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Healthy Lunch - 5 Ideas To Help You Pack One!

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Healthy Lunch - 5 Ideas To Help You Pack One!

Think of the day when no one is at home and you have to make your own lunch. You can’t spend too much time figuring out what to make because you are getting late for college or work. Unable to conjure some ideas up, you finally end up buying lunch from the nearest takeaway, never realizing that in the process, you did not do your body any favor.

But, fret not; because all you have to do is learn about a few healthy quick recipes that are a treat, not only for your body, but also for that ever demanding palate of yours. Read on to know more:

  1. Boiled chickpeas: Boiled chickpeas are rich in protein, fiber and low in calories. Chickpeas contain complex carbohydrates that provide a steady stream of energy to your body. The fiber and protein contents in them promote satiety. You can pair them up with sliced tomatoes or cucumber. Feel free to add some spices for a light yet delightful lunch.
  2. Chapatti wrap: You can make a chapatti wrap with fillings that consist of sautéed vegetables and mint chutney. This is a very well balanced lunch that is extremely easy to prepare. Include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and tomatoes that provide the all essential vitamins and minerals
  3. Stir fried vegetables and poached eggs: Another healthy dish if you are looking to lose fat, this option involves negligible carbohydrate count. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and then stir it in an oak. Add lemon juice and some sesame seeds to add flavor. The poached eggs are a good source of protein and Vitamin B that help in the easy functioning of the body’s metabolic system.
  4. Poha: Poha or beaten rice is a healthy staple that can be prepared very easily. You can add vegetables to the mix to make it a well-balanced meal. It falls under the category of ‘whole grains’, thus it releases energy steadily instead of spiking the blood sugar levels in the way most simple sugars do.
  5. Chicken and corn soup: A very refreshing dish especially during the winters, it is not only light on your stomach but also helps in curing cough and cold. It contains protein, carbohydrates and Vitamins that make it a very well balanced meal. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Dietitian/Nutritionist.
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