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Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation - Are They Interlinked?

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Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation - Are They Interlinked?

Link between Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve a penetrable erection while premature ejaculation is a man's inability to take control of his ejaculations during or before sexual intercourse. These conditions are two of the most common sexual dysfunctions observed among men. The prevalence of these two conditions can be found among all socioeconomic groups and among men of varying ages.

The incidence of premature ejaculation is higher and hence more common among both young and old men. Studies show that an estimated 40% of men suffer from the condition of premature ejaculation. On the other end, research also reveals that erectile dysfunction is associated with advancing age though a host of other factors like diabetes, kidney and heart diseases and certain medications can also be responsible.

How are these two conditions actually related?

It is found that in most men who have been primarily diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, the secondary concern has been premature ejaculation. The reason for both the problems is more or less the inadequate flow of blood to the penis required for a penetrable erection.

Moreover, in some cases, it was found that premature ejaculation occurred when a person was diagnosed with both mild and acute erectile dysfunction. In a similar manner, it was found that among men who suffered from ED and required constant stimulation to maintain a penetrable erection found out the instances of occurrence of premature ejaculation was high.

In some cases, it was found that the chief cause of erectile dysfunction was premature ejaculation. Because of these reasons, the two conditions are often found to co-exist and overlap one another.

In cases where both the conditions exist, treatment for ED is recommended to be sought first.

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Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back?

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Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back?

Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back

Cures for impotence took a great leap forward when the impotence drug Viagra was introduced. The pharmaceutical drugs industry thought that drugs like Viagra was the only solution to beat erection issues. There have also been strides recently in a range of other cures for impotence too, ranging from erection herbs, the use of certain super foods and special penile exercises. It is a fact that natural treatments have been successfully treating erection issues for thousands of years. Erection drugs can come with many unwanted side effects. Alternative impotence cures can clear up the problem and improve your overall health at the same time.

Impotence, called erectile dysfunction or (ED) is common to men all over the world and can happen at any age in life and is treatable at any age. This embarrassing issue for men refers to a man's difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Most men will agree that having an erection is not only essential for sex, but also forms a key part of their confidence, self esteem and general male identity and emotional health.

What Are The Causes Of Impotence?

Erection problems arise from two main causes, psychological or physical causes. Knowing exactly what is causing the issue is the best way to treat this condition. Research has shown that 90 per cent of impotence issues are physically related. The most common cause is clogged arteries in the penis. It is easy to imagine your arteries like a garden hose pipe. When water runs through a hose, the pipe will become hard. The same principal applies to the penis as an erection will occur when sufficient blood fills the pipes leading to it. When there is restricted blood flow impotence in men will occur. This can be caused by high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol. Certain medications can also be the reason.

The other 10 per cent make up psychological factors especially among younger men. These include stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and low self esteem.

Cures For Impotence

A lot of men want to know what to do to get their erections back when they are unable to achieve them or keep losing them. There is a range of cures that can provide some excellent results to help men to get their erections back naturally. If the problem is physical, there are several treatment options including:

1. Oral pills 
2. Impotence oils and lotions 
3. Impotence devices 
4. Surgery 
5. Natural remedies

Natural Cures Help Bring Erections Back Without Using Pills

When Viagra and other pill products were made available it did seem like the answer to men's prayers. Unfortunately men today have found out that in curing one problem, it can create others. Whilst they can make sex possible for some an increasing number of men are experiencing severe unwanted side effects. Women are also unhappy with the effect these little blue pills are having on their relationships.

However there are a range of ways to treat impotence with natural cures. The first step is to look for a cause. If your impotence is physical it is necessary to address the root causes of this. Quite often the culprit is lack of sufficient nutrients and weak circulation. Nearly always, men can get their erections back with a change of diet and lifestyle. This is the reason why 'wonder drugs' are never going to solve erection issues in the long-run as they are a quick fix and will never treat the root cause of the problem.

