Gall Bladder Cancer - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment!

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Gall Bladder Cancer - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment!

Gall Bladder is a pear-shaped organ on the right side of the abdomen below the liver. It holds bile and other digestive fluid coming from the liver. Cancer in the gall bladder is generally not detectable and get noticed in later advanced stages.
Gall Bladder cancer is very uncommon and if detected in the early stage, it may be curable for the patient. Since the signs and symptoms of gallbladder cancer are not specific and are general in nature.

Symptoms of Gall Bladder Cancer-
Symptoms of Gall Bladder cancer are general in nature:

Abdominal pain
● Abdominal bloating
Weight loss
Jaundice eyes

Causes of Gall Bladder Cancer-
The cause of Gall Bladder Cancer is still unknown. Generally, doctors see that the cells in the Gall Bladder multiply and form a tumor. These cells multiply without control and do not die. Most of the Gall Bladder Cancer starts with the production of numerous number undying glandular cells in the inner surface of gallbladder. The cancer cells only appear when observed under the microscope.

The diagnosis of gall bladder cancer is comprehensive and requires a series of blood test and organ imaging techniques. The doctors proceed with a blood test to evaluate liver functions. They also scan the abdomen and liver with CT scanning or MRI to understand the presence of a tumor or mass in the body. The imaging technique helps the doctors to determine the position of cancer
in the gallbladder and extent to which it has affected other parts of the body. Since gallbladder cancer is found in the later stages of development, there are chances that it has extended to other parts of the body by the time it has been discovered. Once the oncologists determine that the patient has gallbladder cancer, they learn its stage and whether it has affected other parts as well.
For this, doctors perform some special tests and procedures to understand the condition of cancer.

The gallbladder cancer surgery at an early stage is done to remove gallbladder and parts of the liver that are getting affecting due to cancer. The surgery to remove gallbladder from the body is called Cholecystectomy. It is the most common type of surgery performed for removing the cancer of the gallbladder.
If cancer has spread to other parts, it is required to remove those parts as well. Doctors may remove some parts of the liver and bile ducts so that cancer does not spread in the later years of life.
However, if the cancer is detected in the late stage, then the doctors proceed with other types of treatments which involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and various other kinds of clinical trials.

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