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Pressing Machines And Curlers - Know Impacts Of Them On Your Hair!

Pressing Machines And Curlers  - Know Impacts Of Them On Your Hair!

There is hardly anyone happy with their looks, especially when it comes to their hair. Those who have straight hair wish that they had curly hair. The ones with curly hair envy the ones with straight hair as they don’t have to worry about brushing it all day. As such, there is a constant rush at salons to curl up straight hair and straighten up curly hair.

There are instant ways to do this, but what is important for us to understand is that this is not natural. Both pressing and curling happen with the use of artificial chemicals and extreme heat, which can be harmful to hair.

Another fad we see is people going in for these treatments by using peers as reference. It should be borne in mind that each person would react to these treatments differently, depending on the type of hair and length of hair. What worked for a friend may not necessarily work for you too. The intent is not to discourage, but to caution. Think about it, be mindful of what can possibly go wrong, and then put yourself in safe hands to get this done.

Possible Harmful Effects

  1. Allergic Reaction: The chemicals used may possibly cause allergic reaction. So it is always advisable to do a small test before going ahead with it. Apply the chemical on your arm and wait for 24 hours. If no reaction is seen, go ahead with it. Even if that tested positive, there is a chance that the chemical can cause a delayed allergic reaction, which can happen with exposure to the sun or even after a few days. Seek medical help if that happens.

  2. Dryness: Hair straightening leaves the hair dry and devoid of its natural moisture. Avoid using the dryer as much as possible and oil the hair frequently.

  3. Hair Fall: Using poor chemicals and improper techniques can cause hair fall, as the follicles break away from the roots.

  4. Overall Appearance: Though curling or straightening could be a temporary move, if not done well, you are worse off than the just-unhappy feeling you had with your natural hair. This is an even bigger blow for your self-esteem and personality.

All this does not mean hair straightening and pressing should be completely avoided. The trick is to do it in moderation, use good styling products, choose a stylist carefully, and go for regular hair care. The home hair care products also should be of high-quality standards. When you see your hair not harmed, you will feel it was worth the investment.

Graying Hair - How To Subdue It?

Graying Hair - How To Subdue It?

Hair graying is an inevitable process that you cannot escape. It will strike you at some point in your lifetime. Graying hair was once believed to be a sign of aging process. But not anymore! In the last decade or two, there has been a U-turn in this trend. You will often come across young people, including teenagers, with gray hair. The pigment that mainly contributes to the natural hair color is Melanin. The absence of melanin is what triggers hair graying. Stress, certain medical conditions, genetics, and a host of other factors may interfere with the melanin production resulting in premature hair graying. As serious as the situation may sound, the following tips and remedies can go a long way to alleviate and slow down the premature graying of hair.

  1. Follow a healthy hair care routine: No matter how busy you are, you cannot afford to neglect your hair. The basic hair care routines can work wonders to arrest and slow down the premature hair graying. Indulge in a hot oil hair massage at least twice a week. Curry leaves not only promote hair growth but also prevent hair graying. You can boil few curry leaves in coconut oil and filter the mixture. Massage your hair and scalp with the healthy oil mixture (warm the mixture before use), keep it for 30-45 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.
  2. Delete stress from your life: Stress, anxiety and depression can trigger a hormonal imbalance. As a result, there may be a significant decrease in melanin production with premature hair graying being an obvious consequence. There can be only one solution to the problem- keep yourself stress-free. In addition to this, make sure that you complete your full quota of sleep (at least 6-8). Nothing works more like a sound sleep to beat the stress.
  3. A healthy diet: Ensure that your diet is nutritionally balanced and enriched. Green leafy vegetables, berries, walnuts, meat, mushrooms (Reishi), oysters, almonds, eggs, walnuts, salmon, tuna, dairy products (cheese, butter) can go a long way to slow down the premature graying.
  4. For chocolate lovers, there is a reason to celebrate. Research suggests chocolate (a rich source of zinc) can elevate the production of melanin, thereby preventing your hair to gray untimely.
  5. Smoking can spell doom for your hair and is best left untouched.
  6. Indian Gooseberry or Amla, a rich source of Vitamin C is excellent for your hair. You can have the amla raw, drink its juice. Further, you may also use Amla powder in hair packs to slow down the graying process.
  7. Some people also benefit from homeopathy and homeopathic medicines such as Acid Phos, Lycopodium Clavatum, Lycopodium, and Phosphoricum Acidum, to name a few.

Hair Care Tips!

Hair Care Tips!

Hair Care Tips!

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Fibre Hair Replacement - Things That You Should Know!

Fibre Hair Replacement - Things That You Should Know!

For many years synthetic fibres were the mainstay of the hair replacement industry. In the 1980s the trend started to shift to human hair for hair systems and the demand started. In the 1990's we began to see a huge trend for human hair for hair extensions and as that demand grew into the 21st century the supply began to wane.

