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Top 10 Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction in Bangalore

Dr.Shamik Das 92% (268ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Kolkata

Dr. Nipun


17 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

As a renowned urologist, he has successfully assisted numerous patients with complex problems. As a paediatric urologist, andrologist, and urological surgeon, he also provides care in other therapeutic fields. Accidents, skin infections, irritants, or issues with the foreskin can all cause the condition in uncircumcised boys and men, which the doctor can treat surgically as well as medically. Problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the ones in which he has immense experience.

As part of the treatment, services like medications, injections, and therapies are offered. He earned his MBBS from JJMMC Davangere RGUHS Bangalore in 2005, giving him a prestigious education and a wealth of clinical experience.

Dr. Girish Nelivigi


29 Years Experience  ·  FREE at clinic

Years of dedication and outstanding work as a urologist have allowed him to redefine excellence. He also has extensive experience in other therapeutic specialties as a paediatric, urological, and andrologist surgeon. People with conditions like testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction are successfully treated by him with the best possible treatment.

When there is a problem with the male organ, like pain in the penis, there will also be challenges like discomfort while urinating, like a burning, tingling, or stinging sensation, for which the doctor provides care with the utmost expertise through various treatment facilities. He achieved academic success and graduated from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute in 1993 with his MBBS.

Dr. Chandrakanth


18 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He has extensive experience as a General Surgeon and is a talented and committed clinician. He is a specialist in a variety of medical fields, including paediatric urology, minimally invasive surgery, vascular surgery, andrology, and urology.

Penile issues can wreak havoc in your life which usually includes erectile dysfunction, blue balls, trouble while urinating, and feeling the need to go to the toilet frequently, even shortly after having used it for which doctor provides treatment through medicinal as well as interventional approach. He was able to achieve academic success and obtain his MBBS from MRMC Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Banglore in 2004.

Dr. Pramod Adiga


13 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He has revolutionised the standard of care for patients through his years of exemplary work as a skilled and devoted medical professional. He is a renowned urologist while also expertising in other treatment areas such as urological surgery, pediatric urology, and andrology. 

One of the most common problems in male sexual health is erectile dysfunction which is usually caused by lifestyle problems but requires proper treatment. It's also possible to experience pain in the penis if you have the sensation that your bladder isn't quite empty for which the doctor provides medicinal treatment using diuretics and muscle relaxants. He earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the medical field as an MBBS from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik in 2009.

Dr. Vineet Mannan

MBBS, MS- General Surgery

15 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He is one of the most skilled general surgeons and is known to be an expert in various fields like vascular surgery, minimal access surgery, urological surgery, pediatric urology, and andrology. 

When symptoms such as itchy skin on the penis, redness in the penis, and comparable irritation observed in other regions of the body are present, the doctor provides a medicinal approach by using steroids and antibiotics, and antifungal medications. He is considered an expert due to his higher education in the medical field in the form of an MBBS and MS in General Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

Dr. G R Manjunath


12 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He has treated ailments of the patients practicing in the areas as a urologist. He is also known to be an expert urological surgeon, pediatric urologist, and Andrologist too. The doctor provides treatment for Penis discomfort which can occur when there is an erection that lasts for at least four hours which includes muscle relaxants and steroidal creams. 

It's also possible to experience pain in the penis if you have the sensation that your bladder isn’t empty for which the doctor may provide diuretics and muscle relaxants. He acquired his prestigious education in the form of an MBBS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2010.

Dr. Sanjit Gogoi

MBBS, MS , General Surgery, MRCS, Minimal Access and General Surgery

14 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

Using his expertise as a doctor, he has helped local residents with a variety of medical Issues. He specialised as a general surgeon while also treating in other treatment areas as a vascular surgeon, Minimal Access Surgery specialist, urological surgeon pediatric urologist, and also an andrologist. Penis pain can occur because of a number of factors, including when the penis has a tender tip, but the shaft itself is somewhat tough for which doctor gives medical as well as surgical therapeutic facilities. In addition to that, he provided the highest quality of treatment possible for this issue. 

