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I am a student 17 year old and approx last 1 year bleaching problem face any time. As in the morning no clear motion happen sometimes hard or sometime loose .So I contact to many doctors but not any solution occur. So lastly I am say that please give me a solution or medicine.

Dr. Col V C Goyal 94% (9898 ratings)
CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical Cardiology, MBBS
General Physician, Ghaziabad
Take 2/ 3 glass of warm water in the morning 2.Take little more water in the day 3.Eat more fruits and green vegetables 4.No fried/ spicy/ junk/ processed/ fast food, no maida products 5.No tea/ coffee/ cold drinks 6.No alcohol 7.Reduce wt 8.Daily morning walk for 30 mts 9.Deep breathing exercise for 10 mts daily 10. Fiber Foods that are high in insoluble fiber include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Try wheat bran, brown rice, or whole grain bread. Soluble fiber- Prunes and figs can be added to breakfast or eaten as a snac 12. Take a glass of hot milk with sugar at night before sleeping medicine can not be advised for open question for medicine contact on private chat.
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Today morning I had visited to our family doctor I can say he is the best doctor ever I seen. Non commercial, as I was having motion many times since two days. Before I could meet doctor I went for RBS check up in the lab, the readings showed 194. It was after me having my tea and breakfast of two plates avalki (puha. I took this report tour doctor he did not show much interest, I only forcibly asked doctor the reading, he just smiled and say you had too much of sweets in the feast. Ignored and gave me the tablets for my motion problem. What do you say about this readings Doctor kindly help me.

Dr. Arun Desai 92% (745 ratings)
BAMS, M.D.Alternative Medicines
Ayurveda, Belgaum
It's not RBS range it's PPBS range. I can understand your concern. Don't be panic. No need too worry. Sometimes because of excess sweet consumption serum glucose range may go high. Sometimes the report error i.e.technical error. But anyhow confirmation is important for both Doctor and patient. If everything is normal no need to worry. But anything abnormal needs attention. Early detection and early dignoisis is key factor. As your PPBS range is 194 (expected upto between 120-140). I suggest you to do these tests to just know 1.For diabetic confirmation Yes/No. 2.The future risk of diabetes. 3. Prediabetic stage. U can consult me on number Nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. Do these tests and send me the reports in your nearest standard diagnostics laboratory. TESTS Fasting Blood sugar Post prandial blood sugar HBA1c Test (Glycemic Control). God bless you Regards Dr. Arun Desai.
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Doctor sahib, I am suffering from chronic digestive problems since 30 years along with Sinus. Earlier it was constipation but later all type of digestive problems started. Later in 2002 I developed cholesterol problems. In 2010 BP and in 2015 prostate enlargement also. Since beginning tried all type of medicines. Allopathy Homeopathy Ayurvedic naturopathy and Yoga. Trying to take only prescribed food. I have been to Ramdeos Yogashram and Jindal naturopathy Institute Bangalore. Got done all types of tests. All factors are around limits but VIT D and B12 remains low in spite of taking medicines. Now taking medicines for BP, cholesterol and prostate as they have become compulsory to keep things under control. My digestive system has collapsed. Any type of medicine not working for digestive system. Hepatic Cysts are found in kidney and liver. Always loose type motion but constipated. Have to Take some hot beverage for making pressure. I don’t drink or smoke. Try to take good food but appetite is very low. With this I feel like half sleepy. No concentration. Feels on walking as may fall. Uneasy ness prevails. Nerves tightens. Even while sitting feels like collapsing. Shown many neurologist and ENT specialist but no use. If taking medicines for stomach, it becomes more loose. Intestines sometimes feel like weak from in side. Takes no milk spices and oil. Have to go for toilet 2 to 3 time in morning and once in evening. Sometimes in afternoon also. Can’t take more than one roti at breakfast lunch or dinner. Go for walking but due to feel like falling don’t go far. Please advice.

Dr. Shriganesh Diliprao Deshmukh 91% (2458 ratings)
International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Pune
Doctor sahib, I am suffering from chronic digestive problems since 30 years along with Sinus. Earlier it was constipa...
U need counselling which wil you give correct perception of transformation your problem for dat we have to take detail case taking So please follow below guidelines for you but overall Everything is not for you but overall Everything is not for you Its in general GUIDELINES FOR YOU Just for information.
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Jamun (Indian Blackberry) - 6 Facts You Must Know About It!

Dr. Ashwin Nirmal 89% (280 ratings)
Ayurveda, Jamnagar
Jamun (Indian Blackberry) - 6 Facts You Must Know About It!

Jamun is one of the most beneficial fruit for human health. It is also known by the name of black plum and is a summer fruit which is popular in every household. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda, celebrates the fruit of Jamun for the several benefits it offers, and a few are mentioned below:

