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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Dr. Deepti Dhillon 89% (145 ratings)
MBBS, DDV, Aesthetic medicine
Dermatologist, Delhi
How To Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Avoid perming, crimping, straightening, curling and bleaching or repeatedly colouring your hair. Although doing it once in a while won't be of too much harm.

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Grapes - The Most Interesting Benefits Related To It!

Dt. Ankita Gupta 89% (21 ratings)
Masters In Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (MCND)
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Grapes - The Most Interesting Benefits Related To It!

As the New Year begins, the one fruits which also makes its appearance in abundance is the grapes. The black/purple and the green variety, seeded and seedless, are all over the place. Given the weather slowly changing from winter, they seem like the best thing to beat the summer heat. And yes, they are. Not just for overall health, they are also great for the skin and hair. Read on to know more.

Benefits of grapes for skin:

  1. When the sunscreen lotion does not help much and sunburn happens, the one of the best home remedies is to apply mashed grapes for about 30 minutes. The grapes are rich in antioxidants (proanthocyanidins and resveratrol). They reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and also reduces cell damage caused by excessive skin exposure.
  2. Rubbing the grape pulp on the face for about 20 minutes can help reverse and control antiaging better than any chemical treatment. It reduces the effect of free radicals which lead to fine wrinkles and dark spots.
  3. Grapes are also rich in vitamins C and E which helps in making the skin supple and improves skin tone and reduces scars.

Benefits for hair:

  1. If hair loss scares you, apply a paste of seeded grapes. The linoleic acid and grape seed oil can add strength and prevent hair fall.
  2. Grapes can also be mixed with fenugreek and chickpeas for use on hair to improve life and lustre of the hair and add volume.
  3. The vitamin E and antioxidants also help improve scalp blood circulation, fight dandruff, reduce itchiness, and improved hair health.

Benefits on overall health:

  1. Relieves headache: The various antioxidants in the grapes help in relieving the headache almost instantaneously. Eat them up or drink if you have a headache, even migraines.
  2. Improves digestion: They improve digestion and reduce digestive problems, thereby curing indigestion. They also are shown to help in controlling colon cancer.
  3. Good in diabetes: Diabetic patients need not be worried about the sweet grapes. The pterostilbene in them helps lower sugar levels, and in the long run, it can also prevent the onset of diabetes.
  4. Cholesterol control: The polyphenols help in controlling heart disease by reducing plaque formation.
  5. Eye health: The reduced oxidation process and controlled inflammatory process helps in improving eye health, especially in the retina, which is full of proteins.
  6. Potassium in Plenty: 100 g of grapes contains about 200 mg of potassium, which is a treasure. It improves blood pressure (by countering sodium), and also controls cholesterol and reduces salt intake.
  7. Brain health: The antioxidants like revasterol help in improving blood flow and helps in controlling Alzheimer’s and improving memory.
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Use Of Shampoo

Dr. Deepti Dhillon 89% (145 ratings)
MBBS, DDV, Aesthetic medicine
Dermatologist, Delhi
Use Of Shampoo

A shampoo which is rich in extract or amino acids should be using for washing your colored or treated hair as treated hair equals to damage ones.

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Does Shampoo Residue In Your Hair? What Can You Do?

Dr. Anvika Mittal 91% (33 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS, Diplomate of American Board of Laser Surgery
Dermatologist, Delhi
Does Shampoo Residue In Your Hair? What Can You Do?

Shampooing is a no-brainer activity that most people do not pay much attention to. Usually, a quick wash in the morning is all that people do to keep their hair and scalp clean. But did you know you can end up with dirtier hair than before if you don't wash off the shampoo properly?

Improper washing of hair post-shampooing can lead to the build up of shampoo residue in your hair, which only adds to the dirt you try to clean by shampooing. Also, excessive build-up of product residue causes hair and scalp irritation and even impedes hair growth.