If your problem is emotional usually linked to anxiety or stress then it is possible for men to get their erections back with some simple relaxation and breathing techniques. Men with impotence problems are advised to confront the issue sooner rather than later as leaving things will only make matters worse in the long run.

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Treatment For ED That Will Improve Your Erections

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Treatment For ED That Will Improve Your Erections

Treatment For ED That Will Improve Your Erections

ED or erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects the sexual life of many couples. So as not to compromise the relationship, you need to know the treatment for ED that will allow you to experience true bliss and pleasures in bed.

Seeking Doctor's Help

The doctor needs to determine which factors are actually causing the erection problem so that he can prescribe the best treatment. Aside from the causes of ED, the doctor will also assess how severe the problem is. The doctor can also explain to you what advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option is and will recommend to you an ideal treatment option according to your or your partner's preferences.

Oral Drugs

Medications administered orally may be prescribed by the health expert such as Sildenafil or Viagra, Tadalafil or Cialis and Vardenafil or Staxyn/Levitra. All three work similarly with one another. They can enhance nitric oxide effects on the body. Nitric oxide is a natural chemical produced by the body that helps penis muscles to relax. This will result to more blood flowing into the organ and achieve erection as response to a sexual stimulant.

They usually have varied dosages, amount of time to take effect and what possible adverse effects might occur. Your personal condition will be assessed by the doctor in order to choose which medication is most suitable for you. Some of the expected side effects from taking these medications include nasal congestion, flushing, stomach upset, visual changes and headache. It is possible these medications will not immediately take effect so you have to work closely with the doctor to find the right drug and the correct dosage.

Only take these drugs with the doctor's approval because not all men are fit to take them. High risks are involved if: you are taking nitrate drugs(nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate) that are usually prescribed for angina or chest pains; you are taking an anticoagulant or blood-thinning drug, hypertension drug or alpha blockers (to ease prostate enlargement); you have heart failure or heart disease; had stroke; you have hypotension or too low blood pressure or hypertension (high blood pressure) out of control; you have diabetes.

Alprostadil self-injection

In this treatment option, fine needles will be injected to introduce alprostadil at the side or base of the male organ. Sometimes, the injection would also include drugs for other disorders like phentolamine, alprostadil and papaverine. The erection produced after the injection will typically last for an hour. Minor pains will be felt because the needles used are very fine. Possible side effects include fibrous tissue formation, prolonged erection and slight bleeding.

Alprostadil penis suppository

A tiny suppository will be placed inside the penile urethra. A special applicator will be used to insert the suppository. Erections, which will last 30-60 minutes, will start around five minutes after the insertion. Adverse effects may include minor bleeding, pain and fibrous tissue formation.

Testosterone Replacement

If the ED is caused by low testosterone levels, then the doctor will prescribe testosterone replacement.

Pumps/Surgery Or Implants

If medications are not applicable due to certain reasons, you will be recommended to use other modes of treatment like pumps. A pump is a vacuum erection device; a hollow cylinder powered either by hand or battery and is placed above the penis. The pump will suck out air from the cylinder to create a vacuum that will pull more blood into the penis to cause erection.

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How Natural Remedies Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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How Natural Remedies Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man finds it difficult to maintain an erection during a sexual performance. Over 50% of the overall population above the age of 75 suffers from this condition. This might occur from a lack of sexual desire or from a person suffering from conditions, such as fatigue, anxiety and stress. Excessive consumption of alcohol also leads to erectile dysfunction. Some standard treatments related to erectile dysfunction include implants, vacuum pumps, surgery and natural treatments.

What leads to erectile dysfunction?
An erection involves the participation of nerves, brain, blood vessels, muscles, etc.Erectile dysfunctionscan be caused by obesity, diabetes, tobacco consumption, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, problems involving the prostate gland, etc. A study showed that more than 60% of the people who are over dependent on alcohol tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Why a visit to the doctor is necessary?
Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of completely unrelated diseases or health problems. It is necessary to know the underlying cause of the symptoms of this condition. Some common treatments suggested by doctors are losing weight, exercising, and curbing the intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Doctors often prescribe medicines such as Viagra and Levitra, but that might come with side effects such as headaches, nasal congestion and dizziness.

Natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction

  1. Dehydroepiandrosterone: Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA hormone is produced by the adrenal gland. Our body has the capability to convert this hormone into both estrogen and progesterone. The dietary supplement of DHEA is prepared from soy and yam. A study conducted in Massachusettsin the year 1999 showed that consumption of DHEA supplements can greatly improve this condition within six months.
  2. Consumption of L-arginine: L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid present in the body. It increases the rate of nitric acid in the body which in turn relaxes the blood vessels and facilitates a successful erection. A study conducted by the NIH in 1999 confirmed that the intake L-arginine on a daily basis significantly helps in treating erectile dysfunctions . L-arginine can also be taken with pycnogenol to get quick results.
  3. Kavach Beej: Beneefits of Kavach Beej include the remedies for fatigue, tiredness, lack of sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction. This herb has a catchy name, but it is also very potent as a sexual libido enhancing herb, improving both low testosterone and returning the thyroid bodily hormone to normal, improving sex. 
  4. ShilajitShilajit is used as the important part of many Indian Ayurvedic remedies for the sexual health of Men. Shilajit is famous and popular for being effective in the treatment of numerous diseases, health conditions and disorders. Shilajit is generally considered to be very useful and most effective in the treatments of problems related to sexual health.
  5. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has been used since 2000 years to treat erectile dysfunction in Indian Medicine in some traditional and folk remedies. It boosts libido and increases longetivity. Ashwagandha reduces stress level, so benefits to improve the stamina. 
  6. Safed Musali: Safed musli, a very potent ayurvedic aphrodisiac herb, has been proven to be extremely beneficial in treating low libido and erectile dysfunction. Safed musli is also an excellent remedy for several other male conditions, including infertility, oligospermia or low sperm count, premature ejaculation, and physical weakness. It has the ability to increase your sperm count and semen motility, and thereby improves your fertility
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Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Ayurveda!

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Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Ayurveda!

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder that develops in men. This disorder is characterized by the inability to get an erection during intercourse. A person who fails to maintain an erection during sexual activities is also a sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction. This condition is commonly known as impotency.

Physical intimacy plays a very important role in the relationship between a man and a woman. And, sexual frustration owing to such a disorder can strain the relationship. Some of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, alcoholism, smoking, obesity, heart problems, metabolic disorders and high cholesterol. Many people do not prefer to seek the assistance of traditional medicines in treating this disorder, due to their side effects. However, Ayurvedic treatment has no side effects and it is very effective in treating this adversity.

Indian Ginseng, which is commonly known as Ashwagandha, is an herb that is known to treat erectile dysfunction. Stress is one of the leading causes behind infertility in men. This herb, which can be taken in capsule or powdered form, reduces stress. This is a natural ingredient that also keeps the male hormones like testosterone in balance. By optimizing those hormones that cause erection in the first place, Ashwagandha cures impotency.

Satawari, the scientific name of which is Asparagus racemosus, is an herb that increases sperm count in men. The root of this plant is used to control nerves, thereby decreasing the amount of stress. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, this herb also works as an aphrodisiac and acts a stimulant.

Vajikarana, is one of the eight categories of Ayurvedic treatment and it offers a comprehensive treatment of sexual disorders. Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa is aimed at improving sexual prowess in men and women.

Safed Musli, is one such herb that enhances sperm count. Ayurvedic practitioners usually advice a patient to consume 2 grams of safed musli every day for best results. One can either have it in capsule form or powdered form.

Cassia Cinnamon is another aphrodisiac that can be used to treat a man with erectile dysfunction. It is different from the more common powdered cinnamon. So it is better if you buy the cassia cinnamon extract from a trusted Ayurvedic shop. Also talk to your doctor about the dosage of this medicine.

