. Drinking sufficient water can prevent the stool from becoming too hard. Regular exercise should be done to prevent constipation. Consuming foods which have a high dietary fiber content can reduce the risks of possible hemorrhoid formation later on. You would notice better bowel movements after proper treatment. Following the doctor’s advice and being regular about certain habits can also help in the overall treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Treatable by medical professional Usually self diagnosable Lab test not required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong Non communicable
Extreme itching around the anus. Irritation and pain around the anus. Painful bowel movements. Blood leakage after having a bowel movement.

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Briefing On Piles

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor's 89% (411 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAGES
General Surgeon, Gurgaon
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Causes, symptoms and treatment of Piles

Piles - How Homeopathy Can Resolve It For You?

Dr. (Prof) Ravpreet 88% (135 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Piles - How Homeopathy Can Resolve It For You?
Homeopathy is the best alternative to avoid surgery specially, in the cases of piles, fissure, fistula. There are many cases that were recommended operation but with homeopathy not only they were treated successfully but the surgery was also not done. Piles or haemorrhoids cause severe bleeding in the anal region due to an abnormal enlargement of the rectal veins. The bleeding occurs as a result of a sudden increase in pressure in the rectal area. The haemorrhoids which tend to grow in the exterior part of the anus tends to be severe painful as compared to the internal haemorrhoids (which are invisible and grows in the interior portion of the rectal area). The major causes of haemorrhoids are genetic factors, pelvic tumours, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of regular physical exercise, undiagnosed and chronic gastric disorders like dysentery, diarrhoea or constipation and a significant increase in the weight of the uterus during pregnancy. The sign of piles might include intense pain and irritation in the rectal area along with the presence of blood in the faeces and abnormal swelling of the affected area. If taken in a prescribed dosage, homeopathy can be very effective in curing piles. The most beneficial homeopathic preparations for piles are: Nux vomica: This homeopathic preparation is useful in curing piles which display symptoms of extreme aggressiveness and intolerance to cold weather. If piles are caused due to excessive intake of spicy foods and alcohol or cigarettes, this homeopathic preparation can work as an effective cure. Hamamelis: This preparation is useful to cure piles which show symptoms of blood in the faeces along with a sensation of discomfort and contusion. Ratanhia: This preparation provides a remedy for severely painful hemorrhoids (which causes complications during excretion). Symptoms include severe pain which stays for several hours after excretion along with a burning sensation. It may be relieved with the help of cold water. Graphites: If you suffer from the symptoms of chronic constipation, frequent skin eruptions and recurrent instances of menstrual anomalies in females along with piles, this homeopathic medication can provide effective cure to you. Aesculus Hippocastanum: This homeopathic preparation provides an effective remedy for non-bleeding hemorrhoids along with the symptoms of severe back pain and pain in the anal regions. Arsenic Album: This homeopathic preparation can prove effective in curing piles with the symptoms of a burning sensation during any forms of physical movement. If the hemorrhoids bleed extensively and are bluish in color, this homeopathic preparation can be beneficial in such cases.
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How to avoid Anal disorders?

Dr. Srushti Bhujbale. 90% (10 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Certificate Course In Ksharasutra Therapy
Ayurveda, Mumbai
How to avoid Anal disorders?
Anal disorders mostly include piles, fissures and fistulas. To avoid them, its most important, not to avoid the urge of passing stools, not to get constipated and avoid forceful evacuation of the stools. Matrabasti, one of the panchakarma treatments, is the best solution on the almost all issues regarding passing stools. So, to avoid anal disorders, one should keep these things in mind and choose matrabasti as a good option.

Anorectal Surgeries

Dr. Ashish Ganatra 92% (63 ratings)
General Surgeon, Rajkot
Anorectal Surgeries
Never be afraid of surgeries for piles, fistula or fissure as now minimally invasive surgeries are available without any cuts, sutures or dressings. No fear of loss of control. Day care surgeries with faster recovery.
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Piles(Haemorrhoids) - Why Homeopathic Treatment is Best for it?