How do you know if you have shampoo residue in your hair? Here's how:

- You hair appears dull, dry and dirty despite being freshly washed
- It feels as though there is a layer of heavy coating on the hair mass
- You hair feels flat as though there has been a loss of volume
- Styling of hair becomes difficult and time-consuming

The signs of shampoo residue build-up closely resemble that of hair damage. In order to prevent it, thorough rinsing is of utmost importance. In fact, rinsing your hair for a minimum of two minutes post-shampoo is strongly advised in order prevent build-up. Also, using a clarifying shampoo regularly clears residue out of the hair and unnecessarily over-applying the product should always be avoided.

Cleanse your hair once a week to keep it fresh and healthy and use a good shampoo with a formula that is suited to your hair.


Related Tip: Conditioning Before Shampoo Vs Post Shampoo - What’s Ideal?

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Can You Banish That Nagging Itch Without Scratching?

Dr. Rupesh Waphekar 88% (22 ratings)
MD Homoeopathy, Post Graduation Homoeopathy, London, DIACH, BHMS
Homeopath, Thane
Can You Banish That Nagging Itch Without Scratching?

Can scratching your head lead to hair loss? (and how to banish that nagging itch without scratching)

Yes! scratching your head actually leads to hair loss so you should avoid doing it.

Scratching your head with your fingernails for as little as 90 minutes is enough to remove all your cuticular scale. A cuticular scale is a protective covering on every individual strand of hair. The loss of this covering leaves your hair shaft weak and damaged and hence leaves your hair susceptible to easy breakage and hair loss.

There are several ways you can deal with itchiness in your scalp that does not include scratching your head. These alternative ways will help ensure you don't suffer from any hair loss.

These include

1. Instead of scratching, pat or rub the sensitive area with the flat of your fingers.

2. Having a dry scalp can also increase itchiness. It would bee a good idea to use natural oil on your hair before you wash it if that's the reason behind your itch.

3. Sensitivity to a new product may be causing a sudden itchiness in your scalp. So, if you have switched to a new shampoo, mousse or anything else, do try abstaining from applying it for a few days to see if the itchiness subsides.

4. When your scalp feels itchy, try and distract yourself. The more you think about how itchy your scalp is, the more it will itch.

While scratching your hair does lead to hair loss, the good news is your hair will grow back because the damage is not permanent. However, it is not advisable to keep scratching your head because you'll just lose more hair.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Health Benefits Of Tragacanth Gum Herb (Gond Katira)

Dr. Pitamber Sadhwani 80% (31 ratings)
General Physician, Ahmedabad
Health Benefits Of Tragacanth Gum Herb (Gond Katira)

Tragacanth gum is the sap of the thorny shrub tragacanth, which is a thorny and low-growing shrub. It is mostly found in the mountainous regions of the Middle East. Iran is the highest producer of this tree gum, which is also called Gond Katira in Hindi.

This gum is odorless, tasteless, and a water-soluble mixture obtained from the sap of the plant and then dried. Tragacanth gum has varied uses, which is not limited to consumption and includes uses in several other industries. It is also an important part of Ayurvedic treatment due to its medicinal properties.

How is the gum obtained?
The gum is derived from the roots and the stem of the plant by making an incision. The incision is generally made 5 cm below the ground level. The sap is then collected and dried as flakes or crystals.

Health Benefits of Gond Katira
Several health benefits are associated with Tragacanth gum. The best part, however, is that this sap cools the body during summer and in winters, it heats up the body. Tragacanth gum is beneficial for:

  1. Treating heat stroke as the gum acts as a cooling agent. During summers, a drink can be prepared by soaking the gum in water and then making a drink out of it after it has become fluffy.
  2. It is effective for treating constipation due to its purgative properties.
  3. Tragacanth gum is effective in increasing libido and also for treating sexual inadequacy or weakness in men
  4. This sap has anti-aging properties, which is beneficial for your skin as it delays the development of wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. This gum is a part of herbal treatment for women who have small breast and wish to increase its size.
  6. Tragacanth gum is great for new mothers who become weak after delivery. It is said to be beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