Many people feel shy while addressing this problem. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a medical problem that can affect anyone. Therefore, avail professional help today if you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Sexual Health Problems - Ways To Treat Them!

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Sexual Health Problems - Ways To Treat Them!

A sexual dysfunction or sexual health problem is an issue that may occur at any period of the sexual cycle. Sexual issues affect both, men and women.

Sexual dysfunction in men can be a consequence of a physical or mental issues, including stress.

The problems men may encounter include:

  1. Erectile dysfunction (ED): ED can be a cause of medications, for example, diabetes or hypertension, or by anxiety about engaging in sexual relations. Dejection, weariness, and anxiety can add to it.
  2. Ejaculation issues: These include untimely (discharge that happens too soon during intercourse) and the powerlessness to discharge by any means. The causes include medicines, like antidepressants, nervousness about sex, a past filled with sexual injury and trauma, (for example, an accomplice being unfaithful), and guilt.
  3. Low libido: Mental issues like anxiety and tension about engaging in sexual relations can prompt a diminished or no sexual craving. Diminished hormone levels (especially if testosterone is low), physical ailments, and pharmaceutical symptoms can lessen the testosterone.

In many cases, sexual dysfunction in women might include:

  1. Vaginal dryness: This can lead to issues with excitement and craving, as sex can be painful when the vagina is not lubricated. Vaginal dryness can come about because of hormonal changes that happen during and after menopause or while breastfeeding, for instance. Mental issues, similar to tension about sex, can also cause vaginal dryness.
  2. Low drive: Absence of sexual yearning can be created by lower levels of the hormone estrogen. Exhaustion, misery, and tension prompts low charisma.
  3. Trouble achieving orgasm: Failure to have an orgasm can influence both men and women. Once more, some stimulant drugs can likewise bring about a solution for these issues.
  4. Pain during sex: Known as vulvodynia or vulvar vestibulitis, and even vaginismus, these conditions can bring about spasms that lead to pain during intercourse.

If you are encountering sexual health problems, raise your worries with your specialist. You can regularly redress your issue by:

  1.  Getting the best possible treatment of any hidden therapeutic condition
  2. Speaking with your partner transparently about your sexual relationship
  3. Keeping away from liquor, smoking, and medication use
  4. Overseeing anxiety, uneasiness, and gloom
  5. If you think you are suffering from any other ailment, discuss with your specialist about therapy that can help you in such a case.
  6. Restorative treatment: This includes treatment of any physical issue that might add to a man's sexual problems.
  7. Drugs: Medications, for example, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra, or Viagra may enhance erectile capacity in men by improving the blood stream to the penis.
  8. Mental treatment: Therapy with a prepared advisor can help address sentiments of uneasiness, apprehension, or blame.
  9. Education about sex and sexual practices and reactions may also help.
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Blue Balls - Male Myth Or True Story?

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Blue Balls - Male Myth Or True Story?

Blue Balls - Male Myth or True Story?

Many men complain of being sore or uncomfortable if they have a prolonged erection that does not result in ejaculation. Known by the slang term, "blue balls" some men may have used this condition as an excuse to take try to take a night of intimacy to the next level. But is it real, or just a product of a man's imagination? Could blue balls be a real penis health concern for a man, or do they merely pose a threat to his ego that he didn't get the job done, so to speak? Find out now.

Are blue balls real?

Well, it seems men are telling the truth about this one after all. Blue balls are a real condition that occur when a man has been physiologically aroused for a long period of time. During the course of male arousal, blood rushes to the area, creating engorgement; this is what leads to that rock hard erection every man desires. Blood also flows more freely to the testicle region causing them to swell up; when a man reaches climax, the pressure dissipates and the blood quickly exits the region, allowing things to return to normal. Sadly, when there is too much arousal and not enough release, the blood has to exit the area much more slowly, leaving him in an aroused and super sensitive state of being - particularly in his balls.

Why are they called blue balls?