With the huge demand for more and more quality human hair there will come a time very soon that we will see the use of synthetic fibres for hair replacements and extensions. Fortunately there have been huge technological improvements in the development of synthetic fibres specifically for the hair replacement industry. The newest High Tech fibres being used have been in the developmental stages for over 10 years and are now being used quite widely in the men's hair replacement and ladies wig production. The High Tech fibres are significantly different from their mod acrylic counterparts with features that make them very palatable for the consumer and stylist friendly. These new fibres are generally nylon or polyester-based products. They are stronger than modacrylic fibres and have much higher heat retention meaning they can now be styled with thermal styling tools without the fear of melting or frizzing. The heat retention also affords the fibre to better maintain its curl pattern and in most cases, the hair replacement systems made with these fibres can hold up for extended periods of time and maintain a fresh look. While the base of the hair system might break down and fall apart, the fibre/hair still looks brand new.

There is no doubt that with the increase in demand for human hair, the new High Tech fibres will become the only way to meet the growing demand. Thanks to the advances in science and technology, new hair products are always being developed and their quality and usefulness are growing rapidly. Just a few years ago, fibre hair replacement was just beginning to take shape, and in just a short time it's quickly becoming a standard in the hair replacement industry. It's also replacing old synthetic hair that was very commonly used in hair replacement systems for many years. Older synthetic hair looks and feels much less "human" than newer advanced fibres. It can often be bristly and scratchy in texture and some hair wearers find it quite uncomfortable. There's a very strong likely hood that newer synthetic fibre hair will supplant human hair as the "go-to" option for hair replacement in the coming years due to its amazingly human quality and extreme durability. A move to fibre hair in hairpieces could ultimately lead to longer-lasting and more natural-looking hair replacement solutions and quite possibly lower the overall hair replacement costs consumers are faced with.


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Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Hair!

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Hair!

With all those curls and straightening treatments done on your hair, it might just be imperative to go for a weekly hair spa treatment for sure. But wait, don’t these hair spas and keratin treatments cost a bomb, making a giant hole in your pockets? Even if they don’t, think about the time you spend on your hair’s health or end up losing a lot of your hair visible on your palms every time you run your hands through your hair length. But even before we address the root causes of your hair fall and falling hair health that essentially lies in its roots, let’s begin to understand what Ayurveda has in store for your hair.

Ayurveda For Your Hair In Your Budget

Now that you have gone through the basics of your hair’s health and various parameters of its beauty, let's head to Ayurveda for better hair care that’s been long ignored in the chemical haul of hair care products. Here are some basic natural and sustainable alternatives to keep your hair flip intact with a beautiful shine to its texture.

1. Shampooing With A The Herbal Mix - As an Ayurvedic alternative, you can replace your usual shampoo with a more healthy mix of herbs like shikakai, reetha and bhringraj to return the shine of your hair you have otherwise lost to the harsh chemicals present in the big brands of shampoos.

2.​​​​​​​ The Herbal Infusion Of Oils - Instill a weekly hair oiling habit to strengthen your roots by gently massaging it well in your roots and the surface of the scalp. You may add a special mix of Jatamanasi Ghan, Brahmi and Bhrigraj extract for a therapeutic effect on your hair’s health.

3. Balance Your Diet With Hair Booster Elements - Go for high protein diets including pulses and paneer/tofu to heal your hair from within and promote the hair growth that you’ve been seeking for so long. You can also drink fenugreek extracts added in your daily dosage of water.

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The Secret To Keeping Long Hair Beautiful!

The Secret To Keeping Long Hair Beautiful!

If you have long hair, there are some things that you really need to be doing to help it retain its volume and vibrancy. As such, this article aims to discuss some of the most critical best practices for keeping your long hair beautiful.

Conditioning Best Practices -

One of the most important things you can do is to properly condition your hair. Buying a good conditioner for your hair is essential if you're going to keep that healthy shine and avoid split ends.

Whilst you're probably regularly using a shampoo and conditioner, the occasional deep conditioning treatment will work wonders for keeping your long hair looking great. You can get this done at your local salon, or simply by purchasing a deep conditioning kit at your local supermarket or drug store. Or why not try using your normal conditioner, and then wrapping your hair in cling film (which creates a warming effect that will help the conditioner to sink in).

Investing in a deep conditioning hair care product also gives you an opportunity for some "me" time - take some time out, wash your hair, apply the conditioning treatment, wrap it n a towel (or as per instructions) and put your feet up and read or watch the tube for twenty minutes. Relax and enjoy!

Other Best Practices for Long Hair

Of course, keep in mind that hair care is not simply conditioning. The condition of your hair is also dependent on your diet, exercise, and overall general health. To make sure that your hair is not dull and lifeless, keep it cut regularly. This helps the hair to rebalance itself and will also prevent split ends.

It is also important to make sure that you do not cause your hair too much stress - this can simply be if you shampoo every day, or blow-dry and straighten every day. Your hair is being put through a lot, so you must think about what you can do to minimize this.