How to Consume Tragacanth gum
Tragacanth gum can be a part of several food items that we consume on a daily basis. It includes:

  • Dressings for salads, in sauces, mayonnaise as well as the base of condiments
  • As a thickener for ice cream
  • Used for making puddings as well as laddoos, especially during the winters
  • As cake decoration flowers

Other Uses: Apart from consumption, Tragacanth gum is also used in several other industries. Some of the other uses include:

  • Polish for leather goods or for leather dressing
  • In textile print paste for silks and crepes
  • For hardening calico
  • In ointments and creams as thickener or lubricants, in lotions for hair or hand as it increases the shelf life
  • In toothpaste as it acts as a suspending agent
  • As adhesive in the cigar to secure it

Side Effects

Though Tragacanth gum is good for health, you must be cautious about its side effects and also restrict the consumption amount. Some of the precautions include:

  1. Consuming sufficient water to prevent choking or blockage in the intestine
  2. Checking for sensitivity for natural gums or quillaia bark, which can cause breathing problem
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Oil To Apply Before Washing Your Hair

Dr. Deepti Dhillon 89% (145 ratings)
MBBS, DDV, Aesthetic medicine
Dermatologist, Delhi
Oil To Apply Before Washing Your Hair

4-5 hours prior to washing your hair, apply almond, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oil in a mixed proportion will provide moisture to your hair.

Hair Brush - How To Choose The Right One?

Dermatologist, Mumbai
Hair Brush - How To Choose The Right One?

It is natural to get overwhelmed and bewildered while walking down the aisle containing a dizzying variety of hair brushes. Most get confused when it comes to choosing the right one. It is a fact that the right type of hair brush can help a lot in keeping up the natural texture of the hair as well as the look you are willing to achieve. Here is a brief guide that can help you get hold of the hair brush you had been longing for.

How important is the bristles type of the hair brush?
When it comes to the bristles of the hair brush, some are synthetic while some are natural or a combination of both these variants. The natural bristles are acquired from boars, and they can help in the cleaning of the scalp and the hair. They are easy and trouble free on the scalp and cause minimal breakage. Many people are of the opinion that the hair brush with natural bristles lasts longer than the synthetic ones.
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to natural brushes, then you can go for the synthetic ones made from nylon. This type of hair brushes functions by sliding through the fine hair. Hence, people with thick hair should put in considerable research properly before opting for synthetic bristles. Also, you must make sure that the bristles don’t melt under excessive heat.

What are the different types of hair brushes?
There are several types of hair brushes available and here are some of them:

  1. Vent brush: This type of brush is efficient for taming frizziness and detangling your hair. It is absolutely a must-have for short to medium length hair and can also be used as a tool for blow-drying. The vent brushes allow faster drying. They can also add volume to the hair.
  2. Round metal brush: A go-to brush for big bouncy hair, round metal brush, can be your best choice if you are looking to add volume while blow drying. There is an extensive range of shapes and sizes available, and you should choose one as per your needs and brush features. With the advent of newer technologies, you can also get a ceramic and ionic brush.
  3. Paddle brush: This one is also available in various shapes and sizes. You can go for the smaller ones that you may carry on the go while the large ones are best pieces to style at home. They are typically available in square or round shape, and they can smooth and detangle rough, frizzy hair effortlessly. If you have medium length fine hair, they can be a great aid while blow drying.

With this information, it will be easier for you to prioritize your needs and settle for the best hair brush within your budget.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Lifeless Hair - Best Hair Care Regimen One Should Follow!

Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta 87% (10 ratings)
Post Graduate Diploma Practical Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi
Lifeless Hair - Best Hair Care Regimen One Should Follow!