He excelled academically and received his MBBS from Manipal College of Medical science, Pokhara in 2008, MS in General Surgery from MVJ Medical College (RGUHS) in 2015, MRCS (Edinburgh) in 2016, and Minimal Access and General Surgery from Manipal Hospital, HAL, Bangalore in 2020.

Dr. Mohan Ram


16 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He is a talented and dedicated clinician treating patients as a general surgeon. He has helped many patients suffering from a variety of penile problems. He also has expertise in other treatment areas such as vascular surgery, minimal access surgery, urological surgery, pediatric urology, and andrology. 

Pain in the penis can be brought on by a variety of factors, including trauma, infections or irritations of the skin, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases for which the doctor offers treatment in various forms. He achieved academic success and obtained his MBBS from Rajarajeshwari Medical College & Hospital in 2006, MS from PES Institute of Medical Sciences & Research in 2014, and FIAGES from the Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endosurgeons in 2018. 

Dr. Om Pramod Kumar Raja


18 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He is a respected general surgeon having a number of patients treated with complex Penile issues. He earned his expertise in a variety of fields such as vascular surgery, minimal access surgery, urological surgery, pediatric urology, and andrology. He diagnoses and treats a wide range of difficult illnesses using a multidisciplinary approach.

If you are not circumcised, you may have balanitis, an inflammation at the head of the penis. It is often caused by poor foreskin hygiene which doctor advises and deals through a conservative medical approach. He received his clinical education in the form of MBBS from International Medical & Technological University, Tanzania, MS from Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, PGDHA from Apollo Hospitals, and DIMHS from the Association of Professional Psychologists, Chennai. He is an accomplished member of ASI, IAGES, and IMA.

Dr. Sricharan R

MBBS, MS, FIAGES, basic laparoscopy

8 Years Experience · FREE at clinic

He is a renowned urologist who also possesses expertise in the field of vascular surgery, minimal access surgery, urological surgery, pediatric urology, andrology, and interventional radiology. Penis discomfort is quite common, however, it might be awkward to discuss due to its prevalence but they usually do not heal on their own. 

One of the complex penile diseases is Peyronie's disease for which the doctor provides the utmost care to the patients. Injections can be used to break up the plaques that cause Peyronie's disease. He earned his prestigious education as MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and research institute, Bangalore, MS from Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, and FIAGES (Basic Laparoscopy) from AIIMS. He holds professional memberships in ASI, AMASI, and IAGES.

10 Things That Will Make Your Penis Shrink In Size

General Surgeon,
10 Things That Will Make Your Penis Shrink In Size

Sexology experts and researchers around the world have been discussing a lot for ages about what makes the penis shrink. There is speculation that certain medical conditions might cause it. There are even suggestions that it might be owing to some kind of change in blood flow to the penis. Furthermore, this article will look at the things that can cause penis shrinkage, including changes in blood fluid, medical conditions, as well as devices such as a penis ring.

There can be several distinctive causes of penis shrinkage, which is a decrease in penis size. At times, the shrinkage is everlasting or permanent, whereas at other times, it stems from a treatable condition or lifestyle habits. The most common causes of penis shrinkage include diabetes, obesity, smoking, and taking certain medications, among others. A dip in testosterone levels in a person’s body may also cause shrinkage at times. Certain conditions, such as Peyronie's disease, can also result in penis shrinkage after a certain time.

Let us read this article to its last word and try to understand what really makes the penis shrink and how we can prevent it from happening. Go through the following points very carefully if you think you are also facing this issue:

1.   Dehydration and Stress:

Penis shrinkage is a significant reduction in penis size. It is mainly caused by reduced blood flow to a man’s penis. The causes of penis shrinkage can be many, ranging from dehydration to psychological stress. Though the size of your penis is not considered a medical condition, shrinkage may put you at risk of losing your self-esteem in a relationship. So, if you think you are someone who is always stressed out or dehydrated, these might be the reasons behind your shrinkage. So, in order to make your sex life better, you need to learn to manage your stress and keep yourself hydrated.