Why not try seeing how your long hair will look after a second day? Many models find their hair looks best after a day, and that it stays put easier. Also, a lot of the natural oils and goodness is being stripped from your hair whenever you wash it, so be more careful about how frequently you do this. Washing no more than 2-3 times a week is recommended.

Tangled Hair Solutions

Some cheap and effective ways of untangling your hair are actually the easiest. The first is to start at the bottom of your hair with a wide-toothed comb and just start pulling through, being gentle at the same time. Do NOT pull on your hair so it is painful at the roots.

Another idea if you are really having problems is to cover your hair in conditioner (but not water), as this will make it more slippery (like running your finger underwater to get a ring off!). Make sure that you don't start at the top of your head when combing as this will only push the knots closer together.

Also, it is important to focus on one section at a time, rather than panic at the state of your entire head of hair. There are many detangling products you can buy at the moment which will help you with your situation.

A very good solution is to keep your hair well-groomed, and this way it is less likely to get severely tangled. Make sure you comb your hair once a day to keep it in order.

Final Words

As you can see, it's really not that difficult to keep your long hair looking great. Just condition it properly, avoid shampooing every day, eat a nutritious diet, get plenty of sleep and exercise, get it trimmed regularly, avoid blasting your hair with lots of heat day in and day out, and detangle regularly. Just do these things properly, your hair will retain its vibrancy over a long period of time.

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Treat Your Hair Beautifully With Assurance And Care!

Treat Your Hair Beautifully With Assurance And Care!

Haircare is the overall term for the science of hair beauty treatment. Haircare procedures differ depending on an individual's body characteristics and culture.

Furthermore, it specializes in the modification of natural hair structure and colour with the use of different methods from accredited experts worldwide.

In Western Australia, some hair experts are identified through their registration in Hairdressers' Act 1946. This designation is used to acknowledge experts that have a higher degree of competency. As defined by the law, it is anyone who is of good character and has completed the appropriate prescribed course of training and passed the appropriately prescribed examinations; or has outside of Western Australia completed an appropriate course of training of a like standard as that prescribed in Western Australia and passes such examination (if any) as may be required by the Board.

A hairdresser's duty may include dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, cutting, shaving, trimming, bleaching, tinting, the colouring of the hair or beard of any person by any other person. It could be with or without the help of any apparatus, appliance, preparation or substance. A hair stylist also is able to perform corrective hair treatments through special therapies or any other advanced treatment programs.

To save you from the trouble of wondering which treatment suits as the best remedy for you, here are some of the lists of advanced credible therapies and procedures that are already performed in Australia:

1. Surgical Hair Transplant

What makes it one of the most popular hair operations is that it harvests hair from the individual's own body to fill in the part with hair loss. It is also very patient-friendly for it allows the patient to express their preference and desired outcome.

2. Laser Hair Growth Treatment

It is possibly the most advanced method recently been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Government. According to research, it works by absorption of the laser into the cells. This activates an enhanced cellular activity that results in hair restoration.

3. Use of Hair Loss Concealers

Hair concealers are natural fibres used to blend in the area with hair loss. It is easy to apply and is very much capable of becoming a subtle replacement or hair extension for the balding area.

We and our hair. We may both have suffered from various hazardous materials in life, but we both are naturally strong and beautiful. We are growing. We are now both very much healthier ever since we decided to get rid of bad treatments.

Be updated and always consider the available recommended treatments. And in no time you'll be able to delight in its incredible life-changing effects!

Hello mam I asked a question and you answered my question so thank you so much and I want to ask that you says me that use arnica q and jaborandi q mam so how to use with water or massage on scalp.

Hello mam I asked a question and you answered my question so thank you so much and I want to ask that you says me tha...
You must try an ayurvedic charvi hair solutions this is the best answer for hair loss and hair growth apply daily two times a day, in morning after bath and in evening. After appiling massage for 10-15 min, so that it will be completely absorb. No need to shampoo after every use, hair fall control in 15 days only, new hair will grow in 45- days, continue for three to four months.
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Im getting hair line of v shape can you please suggest me any medicine or something else to stop.

Im getting hair line of v shape can you please suggest me any medicine or something else to stop.
Apply natural henna powder dipped in liquor of tea overnight next day add whole egg, curd, 10ml coconut oil and few drops of lemon juice apply it on scalp once in a week,, apply alovera gel extract,, apply cute with coconut oil,, apply fenugreek paste,, apply castor oil,, apply amla juice and jaborandi mother tincture,, take high protein,, take multivitamins with multiminerals,, with this u need proper homeopathic treatment
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Which oil is better for thick hair growth? Can you suggest an oil? And how can it is used.

Which oil is better for thick hair growth? Can you suggest an oil? And how can it is used.
Coconut oil is the best for hair growth and it needs to be applied on the scalp and should not be washed off with shampoo or soap. Just normal bathing with the oil spplied to the scalp is needed
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