Gonorrhea - How It Is Affecting Your Sexual Life?

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Gonorrhea - How It Is Affecting Your Sexual Life?

Gonorrhoea is transmitted infection caused when people come in a physically intimate contact. It can affect both male and female. The most vulnerable organs that are susceptible to gonorrhoea infection include rectum, urethra, and throat. In females, gonorrhoea might affect the cervix as well. Since the infection spreads from having sex, there are wide chances that the baby gets affected too. Although there could be no visible symptoms of gonorrhoea, early detection and treatment increase the chances of a permanent cure.

How does gonorrhoea affect the sexual life?
Once a person gets affected, gonorrhoea may wreak havoc on the sex life of both a male and female. In males, there could be swelling and pain in one testicle leading to difficulty in having sex. Additionally, urination after sex becomes painful. There could be a pus-like discharge from the penis thereby completely obstructing the chances of sex.

In females, there could be abdominal pain during the intercourse. Intercourse itself could be extremely painful. Apart from this, the urination after sex could be very painful. Additionally, there are chances of vaginal discharge after sex. There are high chances of vaginal bleeding after sex followed by itching of the anus. If the bacteria are very active, lymph nodes of the throat getting swollen after oral sex.

The treatment plan for gonorrhoea in adults

  1. Adults infected with the gonorrhoea bacteria are treated with antibiotics. Since gonorrhoea bacteria are increasingly becoming drug-resistant, doctors treat the patient with an antibiotic known as Ceftriaxone in the form of injection.
  2. In addition to this, two antibiotics that are prescribed to be taken in the oral form include Doxycycline and Azithromycin. There are some studies which revealed that injectable Gentamicin along with oral Azithromycin is a successful combination that can treat gonorrhoea. Furthermore, this combination proves to be highly successful in treating patients who are allergic to cephalosporin-based antibiotics.
  3. In addition to the treatment of the infected patient, the partner should also be thoroughly checked for symptoms of gonorrhoea treatment even if there exist no symptoms of the disease as such. There is a high likelihood of one partner getting infected in case the other one is infected.
  4. If a baby gets infected with gonorrhoea in the womb, he/she should get immediate eye medication to ensure that there no loss of vision when he/she is born. Babies should also get a dosage of antibiotics.
  5. Some basic hygiene such as not having sex during the course of the treatment, use of protection during sex, avoiding oral sex, avoiding sex with multiple partners etc. should be followed.

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