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Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Culture Test

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Culture Test

Consult your healthcare practitioner immediately in the event you feel you may have gonorrhea, or whether you are having any of its symptoms. If you suspect that you're infected or might have been exposed to gonorrhea, it's important to receive tested immediately, particularly if you already exhibit symptoms. Gonorrhea could be treated using antibiotics. If you're positive for gonorrhea, you sexual partner also needs to be tested to stop the spread of infection and potential complications. The majority of the moment, this kind of gonorrhea is harmless. Pharyngeal gonorrhea is the expression provided to the gonorrhea of the throat. Simple tests can establish if you're infected. A negative test means only that there's no evidence of infection at the right time of the test. This test might also be performed in a doctor's office. It is often performed in combination with Chlamydia. It is also known as DNA probe test. This form of test is extremely specific, thus most laboratories do not execute this test. Gonorrhea testing might also be ordered when someone's sex partner was diagnosed with gonorrhea or any time an individual has signs and symptoms of the infection.

To isolate the culture of Neisseria gonorrhoeae a liquid culture is needed. The Neisseria gonorrhoeae (scientific name Neisseria gonorrhoeae) culture can be grown in a specific culture medium termed as Thayer-Martin agar medium. Keeping in mind to suppress the other gram negative, gram positive, bacilli, diplococci and yeast growth the selective isolation of the respective organism can be fully achieved. Keep in mind about the incubation process as well as the sterilization process which we need to follow while performing the culture growth.

As it is a genital tract infection and a disseminated infection ectopic pregnancy may occur in case of female candidates. Hence both the genders needs to be very careful and early detection will be helpful.

There are few possibilities of identify the Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Such as biochemical test, nucleic acid methods, colorimetric testing testing. Before testing at the lab we need to collect the specimen by inserting a 2 cm cotton or rayon swab into the urethra. The practitioner needs to rotate it gently before withdrawing. In case of profuse urethral discharge no need to insert the cotton swab. Only urethral discharge collection will be enough in case of male patients. Even the first voided urine in case of male patients can be collected for testing purposes. But the sensitivity is low in case of cotton swab specimen collection.

Swab of vagina, cervix, urethra, rectum, throat, endocervix, joint fluid, newborn eye, first few drops of voided urine
2ml/ 1 swap
Swab transport medium ,Sterile container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
All age groups
Rs 800- Rs 2000

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