2.   Your Age:

Aging is a natural process and a part of life. As we get older, we face various issues like weaker muscles, weaker bones, and even weaker erections. You’ll be glad to learn that it is quite normal to see these changes taking place as you age. There are people who can also face erectile dysfunction or penis shrinkage with increasing age. So, aging can also be a cause of penis shrinkage in some people. However, it should not keep you awake at night over-thinking as it’s mostly not a cause for concern.

3.   Are You Turning Obese?

Gaining unhealthy body weight or being obese can cause your penis to shrink and can affect your sex life negatively. Anything that is affecting your sex life will, of course, affect the relationship between you and your romantic partner. So, if you want your phallus to never shrink or become smaller, you should always try to maintain a healthy body weight.

4.   Peyronie's Disease:

It can be a very painful medical condition that can even have negative effects on your sex life. It can cause your penis to shrink or become crooked. While Peyronie's disease can be treated, it may take some time to get better. If you think you have Peyronie's disease, you must consult your healthcare provider or sexologist as soon as possible.

5.   Certain Medications:

A recent study has found that certain medications, if taken in the wrong dosage, can cause your penis to shrink and make your sex life unpleasant. The study suggested that finasteride, which is used to treat male pattern hair loss, which most men experience at some point in their lives, is found to have similar side effects on the penis. You should also note that this study was conducted on rat models, which we all know are not human beings. All in all, we just want you to always beware of the side effects of any medicine or drug you take.

6.   Smoking:

For whatever reasons, men think that smoking is a great idea and encourage it among their peers. The fact is that smoking can cause all sorts of health problems, many of which are not immediately known. Many men are now finding it hard to be orgasmic with their partners. This is because smoking has allegedly caused their penises to shrink. A recent study conducted in the United States suggests that smoking cigarettes can have a serious effect on a man's penis size and sexual health. So, if you think smoking makes you cool or anything, you are mistaken beyond the shadow of a doubt.

7.   Depression and Anxiety:

Depression and anxiety have been linked with heart problems, migraines, constipation, and an inability to have sex. Apart from this, a team of researchers at the University of Washington has recently found that men who suffer from depression or anxiety might also shrink their penises. But, the good news is that it can be corrected through therapy, medication, or even a penis enlargement procedure.

8.   Prostate surgery:

This kind of surgery can be a life-saving procedure that can treat or prevent prostate cancer. However, it can also have a long-term impact on a patient's sexual life and urinary functions. Many men are not aware of these potential complications and the fact that prostate surgery can reduce the size of their penis due to shrinkage.

9.   Antidepressants or Antihypertensives:

Do you take a drug that inhibits PDE-5? Well, if yes, then I have bad news. If you are taking a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction, antidepressants, or antihypertensives, you might have caused your penis to shrink. And if it is not shrinking, then what you might be experiencing is decreased sensitivity or sexual desire. So, you must try to find some harmless alternatives to these drugs as soon as possible.

10.  It’s Never Masturbation:

One of the common myths attached to masturbation is that it causes your penis to shrink. It must be noted that there is no scientific or medical evidence to prove that it is actually true. Although this myth has been around for a long time, it is nothing but just a myth and has no truth to it.


Did you know that the Buteyko breathing technique is one of the most effective ways to cure erectile dysfunction and also improve your overall sexual health? Although there are many ways to treat ED, buteyko breathing is a natural, easy way to treat this health condition. The simple breathing technique has been shown to cure ED as well as increase the size of your penis. Furthermore, in the end, we just hope that you found all that knowledge useful, and we believe you will keep coming back to us for more and more information and assistance.

Old Age Erectile Dysfunction!

Dr.Pahun 95% (30184ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jaipur
Old Age Erectile Dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the inability to attain and maintain an erection for long enough to be sexually satisfied. There are many causes for erectile dysfunction. One of the factors that increase a person’s risk of experiencing this condition is advancing age. In a survey that was conducted, for this reason, 40% of men said that they experienced erectile dysfunction for the first time between the age of 60 and 69 years. On the other hand, only 2% of the respondents had experienced this condition before the age of 40 years. The good news is that there are a number of things you could do to control your risk of erectile dysfunction.