  1. Beneficial for diabetic patients: Ayurveda recommends the diabetic patients to consume jamun. Research has proven that jamun has a lot of potential to e used in making drugs that would be a safer option. Another research has shown that a 30% decrease can be seen in the levels of blood sugar when jamun is consumed daily. Secondary complications that are known to occur because of diabetes are also reduced with the consumption of jamun. Excess thirst and frequent urination are also kept under control with jamun. Madhumehantak Churna is consumed by many diabetic patients which is an Ayurvedic product of jamun.
  2. Good for immune system and improving bone strength: Some healthy nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin C are present in high amounts in jamun. Because of the presence of these nutrients, it enhances the functioning of the immune system and strengthens your bones. Jamun is widely used in Ayurveda to relieve stress.
  3. Keeps you safe from heart diseases: Anthocyanidins, elegiac acid and anthocyanins are the compounds that are present in jamun. These compounds are well-known for their anti-inflammatory effect. Apart from that, they are also very good anti-oxidants. Thus, jamun helps in preventing cholesterol oxidation and formation of plaque that can increase your heart risks. Besides the benefits that are already mentioned, jamun is a rich source of potassium. We all know that potassium prevents hypertension and hypertension is a significant risk factor for those who are prone to heart diseases. It is said that in each 100g serving of jamun, the amount of potassium present is 55g.
  4. Useful in treating infections: The jamun fruit is not the only thing that is utilitarian. The other parts of the plant, that is, its seed, barks, and leaves, have their own health benefits too. One of those health benefits is treating infections. All these parts have the capability of treating infections. Compounds like malic acid, tannins, oxalic acid and gallic acid are present in jamun. These compounds are responsible for the antibacterial, gastroprotective and antimalarial properties of the plant.
  5. Aids in digestion and improves oral health: Since the ancient times, the jamun leaves have been used in Ayurveda and are known to be atisara that are known to prevent diarrhea. It is very useful against Krimi, that is, worm infestation. They are considered to be very helpful in treating gastric disorders like dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion and dyspepsia. They are also helpful for the gums and keep the teeth in good condition because of their anti-bacterial properties. Thus, jamun is a useful pachani.
  6. Other uses: Ayurvedic medicine using Jamun as an ingredient helps in combating menstrual disorders. Also, Ayurveda uses this fruit in many of its medicines to increase haemoglobin content. Also, Ayurveda suggests using the dried powder on the facial skin to increase the fairness and improve the skin texture.

With loads of health benefits, Jamun is considered to be one of the effective ingredients in many of the Ayurvedic medicines. Hence, consider consuming Jamuns every day to improve your health.

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My son is two years and seven months old. He is having stomach infection from last three days. Stool is very loose and fever is coming again n again. For loose motion I gave azee, econorm sachet, ors. It seems to be fine now. He has not pooped since yesterday but fever is coming again and again, though I am giving him dolo250 for fever. Until yesterday, fever did not crossed 100 but today it crossed 101. Kindly advise.

Dr. Debasish Pal 85% (47 ratings)
General Physician, Kolkata
My son is two years and seven months old. He is having stomach infection from last three days. Stool is very loose an...
I got your message through LYBRATE. Your son's fever may be caused by viral infection. Give him adequate fluids, and Paracetamol. If the fever persists, tests for enteric fever, other viral infection should be done, and advice taken.
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I am having loose motion. I have gone to toilet to 20-25 times .l am feeling very tired. I have pain in stomach. Please suggest something.

Bnchy Wellness Medispa 86% (513 ratings)
Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS), in yoga and naturopathy, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Ayurveda, Delhi
Hello Lybrate User, As per your stomach problem, consult with the Gastroenterology doctor. And you need to follow some tips: 1. Drink 2-3 litter water daily 2. Totally avoid spicy, oily and junk food 3. Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle 4. Do regular morning and evening exercise daily 5. Add fresh fruits and salad in your diet.
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Getting frequent motions after having food during motion every time. Want to know the reason.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Nashik
Hi lybrate-user, the symptom you have mentioned us associated with many diseases but mostly found in IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is called as Grahani in ayurveda. This symptom is associated with loss of appetite, fullness in stomach (bloating), lack of concentration in work etc. You just go to nearest consultant & get diagnosed.
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Hello, I have been having smotch cramps loose stools since 2 days. I am vomited twice yesterday after having food. What should I do?

Dr. Vishwas Virmani 93% (21711 ratings)
Physiotherapist, Noida
Chiropractic adjustment will help. Core Strengthening Exercises- Straight Leg Raised With Toes Turned Outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day.
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I am a gastic patient with in a day motion comes 4 ,5 times in a day and stomach becomes tied everyday in between 15 to 18 O.Clock.can you suggest any Cure for this.

Dr. Utsav Nandwana 92% (261 ratings)
General Physician, Udaipur
Stop spicy foods and start fibres in diet. Take some curd regularly. For medicinal support please consult me online on Lybrate.
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I had symptoms for 3 years but now it's daily and worsened since nov 17 when I was in tremendous stress and anxiety My symptoms since 9 months 1) First stool is Thick Formed/Half Solid Half Mushy/Semi Solid 2) then need to go many times, gets thinner, softer, fewer with each BM, worsens with stress, anxiety,need to go even 7-8 times in high stress, discomfort, cramps, gas,pain, burning, sometimes clear mucus and shiny, undigested food (If go 7-8 times) worsens if try masturbation, else only 1-2 BMs 3) If hold 1st till night, gets normal, darker and formed, then no issues 4) pale once followed by diarrhea in feb, never again, get yellow/light brown few times, bad smell from Apr to June, got diarrhea in June, Smell gone 5) Recently did Stool, Urine Blood test, Everything normal, No Blood, Mucus, Pus,Fat, Reducing substances, Undigested food, Normal Liver, Pancreatic, Vitamin levels, slightly higher ALP, RBC,Iron, Vit D Def, Everything else normal, No Nausea, Jaundice, Tiredness,Upper/Lower pain, Active & Eat everything.

Dr. K V Anand 97% (24087 ratings)
BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
I had symptoms for 3 years but now it's daily and worsened since nov 17 when I was in tremendous stress and anxiety M...
Dear user. I can understand. Please don't be panic. I suggest you to consult a psychiatrist in person. We are here to help you in every aspect of your mental and physical health. Any sexual or psychological problems can be cured with the help of various methods and therapies. I suggest you to post your query with every detail here. We will help you in overcoming your problems certainly. Take care.
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