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Aesthetic Dermatology - How It Can Benefit You In Different Ways?

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Aesthetic Dermatology - How It Can Benefit You In Different Ways?

Aesthetic dermatology is another word for cosmetic dermatology. This branch of science aims to work on the way a person looks. It involves procedures that can rid you of pimples, acne, skin pigmentation, birthmark or may be a mole. It is often argued that aesthetic surgery can't be called medical because it in no way deals in disorders or diseases, that is to say it doesn't treat root causes. 

However, constant discoveries and research in the field of cosmetic surgery have shown how greatly they can treat skin problems and can improve your physical appearance. Aesthetic surgery mainly focuses on facial skin. It is wrong to think only film personalities or media professionals go in for these modes of treatment. Many people, who feel inadequate because of their looks, opt for these procedures. Aesthetic surgery is indeed a boon for they relieve you of psychological pressure.       

Different ways in which it helps you:

  1. Treats chronic skin conditions and surface blackheads: Blue light therapy successfully fights bacteria, thus preventing the growth of acne. It has also been used to get rid of eczema, which is a discomforting condition with serious symptoms like irritable and itchy skin. Comedo extraction is possible through chemical peels. Chemical peels can work wonders with a patchy, discolored skin and facial blackheads. 
  2. Fat injections and liposuction: So many people wish to have full lips. This is possible with the help of fat injections. Injecting collagen or fat deposits, having extracted them from some other part of your body, can give you fuller lips. Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat from your body further making your skin look taut. 
  3. Treats Spider veins: Does your face resemble a leaf with bluish purple veins showing? If yes, you probably have spider veins. Spider veins can be cured with the help of laser treatment. Exposure to laser can repair capillary breakages while it makes the veins regain their original size.
  4. It can remedy hair loss: Uncontrollable hair loss is depressing for both men and women. Clinical studies have found out injecting plasma, rich in platelets, into the scalp can accelerate hair growth
  5. It helps in decreasing pore size: Botox is a tried and tested way to reduce the size of your skin pores. As you age, increased pore size leads to a dull skin. Botox can help you look young.
  6. A reliable cure for cellulite: Fibrous bands often show on the skin of your hands, thighs and neck. It creates a dimpling effect that makes you look saggy and fat. Cellfina is a procedure in aesthetic dermatology, capable of treating cellulite.
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