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The Effects Of Tobacco In The Womb

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The Effects Of Tobacco In The Womb

The Effects Of Tobacco In The Womb

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What to Expect From Your Baby in the Womb?

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Mother and Child Care, Panchkula
What to Expect From Your Baby in the Womb?

Congratulations, that your Urine pregnancy test is positive and white stork will be visiting you soon! So it's your fourth week and you are advised an ultrasound in the coming week. With all the questions coming in your mind on what to expect from the ultrasound in regards to a normal pregnancy, I am here to help you month-wise. (Know more about dietary facts in pregnancy)

In the First Month (Learn more about First Trimester)

On ultrasound you will see the pregnancy sac and the doctor would describe the same as the womb-pregnancy sac. This highlights that the pregnancy is not ectopic (pregnancy outside the womb).Cheers! You will be called again a week or two later to see the further developments of the baby.

In the Second Month

On ultrasound you can now see a fetal node and the doctor makes you hear a typical galloping horse like sound-that's the fetal heart beat- the heart beat of your baby. You can also see a small ring like structure in the pregnancy sac which is yolk sac. It takes care in terms of nutrition until the placenta is formed

In the Third Month

You are asked to give your Dual test- a blood test which tests for hormones like B hcg and PAPP-A which indirectly indicate whether the baby has chromosomal abnormalities or risk of growth restriction later on. You will be told to have an 11-13 weeks scan .In this scan ,markers for chromosomal abnormalities like Nasal bone, Nuchal; translucency(fluid behind the neck) ,blood flow through the liver(Ductus venosus) , Tricuspid regurgitation along with Length of the baby and heart rate will be studied .During the ultrasound you will be shown the structure of the baby from head to toe. At the end you will be counselled whether you are a low risk or high risk for getting a baby with chromosomal abnormalities(especially Down Syndrome).

And if all is well you are called for the next scan at 5th month.

In the Fifth Month

This is the anomaly scan or Level 2 scan. You will notice your baby has grown significantly since you last saw. The doctor will see the structure of the baby including the brain and heart .The location of your placenta will also be reported. It you have a quadruple test/ triple test ,the results will be interpreted and explained.

If its a thumbs up, you are advised to follow up with your obstetrician and come for an ultrasound at 8th month if everything continues to be as expected.

In the Eighth Month

This scan checks the growth of the baby and the fluid around it. The medical experts check the blood flow through the essential structures like the brain,liver and umbilcal cor (fetal Dopplers ). The same is done to reassure you or decide further management. In some cases , this scan may be pre-pond starting at 7th month.

3D/4D Ultrasound

If along with the expertise, there is a high end ultrasound machine , you get a chance to see your baby moving/dancing/thumb-sucking in 4 dimensions. You and your hubby will surely fight over the nosy -its alike yours or your hubby's! And the experience is awesome and ever cherishing.

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Womb Steaming - How Does It Work?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Womb Steaming - How Does It Work?

Womb Steaming or Vaginal Steaming is used to maintain vaginal hygiene and regulate menstrual cycles and ease the pain caused by menstrual cramps. It also helps reduce bloating during menstruation.

How does it work?
Vaginal steaming is done by allowing herb-infused steam to be directed into the vagina. To begin with, you sit or squat over a container that contains the herb-infused steam. The anti-microbial herbs are allowed to steep in a basin of hot water for about a minute for the steam to infuse itself with their properties.

What are the benefits?
Vaginal steaming helps cleanse the vagina, uterus and the entire female reproductive tract. By keeping the genital tract hygienic, it helps relieve other medical conditions which include-

  1. Stress- The stress and anxiety induced by the hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle is relieved by vaginal steaming.
  2. Irregular Menstruation- Vaginal steaming can help regulate irregular and disrupted menstrual cycles which can otherwise have severe health effects.
  3. Profuse Menstrual Bleeding- It can help manage and decrease the blood flow during menstruation. It also helps reduce the brown and dark purple blood that appears at the end of the menstrual cycle.
  4. Fatigue- It helps reduce the bloating, discomfort and exhaustion that is associated with menstrual cycles.
  5. Vaginal Infections- Vaginal steaming can help reduce and prevent vaginal infections caused by different microbes.
  6. Post Pregnancy Tissue Repair- It helps heal and strengthen the reproductive organs after childbirth.
  7. Disorders of the uterus- vaginal steaming helps treat uterine fibroids, uterine weaknesses and prolapses. It also helps treat ovarian cysts.
  8. Hemorrhoids- Women might suffer from hemorrhoids as result of increased pressure on the veins in the anus during pregnancy and child birth. Vaginal steaming can assist in the healing of these hemorrhoids.