  • Lose Weight - Obesity is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Hence, if you are overweight, pay attention to your diet and portion size. This can help you lose weight and keep you from experiencing erectile dysfunction later in life. Losing weight also helps reduce the risk of associated conditions such as diabetes that in turn can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise - Exercise is an important part of weight management. However, this is not the only way it benefits a person. According to some studies, men who exercised for at least 3 hours every week had a 30% lower risk of having erection troubles as compared to men who led a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise boosts blood circulation and ensures that nutrients are transported to all parts of the body. Aim at exercising for at least one hour every day. No matter what your age may be, simple non-intensive workouts such as walking, cycling, swimming etc. are great for your body.
  • Find better ways to deal with stress - Stress is another contributing factor to this condition. Thus, it is one of the reasons why you should find ways to deal with stress effectively. Try starting your day with meditation or yoga. Learn to identify stress triggers so that you can avoid such situations or prepare yourself for them. Deep breathing techniques such as Pranayama are very effective in reducing stress. Alternatively, go for a short walk when you feel stressed out.
  • Quit smoking - Smoking not only affects your lungs but also affects your reproductive organs. This is because smoking damages your blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood being circulated to the reproductive organs. Thus, if you want to avoid having erectile dysfunction when you’re older, quit smoking today. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction!

Dr.Shikhar Tripathi (Homoeopath) 95% (125042ratings)
BSc, BHMS-Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine &Surgery , Clinical Training & Case Management
Homeopathy Doctor, Lucknow
Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction!

Hello every one, there are various homoeopathic remedies that you can use to treat your e/d to get instant and effective results. So that you can enjoy your happy sex life with pleasure and satisfaction. Here are few remedies that will improve your sex power

For e/d of more than 5 years you can use medorhinum200/3doses.

For e/d of less than 5 year you can use lyco200/3 doses

For e/d of few months you can use nux vom200/3 doses.

And further please give your full complain history. I will see it!

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Erectile Dysfunction - An Overview!

Dr.Kapil Arora 88% (777ratings)
Sexologist, Kota
Erectile Dysfunction - An Overview!

Sex is one of the important elements in achieving a happy relationship between any couple. But, there are instances when a person lacks sex drive, and it causes bitterness in the relationship. As far as a male is concerned, sexual arousal also called as erectile dysfunction is one of the major causes that affect the sexual relationship. But, you can remedy this situation by consulting your doctor. 

The process of sexual arousal - The process of sexual arousal is a complicated procedure wherein the central nervous system plays a very dominant role. The arousal can happen because of visual simulation, smell and touch. In such a situation, the message is immediately transmitted to the central nervous system. Once the message is received at the central nervous system, certain chemicals get released from the nerve ending in the penis. Now, blood secretes into the erection bodies of the penis which in turn cause sexual arousal also called as erectile. 

When one or more of the above processes is blocked or get disrupted, the result is Erectile Dysfunction. This issue can be further discussed as follows: 

  • In this busy world, many males suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. At the same time, there are several causes that affect sexual arousal in the case of males. The causes could be classified as psychological and physiological. Some of the psychological problems are depression, anxiety, stress and problem with the relationship.  
  • As far as physiological problems are concerned, obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorder, Hemachromatosis (high iron in the blood), Scleroderma (hardening of the skin), vascular diseases are some causes that affect Erectile Dysfunction. In addition to this, imbalance in the hormones either in Thyroid, testosterone or prolactin can also result in Erectile 

Dysfunction. This imbalance can be caused because of an either overactive or underactive thyroid or other related glands. 

Effects -
Erectile Dysfunction can increase the level of anxiety and stress. It can affect the self-esteem of the individual.  Unsatisfactory sex life can also cause bitterness between the couples. 

