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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Gallstones - Know The Different Types!

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Gallstones can be the cause behind quite some pain and discomfort if not treated by an Ayurvedic medical expert. This helps you get over the ailment before it can inflict any more pain. Before learning about the treatments for the condition, it is important to learn what exactly is a gallstone? A gallstone as the name suggests is a peculiar stone-like formation found in the gall bladder. The stones vary in size and number from person to person and are mainly constituted from bile components that settle inside gallbladder. Gallstones as mentioned above are only stone-like formations and not really stones. They are formed from the cholesterol, bilirubin and salt contained in the bile.

How are gallstones diagnosed?
In the majority of cases, it becomes impossible to detect whether a person has gallstones or not. It is only when the stones close or block a specific duct and become the cause for inflicting some pain, does the chance of the presence of a gallstone crosses the mind. In case one is undergoing similar pain in the stomach, it is advised that you make your way immediately to an Ayurvedic medical expert, who will help you to recover from the condition with 100% natural medicines and treatments, with no side effects whatsoever.

Different types of Gallstones:
Another thing to be noted, before you start treatment for gallstones, is their type. There are distinctly two different types of gall stones. These are-

  • Pigment Stones: Pigments stones are smaller in size compared to the cholesterol stones and are usually larger in number and darker in colour. The main building component of these pigment stones is bilirubin. The bilirubin, in turn, comes from the bile, which is an enzyme secreted by the liver and carried into the gallbladder to be stored there.
  • Cholesterol Stones: The Cholesterol stones, on the other hand, are the most common kind of gallstone there is. 80% of the times, patients are detected to have cholesterol stones. These stones are characterised with a yellowish green colour.

Causes leading to Gallstone:
Only when gallstones reach a particular size or an overwhelming number that they start blocking ducts, which in turn cause the pain. But what results in the formation of these gallstones? There are a number of things that can lead to the formation of these stone like formations in your gallbladder. Some of these reasons include-

  • Increase in weight
  • A non-efficiently functioning gallbladder
  • Following a wrong diet
  • Over consumption of cholesterol rich food
  • Genes, and most commonly
  • Bile

While these are the common causes for bile stones, the most common causes of pigment stones are certain kinds of medical conditions, such as- sickle cell anaemia or other blood diseases and cirrhosis of the liver.

Ayurvedic cures for Gallstones:
According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas, namely the Kapha, pitta, and Vata, which lead to the formation of gallstones. Opting for Ayurvedic treatment helps you eliminate the requirement of harsh allopathic medication or for that matter surgery. The three major point covered by Ayurvedic treatment for gallstones include- modification in diet, herbal and all natural Ayurvedic medication and detoxification.

Ayurvedic gallstone treatment includes detoxification, herbal medications and diet modifications. A common therapy is a liver flush, which can include olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Citrus fruits, vitamin C, tumeric and ginger may assist with reducing cholesterol in the gallbladder to prevent its buildup. You can also place a castor oil pack over the gallbladder area to purportedly alleviate pain and inflammation, improve circulation and promote healing of damaged tissues.

Naturopathic Treatment for Gallstones:
Gallstone treatment requires altering carbohyderate and lipid metabolism of the entire body, especially of the liver. This will mostly involve changing the foods you eat, as well as adding specific supplements to encourage particular biochemical paths in the body. The details of this process consist of three major categories of actions.

  1. Normalize bile composition leaving the liver
  2. Dissolve existing gallstones in the gallbladder
  3. Prevent the reabsorption of bile and cholesterol in the small intestine

Naturopathic treatment will start with a high-quality nutrition program made to reduce your body's tendency to produce excess cholesterol. It will also use a variety of nutritional supplements to break up fat deposits in the liver. Still other agents, both herbs and supplements, can dissolve existing gallstones. The exact details will vary from one individual to another depending on your medical history. As always in Naturopathic Medicine, the treatment program is customized to you and your individual situation. 

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