Summers can be the worst time of the year for your hair. Often we find people complaining about their hair getting sticky, tangled and unmanageable when the temperature rises. This can be due to the fact that the hair loses its moisture in the heat and often gets dry and lifeless. With the onset of summers, your hair care routine should also change according to the climate so that it is healthy and moisturized.

Here are a few tips which you can follow in the summers to keep your hair healthy-

1. Cover your head - Cover your head with a hat or a scarf and protect it from direct sunlight. You can also wrap your head with a scarf before putting on the hat which will also protect your hair from getting tangled with the course material. Wearing a hat will keep your hair from getting dry and lifeless. Heat can damage your hair and give you split ends hence it is necessary to employ some level of protection.

2. Wash Often - Make sure your hair is getting the moisture it needs. Drink plenty of water as apart from keeping your body hydrated, your hair will also benefit from it. Shampooing every day can make your hair dry and frizzy so make sure that you oil and condition it regularly. Rinse your hair properly after a swim because the chlorine in the pool water can damage your hair. Clean your scalp while washing so that it stays healthy.

3. Opt for deep Conditioning - With the temperature rising, you must deep condition your hair at least once a month or once in two weeks depending on your hair type. Deep conditioning helps keep the moisture locked, strengthens your hair and prevents breakage and hair fall. Deep conditioning requires a plastic wrap which helps the conditioner to penetrate.

4. Wear Protective Styles - You can style your hair in a way which will keep it away from your face and neck and at the same time make you look presentable. You can try braids, topknots, buns, high ponytails, etc. These hairdos also help prevent unwanted breakage and tangling.


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Stem Cell Therapy - How It Is Good For Hair Regrowth?

Dermatologist, Delhi
Stem Cell Therapy - How It Is Good For Hair Regrowth?

The innumerable problems, complications, and embarrassment that severe hair fall and baldness brings along need no special mention. However, with the advancement of science and technology, effective treatments and therapies have come up to deal with the situation. One of the advanced hair treatment therapies used to deal with hair fall and baldness is the Stem Cell Therapy.

The Stem Cell Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure mainly used to stimulate the hair follicles, ensuring its regrowth. Stem cells, present at the root of the hair are known to promote the hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. In the case of severe hair fall or baldness, the stem cells either gets depleted or do not mature enough to facilitate the hair growth. In stem cell therapy, the hair loss or baldness is treated by processing these stem cells (hair follicles collected from the affected person) in labs to ensure an increase in the stem cells.

Steps involved in the stem cell therapy for hair regrowth
The stem cell therapy is hassle-free and the time involved in the entire treatment varies from individual to individual (depending on the extent of the hair loss). In people with not so severe hair loss, around two sessions are needed for the entire stem cell therapy.

  • In the first sitting, the practitioner will collect some of the hair follicles. The hair follicles, as we all know contain the stem cells. What the therapy does is to culture and process the hair follicles, ensuring an elevated production of the stem cells.
  • The second sitting (15-20 days post the first sitting) involves the careful insertion of the improved and cultured hair follicles with increased stem cells into the scalp of the affected person. The increased stem cells will now act as a catalyst, ensuring hair regrowth.
  • In most people, the positive results start showing within a month of the stem cell therapy (the full hair restoration takes between 3-4 months).

Advantages of stem cell therapy for hair regrowth
The stem cell therapy, one of the latest techniques used in hair restoration has been a revelation from the word go.

  • Many scientists and health practitioners are of the opinion that this treatment is the safest and the best solution to deal with hair loss and baldness.
  • The stem cell therapy also plays a pivotal role in improving the hair texture to a great extent.
  • A minimally invasive procedure, there are negligible side-effects associated with stem cell therapy.
  • As compared to the other hair restoration procedure, recovery is quick in the case of stem cell therapy.

The stem cell therapy has benefitted many people worldwide to deal with the problem of hair loss with elan. Research is still going on to further improve its effectiveness.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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