Remedial measures -
There are remedies to the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Once you notice the problem, you should consult your doctor. There are several medicines that can help in reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, there are also several medicines to tackle issues like Hemochromatosis or Scleroderma. In addition to this, the doctor may also suggest a suitable diet and change in your lifestyle. The doctor may suggest exercises, Yoga or meditation that can help you deal with problems like obesity, blood pressure, stress and anxiety. The ideal approach would be to consult your physician at the earliest.

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Erectile Dysfunction - Myths Debunked!

Dr.Ashwin Nirmal 89% (526ratings)
B. A. M. S., M. D., Ph. D.
Sexologist, Jamnagar
Erectile Dysfunction - Myths Debunked!

Most men, at some point in time, experience a condition, known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Erectile Dysfunction is a condition, whereby the person concerned is unable to get an erection. Even if he gets one, he fails to keep it. Erectile Dysfunction often goes untreated because most men find the condition embarrassing enough to be discussed.  This lack of awareness has given rise to many unreasonable and illogical myths and misconceptions.

Myths and misconceptions about ED that needs to be busted

Erectile Dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, timely medication can greatly improve the condition. For proper awareness, it is necessary to get the facts right.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is nothing serious, self-medication will help
Fact: Really? Your grey matter must be working overtime to bless you with such amazing ideas. Erectile Dysfunction, at times, can be an indication of something as big and serious as Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Hypertension or Atherosclerosis. Reason enough to shed your inhibitions and consult a physician at the earliest.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is an old age problem
Fact: These illogical misconceptions will do you no good. Get this baseless myth out of your system. Though Erectile Dysfunction is common amongst the older folks, the younger lot are not spared either. Erectile Dysfunction can affect men of all age groups.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction can be due to a cold partner, who fails to attract and excite you
Fact:  Lack of interest in your partner seldom results in Erectile Dysfunction. There can be many underlying factors that can interfere with the erection. Certain medications, depression, obesity or lifestyle habits (smoking and street drug abuse) can affect one's performance greatly.

Myth: Any erection problem is Erection Dysfunction
Fact: This myth is as absurd and irrational as the saying; all tumours are benign. Before drawing any conclusion, it is important to get to the root cause. A person going through an intense emotional turmoil or stress might not get an erection. There will be days when a man will not be able to keep an erection. There is nothing to raise a hue and cry over it. It is just a phase and will pass off soon.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction results in low or no libido at all
Fact: In males, low libido often results from a significant drop in the testosterone level. It is an outcome of the hormonal changes taking place within the body. Erectile Dysfunction has little to do with low libido.

Sure, that's why sexual education & guidance from a reputed medical officer is the most important factor in today's generation before getting married or having sexual relationship with two persons. As per the sexual medical experts, every city in every country must arrange seminars on this subject at least three times per anum by any government, social clubs and health centres for everyone to prevent sexual disorders, crimes and unlucky deaths.

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Erectile Dysfunction - Effective Homeopathic Medicines For Treatment!

Dr.Naveen Kumar Boggarapu 92% (505ratings)
PG- Fellowship in Homeopathic Dermatology, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Homeopathy Doctor, Hyderabad
Erectile Dysfunction - Effective Homeopathic Medicines For Treatment!

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder in males that refers the incapability to ‘get’ or ‘maintain’ an erection for intercourse. Many people refer to this condition as impotence. Some of the common symptoms are:
1. Difficulty in achieving an erection.
2. Inability to perform in bed as the person ejaculates way before orgasm and is not able to maintain an erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction usually include:
1. Stress
2. Relationship Issues
3. Obesity
4. Fatigue
5. Performance anxiety
6. Excessive consumption of alcohol
7. Diabetes
8. Enlarged prostate gland

Homeopathy offers a number of treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is a popular system of medicine that follows a holistic approach without any side effect. Homeopathy targets the underlying causes that lead to sexual incapacities in men and addresses the problem from its root.

