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Folate (1) Test

Folate (1) Test

also known as: folic acid

Folate-1 or Folic acid test is mainly responsible to measure the exact amount of folic acid present in the blood of a person. Folate-1 or folic acid consists of essential vitamins responsible for the production of various healthy red blood cells and such cells deliver oxygen to different parts of a human body, because of which folate-1 is very much essential to maintain good health. Folic acid is of huge significance for a fetus normal development. If this is not enough, folic acid helps in growth of cells and tissues, while in the DNA creation to carry genetic information.

Before you should undergo for folate-1 test, you should intimate your doctor about any medicine or supplement you are taking, as a few of them may interfere with your test results. If doctor instructs you, it is essential for you to avoid specific liquids and food items for about 6 to 8 hours before the folic acid test. In order to get the best result, you should opt to fast for the night and take an early appointment for the test on the next morning.

Folic acid or folate-1 test is helpful for doctors and patients in the following ways- To check/identify the exact cause behind anemia problem To check the levels of vitamin B9 and B12 levels, as lack of the vitamin may cause anemia To detect malnutrition or problems absorbing the folic acid To make sure that the treatment given to a patient for the deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B9/B12 deficiencies are working properly. To see and make sure that a conceiving woman has folic acid in adequate amounts to avoid specific birth defects and simultaneously, help normal growth of her baby.

Folate-1 or folic acid test requires collection of a blood sample from the vein of a patient that remains on the inner part of his elbow. The detailed steps involves- Cleaning of the area usually elbow or arm by applying an antiseptic Wrap an elastic band across the upper part of the arm that helps in reducing the blood flow and thereby, respective veins to swell.

Once doctors find a vein, they insert the needle, which causes beginning of the collection of blood sample. Once the blood sample collection over, they remove the needle as well as place a cotton ball to stop bleeding, while cover the site by using a bandage. Finally, they send the blood sample to lab for further analysis.

red top tube container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Folate (1)
All age groups
Rs 1400- Rs 2500

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