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Digestion - How Homeopathy Can Aid it?

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Digestion - How Homeopathy Can Aid it?

Homeopathy has proven to be very successful in treating many digestive problems. However, certain warning signs should not be ignored. A timely medical diagnosis and opinion is important if the following occurs:
1. Vomiting
2. Sudden and severe abdominal pain
3. Abnormal loss of weight
4. Abnormality in normal bowel habits including constipation or persistent looseness

Some digestive problems and their remedies are discussed below:

  1. Heartburn: This is a burning sensation that results from acid from the stomach, being squirted into the food pipe. An elevating sensation is felt from the chest to the end of the throat. Consumption of some common food and drinks like caffeine, acidic juices, alcohol, chocolate or carbonated beverages can increase the secretion of acid in the stomach. Over dosage of medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen can also cause heartburn. Remedy: Calcarea carbonica is widely used for relieving chronic cases of heartburn that occur mostly in people who experience cramps in the stomach and intense heartburns. Lycopodium brings relief in cases where regurgitation and heartburn occurs after small snacks.
  2. Bloating: This is caused due to the presence of excess gas in the colon, small intestines or the stomach. It results from high stress levels, poor diets and daily need for medications. Remedy: Carbo vegetabilis (made from vegetable charcoal) is renowned for its capability to absorb toxins and along with Lycopodium, is recommended for digestive problems resulting from excess gas.
  3. Dyspepsia: This is an uncomfortable feeling or pain, which occurs in the upper abdominal regions which is caused due to improper consumption of food and is commonly referred to as indigestion. If the condition is prolonged, a doctor must be visited. Remedy: Anacardium is a remedy that is useful for people who experience frequent and periodic bouts of upper abdominal pain.The remedy Argentum nitricum is suggested for people who experience Dyspepsia along with nausea. This is a pain in the upper abdominal region along with retching of mucus. Another remedy for this condition is Nux Vomica. This is suggestedfor people who are usually restless.

Treating flatulence and dyspepsia that is experienced by people after consumption of starchy and fatty foods requires Natrum carbonicum. These people cannot consume milk and often have a number of food allergies. Phosphorus is recommended for people who vomit along with their dyspepsia even though they usually crave short term solutions, like cold drinks.

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