  1. Nux Vomica: Prescription of Nux Vomica is done by homeopathic specialists for treating mild cases of erectile dysfunction. Nux Vomica can help in providing a boost to your sex life by addressing sexual dysfunctions that are caused due to work pressure and lack of rest.
  2. Caladium: Addiction can play a major role in hampering your sex life. In most cases, bad habits often cause sexual weakness in men. Consumption of tobacco should be counteracted with the intake of Caladium so the issue of erectile dysfunction is addressed. This medication is helpful for people who are easily aroused, even after oral sex or foreplay. Caladium is also known for treating apparent impotency caused due to acute psychological stress.
  3. SeleniumPatients who need Selenium are usually unable to fulfil their sexual desires due to slow or weak erections. Fatigue is commonly experienced after sex. Some symptoms addressed by Selenium include passage of seminal fluid that is involuntary which occurs during urination and sleep.
  4. Lycopodium: Being a widely popular homeopathic medication, Lycopodium can be used to address erectile dysfunction in young adults that results from frequent masturbation. Lycopodium can be used to address issues of erectile dysfunction that results from indiscriminate sexual activities.
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Ayurveda For All Sexual Problems!

Dr.Bhupinder Singh Arora 92% (163ratings)
MD- Ayurveda
Sexologist, Amritsar
Ayurveda For All Sexual Problems!

Sexual problems are something that can be born due to physical ailments, stress, anxiety and even relationship problems where intimacy and the culmination of the various phases of sexual activity from stimulation to excitement and peak, cannot be possible in a satisfactory manner. So what are the routine sexual problems recognized and treated as per Ayurveda? Read on to know more.

- Erectile Dysfunction: This condition is also known as impotence and it usually occurs when male patients cannot muster up and retain an erection for long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse. This problem can be fixed with various herbs and condiments including Sanda Oil massage on the testicles and nearby areas in order to increase the blood flow. Also, one can have ginger, honey, drumsticks, milk and other such ingredients for better achievement and retention of an erection for a prolonged period of time during sexual intercourse.

Sanda oil is not available in its pure form and simple branding of this name is not useful. Sanda is a wild reptile which was boiled in ancient times and fats are taken out to make Sanda oil. This is not possible nowadays. Instead, various 'Tilas' (penis massage oils) prepared by valuable herbs and vegetable oils such as Seasame oil should be used. Tila using Mall (purified arsenic) and egg are also effective. Preparation and use should be as per instructions in classical Ayurveda. Tila is selected as per history, present condition and duration of pt. the specific problem, by Ayurveda doctor.

OTC or advertisement products are generic products which do not benefit all. Post application directions are also important otherwise there may be an adverse effect of Tila application

- Premature Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is a condition when the male patient may face ejaculation as soon as the intercourse begins, or upon insertion. This happens in an unplanned way and is a sudden occurrence that usually puts a damper on the sexual mood and activity. In Ayurveda, there are various herbs including Ashwagandha and a variety of oil massages that can help in treating this problem.

- Sexual Weakness: Sexual weakness is a condition when the female or the male patient may not have the energy to go through with sexual intercourse and may even complain of pain during intercourse. This problem is especially common among women and may be caused due to fatigue, stress or even low pelvic strength following childbirth or miscarriage. The best way to treat this issue is with the help of proper counseling and therapy that will help in introducing Yogic poses that can strengthen the pelvic area so as to have better sexual strength.

- Infertility: This problem may be found in both men and women. Ashwagandha, Basantkusumakar Ras, Shilajeet and Labub Kabir are some of the herbs and concoctions that can help in increasing virility and the chances of conception by creating better sperm quality and quantity, as well as more effective ovulation.

Most of the sexual problems in Ayurveda are recognized as factors that arise from stress and anxiety. These are recognized as temporary issues that can be fixed with the help of a proper routine of eating, resting and exercising, as well as a healthy diet where the patient stays away from smoking, excessive drinking as well as drug abuse. Before taking any herbal medicines, one will have to consult the doctor and find out about side effects for patients suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and others.

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Diabetes - How Can Homeopathy Administer It?

Dr.Swati 89% (190ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi
Diabetes - How Can Homeopathy Administer It?

Diabetes is a medical condition which occurs when the levels of blood glucose increase within your body. While you need blood glucose as a fuel for all the things that your body does, an excess of it causes diabetes and can be very harmful to your body. It can damage vital organs, blood vessels and other functions which may ultimately lead to death. In fact, diabetes-related complications are one of the leading causes of death around the world.

