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Fluid in the chest Health Feed

I got pleural effusion in my lungs half a year ago and the pleural fluid was removed but I have recently repeated the x ray and I have pleural thickening .can I be allowed to work in dubai. Am 29 years.

Yes you can work anywhere, after healing pleura thickens, but comes to normal by its own. You have to do deep breathig exercises to recover early.
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Is pericardial effusion leads to cancer? Im under medical treatment for tb pericardial effusion. Some says pericardial effusion is symptoms of lungs cancer.

In few cases pericardial effusion can be because of cancer but that is much less common compared to tuberculosis.
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I have pleural effusion, tuberculosis without cough, I am taking medicine since 4 days, can I go near children under age 5 years.

Thanks. Pleural effusion from TB are normally non contagious as long as there is no pulmonary TB. It is still recommended to maintain caution till 2 weeks into ATT.
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