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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Hair Problems And Their Solutions!

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Dr. N AgrawalAyurvedic Doctor • 23 Years Exp.MD - Ayurveda, BAMS
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Nowadays due to life style and food habit too much hair problem is found. As hair is non- living and non-painful people don’t care for them and in long term, carelessness causes hair problems.

We need to care them because the hair follicle (root) from where hairs are originated is living, so if we don’t give them proper nutrition the hair follicles are unable to hold or flourish hairs.

Anatomy of hairs-

Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. A hair follicle holds each hair into the skin.

Hair follicle forms the base of the hair follicle. In the hair, bulb forms the base of the hair follicle. In the hair bulb, livening cell divide and build the hair shaft. In the hair bulb, blood vessel nourishes the cells in the hair bulb. Hair grows at different rates in different people, the average rate is around one half inch month. Hair colour is created by pigment cells producing melanin in the hair follicle

As hairs do not give physical pain but mentally hair problem is painful in the era of pump and show. As we enter into modernization we forget to nourish our hairs as per Indian way. That is our big mistake. In Ayurveda, hair problem comes under the Kshudra roga (Localized diseases or diseases that involves certain body part). As per hair concern, there are many diseases-

1. Khalitya (hair fall)-


  • During winter having more dandruff
  • During summer having more sweating.
  • In rainy season hair, fall is more, we need special care during the rainy season.
  • Having a persistent cold and cough and headache
  • Using different shampoo and soaps having chemicals
  • Lack of oil application on the scalp
  • Mental work, anxiety and lack of proper sleeping time.
  • Improper digestion of food

Due to all above cause’s Vata-pitta of our body vitiated and both mix together and go to hair roots, these hair roots become weak and not able to hold hairs causes hair fall or Khalitya.


First, remove the cause.

  • Wash hairs two times during summer and one time during winter.
  • Wash hair by Amala and Shikakai and if hair fall is there than use medicated shampoo as Ritha and Shikakai harm.
  • If there is cold and other diseases than first treat them.
  • If there is dandruff use neem oil and karnach oil
  • Apply half lemon and half cup of water on the scalp for dandruff.
  • Apply onion juice
  • Apply neem paste or juice on the scalp.
  • For nourish hair use Ayurvedic hair oil having til (Seasame) oil base don’t use mineral oil.
  • For lengthening hair use Gunjadi oil.
  • If there is any complain related to hair then contact with a doctor don’t wait.
  • Always massage your hairs by fingertip on the hair roots or scalp gently needs not to apply it on hairs. Before hair, wash applies it on the hairs also.

2. Indralupta (Bladness)-


When falling of hairs start and we don’t care them.

  • Lack of nourishment to hairs, daily hair wash.
  • At old age or due to heredity
  • Due to disease like Gonorrhoea, skin disease, typhoid, pneumonia, jaundice etc.
  • Hormonal disturbance.

Due to the above causes Kapha of our body mix with rakta (Blood) and block the hair follicle for further hair regeneration. This is known as Indralupta or rujya.


  • Do massage of scalp daily 15 minutes by gunjadi or medicated oil.
  • Take steam one or two times a week after a massage.
  • Apply paste of Hasti dant masi and rasota with milk.
  • Apply paste of Devdaru or nagar.
  • Take medicine like Rasayan churna, Triphala, Kasisa bhasma etc with milk three times a day
  • Take nasya of medicated oil like Anu tail.
  • Proper 6-8 month treatment from the doctor one can get new hairs.
  • If baldness is old or skin of scalp become smooth than there is less chance of regeneration of hairs but treat them by consulting doctor.
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