Epidemic of Vitamin D3 Deficiency

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Symptoms and causes of Vitamin D3 deficiency

Hi, this is Dr.Umesh Alegaonkar from Thane, Sampada hospital and I am discussing the Current epidemics of D3 deficiency in the Indian Society. Huge epidemics and a huge number of patients are currently being diagnosed with vitamin D3 deficiency. First of all, Vitamin D3 deficiency is not so widely accepted by the practicing consultant. And more or fewer patients having the same symptom coming to the consulting are very less. But as we are diagnosing more and number of vitamin D3 cases we know the burden of vitamin D3 deficiency which the society is having. Patients usually come with weak bone pains, myalgia; there are usually complaints of morning stiffness, they experience huge pain in both their feet as they touch the ground early in the morning.

We also find irritability and changes in behavior, brittleness of skin, loss of hair, decreased appetite and apathy. All these are related sometimes, which by and large may be related to other illnesses also, systemic illnesses, I am talking about. But yes they only remain peculiar to the vitamin D3 deficiency. The main cause is dietary deficiency and even though the patient supplements himself with sufficient amount of vitamin D3 deficiency they don’t have adequate exposure to the sunlight in the morning hours, because the morning hours the skin really absorbs the sunrise and it helps the vitamin D3 to get converted into the liver and that’s how the calcium is absorbed from the intestine being actually utilized by the bone and it becomes stronger. Unavailability of the sun or under-exposure to the sunlight in the daytime is really a cause of concern we are currently facing because of the sedentary lifestyle of the patient, car to car type of a lifestyle with no exposure to the sun at all. This is a major cause I really think because of which there is an epidemic of vitamin D3 deficiency.

A simple measure is to expose yourself to the sunlight early in the morning, a good supplement of vitamin D3 diet is the actual issue where we can treat the vitamin D3 deficiency. Long term complications are usually seen. The patients have weak bone pain; they usually suffer from lumbar spinal arthritis and cervical spinal arthritis. They come with unusual fractures of the hips and the bone. The bones are usually osteopenic and osteoporotic and these symptoms are further aggravated in the case of a woman who is in a post-menopausal state. So currently I would……
Vitamin D3 deficiency is a highly, highly under-diagnosed issue in the medical fraternity.

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Vitamin D deficiency
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