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Headache And Migraine - How Can Homeopathy Get Rid Of Them?

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Headache And Migraine - How  Can Homeopathy Get Rid Of Them?

7 out of 10 people experience headaches almost every day. It is a very common condition. Headaches can be mild or severe, intermittent or persistent. A headache is characterized by a sharp or dull pain in the forehead or on the scalp.

Headache- Common conditions such as fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, hypertension (high blood pressure), sinusitis, typically cause headaches. A headache resulting from hypertension usually affects both sides of the head, particularly the temple regions.

In general, the symptoms of headache are not life-threatening. But sometimes the pain can be accompanied by fever, facial numbness, slurred speech and convulsion.

Migraine- Severe headaches may indicate some other underlying condition like migraine. Migraines is the most complex and aggressive form of headache. It is characterized by debilitating, intense headaches. According to researchers, migraine is caused due to changes in the brainstem and nerve pathways. Environmental and genetic factors also play a role in inducing migraine attacks. Symptoms include vomiting and nausea, sensitivity to sound and light, tingling or numbness, difficulty speaking. Most migraine attacks last for about 4 hours or more.

How homeopathy plays a role in treating headaches and migraine pain-
There’s a fine line between getting a cure and getting relief from pain. Many people depend solely upon painkillers for years. But what they don’t understand is the fact that painkillers only provide temporary relief. Others look for home remedies to reduce pain and eventually learn to live with migraine headaches. Homeopathy does not approve of painkillers. Homeopathy digs deep into the root of the problem and eliminates the cause from within. That is perhaps the reason why homeopathy treatment takes time. The most effective homeopathy medicines for migraine headaches are- Belladonna, Glonoine, Sanguinaria and Spigelia.

Belladonna helps reduce the intensity of sharp throbbing headaches by eliminating pain and promoting restful sleep. It is also capable of improving the state of your nervous system. Glonoine is prescribed to patients experiencing aggressive migraine attacks. Exposure to sunlight or heat triggers migraine pain. Glonoine acts primarily on the nervous system and calms your nerves. It offers relief from ill effects of sunrays and heat in general. Sanguinara is very effective in treating headaches occurring on the right side of the head.

Homeopathy medications are safe, effective and yield long-lasting results. So instead of having strong painkillers, one can easily rely on homeopathy treatment for a cure.

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