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Diabetic Kidney Disease - How It Can Be Prevented?

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Diabetic Kidney Disease - How It Can Be Prevented?

What is diabetic kidney disease?
Diabetic nephropathy, also known as Diabetic Kidney Disease is a type of complication that occurs in people who are a victim to diabetes. That does not mean every individual with diabetes will have this disease, but if the necessary precautions are not taken, then it can lead to this disease. Diabetic Kidney Disease is characterised by excessive amounts of albumin as well as protein in the urine. In diabetics, certain chemicals in the kidneys shoot up and hamper the function of the glomeruli.

The glomeruli are the main units of kidneys that are responsible for the filtration. Diabetic kidney diseases result in the leakage of essential products like albumin and protein into the urine. When this happens, the protein levels in the blood reduce. If proper precautions are not taken and treatment is not done, then the disease may worsen and the condition will progress to ‘end-stage renal failure’.

How to avoid diabetic kidney disease?
The best way to treat diabetic kidney disease is to prevent it in the first place. Foremost, you should prevent the risk factors in order to avoid coming down with Diabetic Nephropathy. The risk factors include high blood pressure, high levels of blood sugar, dyslipidemia and smoking. Avoid excess of following 5S Sugar, Salt, smoke, stress and sedentary life.

Intensive control over blood sugar
According to certain clinical trials, maintaining and keeping a good control over your blood sugar levels drastically reduces the risk of developing diabetic kidney disease. If you are diabetic, make it a point to get your regular checkups and maintain your diet to prevent the levels of sugar in your blood to shoot up. Other things that you must keep in your mind are to take proper medication that has been prescribed to you. You must adhere to your treatment plans and follow the guidelines that have been given to you.

Intensive control over blood pressure
Hypertension is common in patients who are diabetic. Hypertension alone can result in end-organ damage due to excess pressure build up in the blood vessels. Hypertension associated with hyperglycaemia (diabetes) is a ticking bomb for your kidneys. Hence it is advised to keep your blood pressure under control as well to prevent diabetic kidney disease.

Diabetic nephropathy is not something that happens to every individual with diabetes, so if you follow the above simple tips, the chances of the same reduce, and thus the quality of your life goes up. Many diabetics will get kidney failure due to causes other than diabetes and that may be treatable.

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