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Uroflometry Test

Uroflometry Test

Doctors use uroflowmetry to test the amount of urine voided during urination. It also measures the speed of urination. The test is called a uroflow test. It can helps doctor identify the causes of certain urinary difficulties. The doctor may recommend a uroflow test if patient have slow urination, a weak urine stream, or difficulty urinating. They may also use it to test his sphincter muscle. The sphincter muscle is a circular muscle that closes tightly around the bladder opening. It helps to prevent urine leakage. Results from the test can help his doctor determine how well patient bladder and sphincter are functioning.

Patient need to give a urine sample. It may seem awkward or uncomfortable, but she shouldn’t experience any physical discomfort during the test. Be sure to arrive at doctor’s office with a full bladder. Patient should drink plenty of liquids to make sure she have enough urine for the test. Tell doctor if patient’s pregnant or think she may be. She should also tell her doctor about all medicines, herbs, vitamins, and any supplements you’re taking. Certain medications can interfere with bladder function.

Measures the flow and force of urine stream during urination. Used to diagnose symptoms such as pain during urination or urinary incontinence. Uroflowmetry can help with assessment of bladder and sphincter function.

Unlike traditional urine tests in which patient urinate into a cup, she’ll need to urinate into a funnel-shaped device or a special toilet for the uroflow test. An electronic uroflowmeter hooked up to the funnel or toilet measures the speed and quantity of urination. She must not urinate until the machine is turned on. The uroflowmeter calculates the amount of urine patient pass, the flow rate in milliliters per second, and the length of time it takes to empty your bladder completely. It will record this information on a chart. The uroflowmeter can record any differences from the norm to help patient’s doctor make a diagnosis. When she’s finished urinating, the machine will report her results. Patient’s doctor will then discuss the findings with her. Depending on her specific case, she may need to perform the urine test on several consecutive days.

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