Complications due to diabetes:

  1. Foot complications: Ulcers and neuropathy is caused due to diabetes. This sometimes leads to the amputation of the leg.
  2. Eye complications: Diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma is caused by diabetes.
  3. Stoke: If blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure are not controlled in time, strokes can occur.
  4. Erectile dysfunctionMale impotence or erectile dysfunction can be caused due to diabetes.
  5. Infections: If you have diabetes, the risk of developing infections increases.

Hearing loss and gum diseases- People who have diabetes are prone to developing gum diseases and hearing loss.

Homeopathic remedies to control diabetes:

  1. Abroma Augusta: This is the most common and effective homeopathic medicine which is used to cure extreme weakness and weight loss due to diabetes. Some side effects of this medicine can be dryness of the mouth and increased thirst. Sometimes appetite and frequency of urination also increases. People with diabetes who have a hard time sleeping, can consume Abroma Augusta as it can cure this problem, and make you sleep properly.
  2. Phosphorous: This is very effective for treating Diabetes. People who have diabetes can also have a weak and distorted vision. Consumption of phosphorous helps to improve vision and treat weakness.
  3. Gymnema Sylvestre: Diabetes can cause weight loss, exhaustion, and weakness. Gymnema Sylvestre improves the overall health of a diabetic patient. This medicine helps to feel more energetic and also stops unwanted and unnatural levels of weight loss.
  4. Syzygium jambolanum: This is another one of the most commonly prescribed medications for diabetes and is one of the most effective in combating high sugar levels. It also helps to control the most common and irritating symptoms such as excessive thirst and frequent urination.
  5. Phosphoric acid: Diabetes may make you feel extremely tired and exhausted both mentally and physically. Phosphoric acid is an effective medication to energize you so that you can easily and quickly get back to your natural routine. It also helps get your memory back on track as diabetes can cause mental fatigue resulting in forgetfulness.
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Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction - Are They Related?

Dr.Naveen Kumar Boggarapu 92% (505ratings)
PG- Fellowship in Homeopathic Dermatology, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Homeopathy Doctor, Hyderabad
Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction - Are They Related?

Erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as impotence, refers to one’s inability to keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Although not much talked about, this condition afflicts nearly 50% of all men from different age groups and background.

Many people experience erectile dysfunction due to the following-

  1. Stress/anxiety
  2. Lifestyle choices
  3. Health conditions/diseases (hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc.)

Is there any link between Diabetes and ED?
Although Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes are two separate conditions, they go hand-in-hand. Men with diabetes are more likely to develop ED. Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level increases because of inadequate insulin production.

The link between ED and Diabetes is related to blood circulation and nervous system. Uncontrollable blood sugar level damages the nerve and blood vessels. Damage to your nerves, which control sexual response and stimulation, can disrupt a person’s ability to get an erection suitable enough for sexual intercourse.

Studies reveal that about 10% of men, who are diabetic, will develop erectile dysfunction within 5-10 years.

How does Homeopathy treat ED?

The origin of Homeopathy dates back to the 18th Century. Prepared from extracts of natural plants, animals and minerals, homeopathy medicines/remedies are used to treat and rectify underlying predispositions of ED. Homeopathic treatment aims to treat the individual as a whole, instead of targeting specific ailing parts of the body. It takes into account the symptoms of the condition along with the underlying causes, and one’s overall health. Thus, homeopathy treats the root cause of the problem. For instance, if diabetes is the cause of erectile dysfunction, homeopathic remedies/medicines will be given to control the blood sugar level.

Conventional methods for ED treatment often fail to address the actual cause behind the disease, and leave behind side effects after treatment. Here again, homeopathy stands apart. The most striking advantage of homeopathy over conventional treatment is that, it has zero side effects.

Erectile dysfunction can be distressing and embarrassing for most men. To get rid of the problem permanently, one needs to go for a treatment that will eliminate the disease from its root. Homeopathy is the best way of treating this condition.

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