Dr. Chandrakant Jain 88% (44 ratings)
BHMS, Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Research (PGDCR)
Homeopath, Indore
Piles(Haemorrhoids) - Why Homeopathic Treatment is Best for it?
As our lifestyle and living habits change, we experience a lot of new phenomena and changes in our body systems. One of the biggest changes that we can actually see is the change in the digestive system and the regularity or the irregularity of our stools. When we eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle, we are more likely to have a better digestive system, whereas if we eat more junk or take meals at irregular timings and do not set a system for the body, we put it at great risk of diseases and health issues. One of the most common problems that a lot of people face is constipation. While constipation in itself may be tackled without much problem, the real issue arises when it turns into something more troublesome such as piles. The issue of piles arises when the veins in the anal region start to swell because of a disturbed blood flow. The swollen regions and the lack of fibre in the stools combine to make the process of passing stools very uncomfortable, painful and it may also lead to the bleeding of the anus. Treating the issue of piles: Piles is a health problem that is mainly supported and aggravated because of wrong eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and excessive constipation. One of the most important things that you can do in the course of getting the problem under control is to start eating right. Eating foods with high fibre content and foods that speed up the digestive systems may go a long way in easing out the pain. It may also be important to keep liquid intake under check so that more and more liquid and other healthy drinks are consumed. Choosing to exercise regularly and indulging in workouts that help keep the intestines strong are the best alternatives. Apart from things that you can do on your own, it may also be important to make sure that you take the right professional medical help. When you have the best help on your side you may be able to make sure that you get the issue treated within a short span of time without having to suffer greatly. However, it is also essential to make sure that the best type of treatment is chosen. In most cases, choosing Homeopathy for treatment may be your best bet. When you opt for homeopathy for piles, you may be able to treat the issue without having to use chemically charged and loaded antibiotics and it may be an easier route to a healthy living. Why take homeopathic treatment? The reason why homeopathy is most demanded in the case of piles is because of the fact that conventional medication may lead you to go through surgery for getting relief from the issue. Not only does a surgery increase the burden of increased finances, but also means that it is physically more straining. While homeopathy offers natural and chemical free medicines that treat the root cause of the disease. Severe symptoms like burnings and bleeding during and after passing stool effectively treat with Homeopathic medicine in very less time.
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Popular Questions & Answers

I am suffering from piles since August even I can't eat properly because I afraid constipation please help me.

Dr. D.Sree Manjula Devi 87% (24 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Hello I can understand your concern constipation is the reason for getting piles in many people first of all you need to take food rich in fibre which helps to clear your prob. Consult for further online treatment.

I am having external hemorrhoid I think as there is swelling in lower rectum for 4 months. It just happened when I started gaining and stopped after 4 days because of the this pain and swelling. However it all started in 2012. Since then it comes and go but now it has been 4 months and it is not going away. And yes I have not taken any medicine for that like I too was ignoring this. But I can not take it anymore. It is killing me and affecting my routine and life. I want a cure now. Whatever it takes am ready. I hardly remember when I smiled last time. It is gross. Please doctors help me out of this. I will do as you say. Please help please.

Dr. Ambadi Kumar 93% (1393 ratings)
MD, Fellowship in Intergrative Medicine, MBBS
Integrated Medicine Specialist, Kochi
Please go to either a General surgeon specialist or a Gastroenterologist with DM qualification and get a scopy done and they will advice the best options for you which will be mostly surgical. In the meantime increase your fluid intake daily stop dairy and meat products eat lot of fruits and veggies after your surgery come back to me and I will fix your diet so that you will not have a recurrence if you listen to what I say. This is a lifestyle disease which you should not have neglected.

Hi, My hemorrhoids surgery on dated 02.02.2018. Please suggest me my exercise and diet after surgery.

Dr. Bhagyesh Patel 96% (5161 ratings)
MS - General Surgery, FMAS.Laparoscopy
General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Hello dear Lybrate user, hi Warm welcome to I have evaluated your query thoroughly.* There are no particular exercises for hemorrhoid patient.* Diet should be rich in fiber with plenty of liquids to get soft stools. Hope this clears your query. Wishing you fine recovery. Welcome for any further assistance. Regards take care.

I have gone through anal fissure surgery 3 month ago. I have still not recovered. Having bleeding every morning after bowel movement. Taking pain killers everyday. I suspect piles are also present. Diarrhoea since many months. Please advise.

Dr. Krishanu Samanta 89% (1328 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Kolkata
Take abhayarista 3tsf BDPC for three months. Apply anovate and lox 2%gel locally thrice daily. Sitz bath with luck warm water and betadine lotion twice daily.