While they do not resemble blueberries during this time, some men's berries do actually take on a hint of blue. The blood that is being stored in the man's sac is not receiving the normal allotment of oxygen - which is what keeps blood nice and red - thus, it can take on a bluish hue. This may be more obvious on men with light colored skin or a shaved sac.

Are they dangerous?

Absolutely not. While a man may try to persuade his partner to help him out and relieve the discomfort, there is no negative side effect to blue balls. While it may not be his first option, if worse comes to worse, a man can always take matters into his own hands to achieve the release he is craving. Masturbation provides the same end result as sex, though it may be slightly less fun.

Do women get blue balls too?

Here is an interesting turn of events that may help some women out - if their partner is ever the one saying, "Not tonight dear." Women can feel discomfort, in the same manner as men, from increased blood flow to the genital region without the release. So it seems, gentlemen are not the only ones to suffer from not hitting a homerun. The name of the condition is not as agreed upon in women, but it has gone by the terms pink belly, pink balls, and violet vulva to name a few.

Can blue balls be prevented?

There are 2 sure fire ways to prevent blue balls: 1) ejaculate 2) do not become aroused. While the second option doesn't sound like much fun, the first option is one way to prevent blue balls after a night of messing around with one's partner minus the big bang. Even if a man - or woman - should find themselves feeling that uncomfortable itch that they just can't scratch, the discomfort should subside on its own in 15-20 minutes, so long as there is a break from all forms of stimulation. Perhaps a cold shower will even speed that time frame up!

Caring for the Penis

While blue balls are an inconvenience, luckily there is no indication they harm the penis or scrotum. Even still, it is important to maintain daily penis care to prevent other unwanted and potentially painful penis ailments. Using a vitamin-enriched penis health formula (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help keep the penis in full working condition. Selecting a penis cream with Acetyl L Carnitine as an ingredient may even enhance the sensitivity of the penis by improving nerve functioning, which could improve one's enjoyment during sexual activity.

Conquering Erection Problems - 7 Reasons It Might Not Be Erectile Dysfunction After All

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Conquering Erection Problems - 7 Reasons It Might Not Be Erectile Dysfunction After All

Conquering Erection Problems - 7 Reasons It Might Not Be Erectile Dysfunction After All

Erection problems are often seen as a problem for older men, but the truth is that men of any age can experience a less-than-stellar performance from time to time. While a bedroom flop might seem like a reason for panic, men who have only occasional bouts of erectile loss may want to look at some other aspects of their lifestyle. Some non-ED causes of erectile problems are detailed below, along with some simple suggestions for improved penis health.

7 Non-ED causes of erection problems:

Erection problems are not always related to erectile dysfunction per se. Other factors related to a man's physical and emotional health can lead to temporary issues in the bedroom, including:

1. Alcohol use - While a drink or two can help to break the ice and move things toward the bedroom more quickly, overdoing it can have an unintended and unfortunate effect. Alcohol is a depressant, or downer, and one of the victims of the "downer" effect is the ability to become erect. Men who have romantic intentions for the evening should keep their consumption to no more than 2 drinks in order to avoid an embarrassing end to an evening.

2. Smoking - Smoking wreaks havoc on the body in numerous ways, including hardening and narrowing the blood vessels, interfering with neural activity and reducing a man's stamina. Crushing out the butts is a proactive step toward overall better health, not to mention improved sexual ability.

3. Stress - The pressures of maintaining a job, caring for a family, studying for exams, or anything else that keeps a man up at night can cause chemical stress reactions that tend to interfere with erectile ability. Reducing stress or finding better ways to cope can help to improve a man's ability to react to stimulation.

4. Poor circulation - Reduced circulation to the penis, whether due to excess body fat, reduced heart function, or just sitting at a desk for too long can restrict blood flow and result in at least temporary reduction in erectile action.

5. Depression - Depression and other emotional or mood disorders can manifest as loss of erectile ability; on the flip side, loss of erectile function can actually lead to depression. In either case, treating the depression with counseling and/or medication may help.