Vaginal steaming is an alternative natural treatment that aims to reduce the various conditions that might affect the health and hygiene of the reproductive region and organs of women. It especially helps relieve the discomfort and pain associated with the menstrual cycle. It helps improve blood circulation, and helps improve genital hygiene.

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Nature Heals

Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Kolkata
Nature Heals
There has been recent significant evidence that cranberry juice actually helps in the fight against tooth decay. A compound in the fruit blocks bacteria from sticking to the teeth, which inhibits the growth and build up of plaque.
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Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery(BAMS), Post Graduation Diploma in Emergency Medicines And Services(PGDEMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the best natural home remedy that is available at many medicine shop or grocery shops. Castor oil has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can be used in various other problems too. For using castor oil in fracture, dip a clean cotton cloth in castor oil and wrap it around that particular bone, cover the cloth with duct tape and leave for one or two nights. It will strengthen your bones and help to remove fracture.

Kalonji Or Black Caraway Seed

Kalonji can do wonders in fractures. Its high medicinal properties and contents make it very useful in almost all of minor health problems including fracture of bones. Kalonji contains zinc, iron, phosphorus and many compounds along with antibiotic qualities. For using kalonji for fracture, take kalonji or black caraway seeds oil and massage that particular area of bones two times a day for 10-12 days. You will feel better after using it.


Turmeric is another wonderful gift of nature to the mankind that can be extensively useful in various problems like skin infections, in injuries, various mouth related problem and in fracture too. It has various wonderful medicinal qualities like anti oxidant, antiseptic and anti inflammatory. For using turmeric in fractures, drink turmeric with milk at least twice a day to recover quickly. Another old method is make paste of turmeric and onion, make a poultice of this paste and put it on the affected part. You can also tie it with some plastic wraps for 1-2 days.

Tying With Wooden Piece

This is one of the methods that I myself have experienced. This looks simple but it is very effective, the only limitation is you can’t use it on every bones, it can only be applied on leg or hand. For using take a small wooden piece and tie it with cotton cloth or plastic on the affected bone area for 10- 12 hours.

Ice Pack

This method is also worth a try for bone fractures. It is very simple to use and can be very effective. For using put some eyes on a cotton cloth and apply slowly around the affected part for 5-10 mints, repeat this 4-5 times a day to see its effect
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Everything You Need To Know About Healing From A C-Section!

Gynaecologist, Noida
Everything You Need To Know About Healing From A C-Section!

After those nine months, the long waiting period gets over and the most exciting transition from a mommy-to-be, to a mommy finally begins. But then, things are not always as smooth as we expect, especially if you undergo a C-section to deliver your baby. It is indeed an overwhelming experience to hold your little one in your arms but you need to understand that a C-section surgery is a major abdominal surgery and you need to take precautions to recover from the surgery. The recovery period for the C-section delivery is much higher than the recovery period for the normal delivery.

Let us look at some ways for speedy recovery from C-section delivery:

  1. Relax: Taking proper rest will give your body the energy to recover from the surgery that you had undergone. Healing of the scar takes time and your post-partum body requires rest. But, taking proper rest is not as easy as it sounds when you have a new born baby to take care of, who needs a lot of attention and care. From feeding your baby at regular intervals to changing their nappies/diapers and making them sleep, all of it requires you to be on your toes. Make sure you always take some time out to rest and do not hesitate to take help from your spouse and family.
  2. Don’t put strain your body: Your body has just given birth to a baby and has undergone a major surgery; therefore, it is important that you give it time to heal. You should try not to get up too often, do not lift anything heavier than your baby, avoid sex until six weeks from the birth of your baby, hold your abdomen when you have to sneeze or cough to protect the incision site. Don’t start working out without your doctors’ green signal and don’t drive and take stairs, which might put a strain on your body.
  3. Take a good diet: Take plenty of healthy and nutritious food as your body still requires such a diet. Breastfeeding mothers need to understand that the sole source of nutrition for your baby is you. Include different vegetables and variety of healthy food to pass on nutrition to your little one. Take plenty of fluids, especially water as the fluid intake is necessary to increase breast milk supply. Including fibre rich diet will keep you away from issues, such as constipation, which is one of the most common issues that women face after having a baby.
  4. Medicines: Your doctor may prescribe you the medicines that you can take to reduce the pain and recover faster. The medicines prescribed would vary if you are breastfeeding and if you are not breastfeeding your baby, so taking up such issues become even more important for you and your baby.
  5. Take care of the Incision: Take proper care of the incision by keeping the wound clean and undisturbed for a faster recovery.

Don’t compare your recovery to someone else’s because the speed of recovery depends from person to person. Motherhood is an exciting phase of your life, so take care of yourself to have a speedy recovery and enjoy every moment of it.  Make memories and stay happy!