If a person is having fistula fissure or piles for 20 years it can be cure with with ayurvedic medicine or with surgery.

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor's 89% (411 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAGES
General Surgeon, Gurgaon
Hi Anal fistula can be troublesome .it can cause bleeding and pus discharge . for complete details Conservative measures like sitting in warm water ,taking high fibre diet - fruits and vegetables and salads, taking allopathic /homeopathic medicines will relive your problem temporarily. Definitive treatment is surgical management .laser treatment is 10 min ,painless procedure .no post op dressings are required .it causes least tissue damage .it will give you permanent relief from your problems .we at Gurgoan do laser treatment for piles /fistula /fissure /pilonidal sinus and varicose veins. you can also contact me through Lybrate.

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Anorectal Disorders - Things You Must Be Aware Of!

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Anorectal diseases are fairly common in occurrence and most people suffer from some kind of disorder related to the rectum in their lifetime. Since anorectal disorders affect a body part that people are embarrassed to talk about, it makes them more vulnerable to such diseases. The hesitation to talk about anorectal disorders only aggravates the problem. What could have been easily treated becomes difficult to cure. This is why, it is important to take every problematic sign such as bleeding, swelling, pain in the anus seriously as it can save you a lot of pain in the future. Check out this quiz to find out more about anorectal diseases.
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Haemorroids - The Best Way To Deal With Them!

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FIAGES, FMAS, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
General Surgeon, Bangalore
Do not consult a doctor immediately, and try to fix things on your own. True or false? Take this quiz to know more.
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Piles and Homeopathy

Dr. Alok Kumar 92% (757 ratings)
BHMS, VLIR Belgium, Canadian Academy Of Homeopathy
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Texting while sitting on the toilet can cause you to develop constipation and piles. True or false? Take this quiz to find out.
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Living with Piles
Causes and home remedies for Piles Good morning. Mera naam hai Dr. Amol Bamane aur ami Ras Yog Ayurveda ka founder hum. Aaj mai aapko piles k baare mein information dene wala hun. Piles is nothing but an inflammation of veins around the rectum. To rectum k jo bahari skin hai ya andruni skin hai to waha k veins jo hai usme inflammation hota hai. Iss mein 2 type k inflammation hote hai. Ek mein andruni side se inflammation hota hai aur ek mein bahar k side se rectum mein inflammation hota hai. Agar andruni side se inflammation hota hai to waha pe discomfort rehta hai aur bahar k side se agar inflammation hota hai rectum mein to waha pe bleeding dikhta hai, pain rehta hai aur patients jo hai wo complain karte hai burning sensation ka waha pe. To patients isse bohot pareshaan bhi rehte hai aur severe pain rehta hai. Iss k causes hai chronic constipation, diarrhoea aur jo garvavati stree jo hai unme pressure padhne k wajah se bhi piles generate ho jaata hai aur heavy weight lifters jo hai unka bhi history dekha jai to unme bhi piles ka percentage zyada dikhta hai. To ye saare piles k causes hai. Iss k liye ek home remedy ye hai k aap radish lijiye, usko acche se crush kare, usme thoda milk milaiye aur paste banaiye. Usse aap apply kijiye local jagah pe, jis jagah pe affect hua hai aur 15-20min baad use dho le. Isse aap ko piles k liye accha relief milega. Iss k liye dusra home remedy ye hai k aap cumin seeds lijiye ek chammach aur use acche se crush kijiye, usme thoda sa paani milaiye aur uska paste banaiye. Paste banane k baad wo local area pe, affected area pe aap wo paste laga lijiye aur 15-20min baad use wash kar lijiye. Isse bhi aap ko aaram mil jayega. Iss k liye teesra home remedy jo mai aap ko batane wala hun jo accha kargar hai wo hai aap ek chammach ginger paste lijiye, usme 2 chammach aap mint leaves lijiye. Dono ko acche se crush kijiye uska thoda sa extract aap nikaliye paani daal k aur uske baad aap usme lemon juice lijiye do chammach aur ek chammach honey lijiye. Ye sab mix kijiye acche se aur din mein 2 baar ye lijiye, ye bohot hi labh dayak hoga aur isse waha jo pain hai, constipation hai wo kaam hone mein madad hogi. Iss wishai mein adhiktam jankaari k liye aap pe jaa k mujhe consult bhi kar skate hai.
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