6. Relationship issues - Whether faced with partner conflict or just an old relationship in which the sex just doesn't feel new and exciting any more, a man who is not feeling comfortable with his mate may not feel aroused every time the occasion calls for it. Couples counseling - or even a change in partners - might provide the answer in this case.

7. Medications - Finally, certain prescription medications can lead to loss of function; when medications are in the mix, talking to a doctor about an alternative may help to resolve the issue.

When erectile dysfunction may be diagnosed

Of course, there is always the potential that there is a more serious underlying health problem that is responsible for impotence issues, and in this case, ED may really be at stake. Erectile dysfunction may be diagnosed when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete intercourse more than 25% of the time, or when he fails to experience night time erections. In this case, treating the health problem appropriately is an important step in restoring normal function.

Keeping the penis in game-ready condition

It goes without saying that being ready for sex means not only being able to get it up, but also feeling confident; and in order to feel confident, a man needs to believe that he is sexy and appealing. Some overall attention to grooming can help to take care of this issue - a shower, change of clothes and a shave can go a long way toward making a man feel attractive.

When it comes time to drop trou, a guy needs to be assured that his equipment is also ready for action - with smooth skin, no rough spots or blemishes, and most of all, no unpleasant, mushroomy odors. Adding a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) fortified with targeted male nutrients and all-natural moisturizers is a good way to ensure that the skin is in top condition. Nutrients like vitamin A, for instance, can help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, while amino acids like L-arginine can promote the skin's responsiveness to tactile stimulation. On top of these, a natural moisturizer - like Shea butter, olive oil, or jojoba oil, can keep the skin looking smooth and supple, giving it a pleasant appearance.

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Peyronie's Disease - Common Signs Associated With It!

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Peyronie's Disease - Common Signs Associated With It!

Peyronie's disease is a type of Erectile Dysfunction. For men with this condition, an erection can be quite painful. This is caused by scar tissue or plaque that collects inside the penis and makes the penis bend upwards or to one side when erect. In most cases men with this disease can still have intercourse though it may be painful.

The exact cause for scar tissue to collect in the penis is not known. Researchers believe that it may be triggered by a traumatic accident that causes bleeding within the penis. You may not realize the extent of injury at the time of the accident. Genes have also been held responsible in some cases. Peyronie's disease is more common in middle aged men than young men but this condition is not a normal part of the aging process.

Symptoms of this disease may appear gradually or appear suddenly. Some of the common symptoms associated with it are:

  • Shortened penis: The disease can make the penis appear shorter than before.

Mild cases of this disease rarely need treatment and it rectifies itself on its own. For more severe cases of the disease, a doctor may prescribe medication or suggest surgery. Medication is used to break down the plaque in the penis causing the bend. It works by addressing the buildup of collagen in the plaque. This medication is usually given via injections into the area of the penis affected.

If medication does not work, surgery is the next option. Surgery is usually prescribed only for men who cannot have sex because of the disease. There are two types of surgeries that can be performed.

  1. Removal of plaque and inserting a tissue graft in its place
  2. The tissue of the penis on the opposite side of the scarring is removed. This may make the penis smaller.

In rare cases where a man has Peyronie's disease and Erectile Dysfunction, the doctor may also suggest a penile prosthesis.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction can have psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and self-image.

The most important organic causes of impotence are cardiovascular disease and diabetes, neurological problems (for example, trauma from prostatectomy surgery), hormonal insufficiencies (hypogonadism) and drug side effects. Psychological impotence is where erection or penetration fails due to thoughts or feelings (psychological reasons) rather than physical impossibility; this is somewhat less frequent but can often be helped. In psychological impotence, there is a strong response to placebo treatment.

Besides treating the underlying causes such as potassium deficiency or arsenic contamination of drinking water, the first line treatment of erectile dysfunction consists of a trial of PDE5 inhibitor (such as sildenafil). In some cases, treatment can involve prostaglandin tablets in the urethra, injections into the penis, a penile prosthesis, a penis pump or vascular reconstructive surgery

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