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Ayurveda - A Boon For The Child In The Womb

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Zirakpur

Ayurvedic medicine has advised step by step care of foetus via 'Garbhsanskar aushadhi.'

There are complete yogas (combos of medicine) dedicated to all round development of foetus by Ayurveda. As a general tonic every pregnant lady must take Sitopaladi + Prawal Pishti as per dose suggested by Vaidya/Ayurved doctor, to give strength to body and mind and to bring comparatively fairer skin to developing child. Efforts should be done to make Sitopaladi Chooran at home by buying original high quality Banslochan which is an important ingradient of Sitopaladi. Still need be Garbhchintamani Ras and Phalkalyan ghrit are another important tonics for child in the womb. Mother takes these harmless herbomineral 'yogas' for lifetime achievement of the child who becomes strong, beautiful and intelligent. Pl get advise from any ayurveda doctor before starting it.

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Garbha Sanskar - Learning In The Womb!

MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Jamnagar
Garbha Sanskar - Learning In The Womb!

So some of you are getting ready for honeymoon right !! some of you might be planning for second child, some of you might be thinking to start medicine for Infertility…So anyone thinking how our child should be like in future…wait don't think we are giving burden to our child before he arrives in this world.

What we mean by that is we need our child to be healthy, intelligent, fair complexion, disease-free, how this could happen in our child…does this all come in 1 package in our child !! (don’t laugh its true) Answer is yes…I will tell you few stories about this--

  1. In our ancient India, the story of Abhimanyu is well known in the Mahabharata. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, learned how to enter the Chakravyuha. when he was in his mother's womb. Abhimanyu had heard & learnt technique by Krishna to Subhadra during her pregnancy.
  2. When Prahlad’s mother was pregnant, she used to listen to devotional songs. Therefore, even though Prahlad took birth in a Rakshasa family, he became a devotee of Lord Vishnu.

So likewise we have an example of Lord Rama, Swami vivekanand etc. in front of us.

Now main point, Ancient Indian medicine has recommended need for the mental, spiritual and physical preparation of the mother before childbirth. Ayurveda describes preparation of the couple planning pregnancy, three months prior to conception.

Because pregnancy should be by choice, and not by chance. The beginning is by pinda shuddhi or the purification of the gametes (sperm and ovum). If the couple is not in a state of mental stability and calmness, even if they are physically fit, they cannot give birth to a healthy child. This mental calmness and stability ("Sathwa Guna") of mind is closely related to one's food habits and many other factors. Abstinence from spicy foods and addictive substances is advised.

Moreover, in this fast running lifestyle where food adulteration, pesticides in vegetables, pollution in air, Chemical & preservatives usage in all items makes our body, mind as well as the quality of sperm and ovum also less. To overcome the effect of all this negativity, we require building a strong positive environment so that our child gets protection before birth only.

So now how we can plan this Ayurveda Garbha Sanskar Programme

Ayurved Garbh Sanskar Program mainly consists of....

  1. Beej-Shuddhi by Panch Karma 
  2. Garbhadhan-Vidhi and Aahwaan
  3. Pusavan Samskar 
  4. Garbhini Paricharya

1. Beej-Shuddhi by Panch Karma:
Prior to conception, it's very important that the Matrubeej(Ovum) and Pitrubeej(Sperm) has no deformity and are pure in a biological sense. Impure or deformed Beej are responsible for hereditary deformity and improper concievation resulting in unhealthy or a baby with congenital deformities. In Ayurveda, Matrubeej and Pitrubeej are purified by means of an appropriate cleansing procedure called Panchkarma.

2. Garbhadhan-Vidhi and Aahwaan:
It’s the procedure of conception..where we need to form the environment for suitable to our child before doing Maithun (Intercourse) that we get child with fair complexion, healthy and devoid of bad environment effect. Like we decorate our house to welcome the new guest.

3. Pusavan Sanskar:
It is carried out after up to 3 months of conception. Pusavan Sanskar mainly is meant of good and healthy child birth after delivery. Due to that child gets more immunity, health and intellectual power.

4. Garbhini Paricharya:
There are guidelines for food and mental attitude to be maintained by a mother during pregnancy. As the fetus grows in the womb, it gets various organs and mental abilities called Indriyas and Mind with the course of time during the nine months of its stay in the womb at a very specific time which is well-described in the scriptures of Ayurveda which being supported by modern research also.

I think now you understand the concept of garbha sanskar and how its beneficial for our child’s future. So plan accordingly to give gift to your child prior to birth. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.

