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My sister is having right side temporal lobe epilepsy. Her seizures occur during periods due to hormonal change.

Dr. Ravindra Srivastava 87% (29 ratings)
Neurosurgeon, Greater Noida
Despite taking drugs antiepikeptics she has to change her lifestyle-avoid loud music, bright light, skipping meals, most important proper sleep of 7-8 hrs. Mostly seizures occurs due to lack of slrep stress anxiety etc.
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My baby is 1 month & 7 days old & he is suffering from seizures or conversion. I done all the needful reports like MRI. EEG. CT or BLOOD TEST. & all reports are normal but still he is suffering. So please consult me about this problem.

Dr. Ravindra Srivastava 87% (29 ratings)
Neurosurgeon, Greater Noida
My baby is 1 month & 7 days old & he is suffering from seizures or conversion. I done all the needful reports like MR...
Consultant paediatric neurologist to rule out metabolic cause of seizures which is very common in children.
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Hi I am 41 years of age, with JME, had a epileptic attack once and on medication of valparin chrono300 tab, twice daily, just wanted to know, is drinking allowed once in 15 to 20 days as I am a occasional drinker, and if yes, the tablet should be taken before or after, please advice, also for how many years this medication will be on. Please let me know.

Dr. Sajeev Kumar 94% (26629 ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Drinking is not advisable for you have occasional epilepsy and you are on medication which need to be taken for lifetime in some cases . Your EEG need to be seen to assess your case
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I am having JME and I am taking levetiracetam 250 mg from the last three years. My MRI and EEG were normal. It didn't happened again. So can I say that I am totally cured or I have to take the medicine for whole life?

Dr. N S S Gauri 94% (20818 ratings)
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Kanpur
ras raj ras 125 mg twice a day ashtamoorti avleh 10 gm twice a day relief in 4-5 days and for complete cure take it for 60 days only avoid spicy and oily food
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I am having JME and having levetiracetam 250 mg from the last three years. I did not get any seizure in these 3 years. For how long I have to continue my medicine? I got only one seizure before getting the treatment and my MRI and CT Scan reports were all normal.

Dr. Jayvirsinh Chauhan 94% (14006 ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
You should not stop your medicine without consulting your doctor. Otherwise it can reappear. You can consult me through lybrate for Homoeopathic treatment and further guidance
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My brother affected by seizures (fits) last month. His age is 4 years only. If the seizures come back and can I involving him some sports activities, if he doing sports it will affect him back?

Dr. Pulak Mukherjee 90% (5755 ratings)
Homeopath, Hooghly
Yes u should involved him in sports,,that will be beneficial,,with this u have to do proper homoeopathic treatment
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Know What Triggers Epilepsy!

Dr. Debabrata Chakraborty 89% (93 ratings)
DM - Neurology, Fellowship in Stroke Neurology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Neurologist, Kolkata
Know What Triggers Epilepsy!

The brain contains numerous nerve cells which help in its normal functioning. Epilepsy or seizures occur when there is a disruption in the activity of the nerve cells in the brain. A neurological disorder of the CNS (Central Nervous System), epilepsy can affect all and sundry, irrespective of their age, sex and ethnicity. However, children and aged people (above 60 years) are more susceptible to the condition. A study suggests approximately 10 million people in India suffer from epilepsy.

Types of Epilepsy
Based on the activity of the brain that causes an epileptic attack, Epilepsy can be of two types - Focal or Generalized
Focal Epilepsy: An epileptic attack triggered by unusual activities restricted to a particular area of the brain.

  • In some cases, focal epilepsy may result in unconsciousness. A person may also lose awareness and become unresponsive (keeps staring into space), a condition termed as Focal Dyscognitive Seizures. A person with this condition may behave strange, such as walking in circles, chewing or rubbing their hands.
  • In another type of focal epilepsy known as Focal seizures without loss of consciousness, a person does not lose consciousness. In such cases, there may be sudden and involuntary jerking of the arms or the legs. There may also be dizziness or a tingling sensation.

Generalized Epilepsy: Here, the seizures or epilepsy result from unusual activities throughout the brain. Generalized epilepsy, may, in turn, be of the following subtypes

  • Tonic seizures: This affects the muscles of the legs, arms, or the back, causing them to stiffen and tighten up.
  • Atonic seizures: Here, a person may suddenly fall down due to loss of muscle control. The condition is also known as Drop Seizures.
  • Absence seizures: Mostly affecting children, the affected person may lose awareness (temporary) and behave strangely such as staring into spacing, smacking their lips, or blinking their eyes continuously.
  • Clonic seizures: They are characterized by sudden and continuous jerking movements of the arms, face, and neck muscles.
  • Tonic-clonic seizures: Here, a person may suddenly lose consciousness. There are violent shaking and stiffening of the body. Some people may even be seen biting their tongue.
  • Myoclonic seizures: In this arms, and legs of a person suddenly twitches and jerks.

What triggers an Epilepsy?
Epilepsy may be an outcome of the following factors

  • Medical conditions such as stroke or even brain tumors may affect the normal activities of the brain, thereby resulting in epilepsy. Diseases such as Viral Encephalitis, AIDS or Meningitis act also act as a trigger, accelerating the chances of epilepsy.
  • Developmental disorders such as Neurofibromatosis or Autism can also trigger epilepsy.
  • In some cases, epilepsy may be a genetic predisposition. Thus, a person with a family history of epilepsy may suffer from the condition.
  • Epilepsy may also be an outcome of a prenatal brain injury due to oxygen deficiency or an infection to the mother.
  • People with dementia may also suffer from an epileptic attack.
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Hi sir,I am 36 years old, I have my first fits or seizure in sleep 18 years back. This happened when I lost my mother, before night I got severe headache like nerves pain, after three days I faced epileptic. Then onwards im facing two to 3 times in a year, and first medication I had enchoratechrono 300 mg for 3 yrs, due to relocation with a suggestion of another neurologist I had ZEPTOL CR 200 mg with missdosed some times and some days, in summer 3 months back I roamed a lot in hot sun, getting very tired night I had fits in sleep by 2 am then I gone for treatment ,i had videoEEG, MRI and got result everything negative ,no clots found ,but suggested according to my first medication VALPARIN OR VALPROL CR 300 MG, and all of the above I used to drink alcohol, recently I had seizure in day time that to a hurriness to avoid a car come over me, I felt vomiting sensation, anxiety and at last I tried to call somebody for help but unable to speak gradually I lost my consciousness and wake up after sometime ,i do not know what happened. So can you suggest me which medicine I have to follow, what type of epilepsy is mine focal or general. Thank you.

Dr. K V Anand 94% (24139 ratings)
BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. I can understand. Please don't be panic. I suggest you to consult a neurologist in person. We are here to help you in every aspect of your mental and physical health. Any sexual or psychological problems can be cured with the help of various methods and therapies. I suggest you to post your query with every detail here. We will help you in overcoming your problems certainly. Take care.
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Hi Doctor, My wife 20 years old. She having epilepsy and taking episeize tablet 1500 mg every day as per doctor prescription. We are planning to pregnancy and she having irregular period also and going to take fertility from DGO doctor. If taking fertility related tablet and episeize table both will affect seizures. Please suggest me what are things follow while taking episeize planning pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Dr. Jatin Soni 95% (39496 ratings)
General Physician, Mumbai
Firstly we should find the cause of the seizures with an MRI brain and medication will be adjusted through her neurologist and make sure that she takes tablet folvite 5 mg once a day.
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