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Healing Spices in our Kitchen

Post Graduation In Applied Nutrition And Dietitics, diabetes educator, post graduate in exercise and nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Healing Spices in our Kitchen

Our immune system does a great job of keeping us healthy and preventing infections. However, we need to support it with the right foods so it works better and in turn helps us in the process.

Garlic – This grandmother’s ally has immense infection fighting ability. Being a natural detoxicant, unlike with antibiotics there are no side effects. It protects our body against bacterial and viral infections. The three powerful compounds (allicin, ajoene and thiosulfinates) contained in it helps the body prevent and fight infections.

Ginger – Spicing up your meals with ginger is a great way for boosting your immune system naturally. It helps to cleanse the lymphatic system and prevent the accumulation of toxins in our body organs. The quickest way to incorporate ginger in your diet is to add finely chopped ginger to boiled water, let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Strain out ginger and sip good health. Sprinkle dried ginger into any salad dressing or add finely chopped pieces to soups.

Turmeric – Curcumin, the active ingredient present in turmeric, is anti-viral and anti-fungal. Whenever you use turmeric, add black pepper also to the recipe. This will increase your body’s absorption of turmeric significantly.

Basil (Tulsi) – It contains a wide range of essential oils rich in phenolic compounds that gives it the immune boosting properties. It stimulates liver cells to increase the appetite. Also, gives relief from cirrhosis and other infections of the liver.

Oregano (dried ajwain) – Doesn’t that pizza or garlic bread always taste better when this Italian herb is sprinkled over them? At least, I love it that way! Rosmarinic acid, which is a strong antioxidant found in oregano supports immune system health. It also has compounds that inhibits inflammation. Studies have shown it to be beneficial for conditions including osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. You can garnish your omelettes with oregano. Oregano also goes great with sautéed mushrooms and onions too.

Barley – Loaded with beta-glucan which is a special fiber compound that has powerful antioxidant properties, you must consume this regularly. Barley water is known to be good for kidneys and also to treat arthritis and rheumatic diseases. It speeds wound healing and is thought to make antibiotics more effective. It reduces swelling in the body and helps cure Urinary tract infection.Boil barley until soft, strain the extract; add lemon or orange flavor and little bit of sugar if needed. You can refrigerate it and drink a glass daily.

Rebuild your immune system by adding these natural superfoods daily in rotation. Adding these disease-fighting punch is the secret to a healthy family.
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Depression - Healing the Blues

M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, M.Sc Psychology (Clinical), BA - Hons Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Depression - Healing the Blues

We all go through the ups and downs of our everyday lives. There are times when we feel we can achieve a lot, do wonders, make the most of our potential, and then there are days when we consider ourselves complete failures, feel down in the dumps, and nothing seems to be going our way. Such is life, and this variety and unpredictability is its beauty. Having a low mood, feeling sad or even “depressed” is actually different from clinical depression

According  to  the  ICD-10  Classification  of  Mental  and  Behavioural  Disorders,  clinical  depression  is marked  by  the following three cardinal symptoms lasting for a period of at least 2 weeks:-

  1.  Depressed mood
  2.   Loss of interest and enjoyment
  3.  Reduced energy leading to easy fatigability and diminished activity. 

In addition to this, other common symptoms could be  –  reduced concentration and attention, reduced confidence and self-esteem, ideas of guilt and unworthiness, bleak and pessimistic views of the future, disturbed sleep and appetite, and ideas of self-harm or suicide. 

Just like any other psychological illness, depression also could be due to a combination of bio-psycho-social factors. It is  a  very  common  illness  and  affects  1  in  every  3  persons  in  India  once  in  their  lifetime. Although  it  can  have  a recurring course, it is definitely treatable with anti -depressant medication, psychotherapy,  certain lifestyle changes  and Homoeopathy also . 

There are some things that you can do too to manage your mood.


  • Maintain a routine. A structured day keeps the uncertainties and stress to the minimal. Moreover, it makes sure efficient use of your time. 
  • Go for a walk or exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins, often called “happy hormones” which work as natural anti-depressants. 
  • Engage more often in your favourite activities, hobbies or things that give you happiness even if it seems futile. The general rule of thumb that works in depression is-  THE MORE YOU DO, THE MORE YOU FEEL LIKE DOING. So, don't wait for your mood to get better before you do things that you enjoy. 
  • Share your feelings and thoughts with people you are comfortable with. They might not be able to suggest a solution to your problem but you would feel much better. 
  • Feel free to consult a mental health professional like a Clinical Psychologist who understands the condition well and has acquired professional training in dealing with such problems. Psychotherapy is very effective in treating depression and can help you deal better with the situation. 

         "Do not believe the things you tell yourself when you are sad and alone"

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