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Diabetes Reversal & Prevention!

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Diabetes Reversal & Prevention!

India is the 2nd Diabetes capital of the world only next to China. India currently represents 49% of the world's diabetes burden with an estimated 7.2 crore cases in 2017 which is expected to increase to 13.4 crores by 2015. More than Diabetes, are the Prediabetes cases estimated to be roughly about 10% of the population. This is a huge burden on the health economics of the country.

Since Diabetes is associated with complications of heart, brain, liver, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels etc, it is imperative to control the sugars in order to prevent them. Currently, the treatment is limited to oral medications & insulin injections but no cure has been suggested. With this view in mind, an idea of Diabetes reversal & Prevention was born.

The major cause of Diabetes is Genetic or hereditary & the other most important cause is Obesity & erratic lifestyle. If we consider the genetic factor, then the chances of developing diabetes in the offspring is to the tune of 30-35% if one parent is diabetic. It increases to 80- 85% if both the parents are diabetic. Sadly, this is a nonmodifiable risk. But the modifiable risk is to improve the lifestyle & eating habits. With our fast paced life & increasing western influence on our traditional culture, we are becoming more & more susceptible to an epidemic of life style health disorders like Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Auto immune diseases like Thyroid problems, heart problems, etc.

With increasing spending power & easy access to food, our traditional insulin resistant body has given way to develop Obesity & Diabetes in alarming proportions. The normal traditional food has been replaced by fast foods & packaged foods with artificial colours, flavour, preservatives & refined white flour products. Add to it, our weak digestive system and it creates a perfect ground for developing Diabetes. Most of our Type 2 Diabetics have Insulin resistance. This means, the insulin in our body is not functioning properly. This creates a load on the pancreas to produce more & more insulin to maintain our blood sugar levels in the normal range. When this is no longer possible, Sugar rises & diabetes develops.

What is Diabetes reversal?

A unique programme devised by Dr. Kulin Shah. It addresses the unmet needs of a diabetic person. It dwells on the concept of Lifestyle modifications under medical supervision. The whole programme is customized to suit the needs of a diabetic person.

It involves many dedicated Diabetes consultations along with Diet & Exercise counselling spread over a period of 12 months along with continuous contact support for diabetes & related issues. A proper History taking & full examination followed by a complete screening for diabetes complications is carried out. Appropriate blood pathology is advised & depending on the results, a customized plan is developed to ensure a gradual reduction in the medication dose till the person is off the medication, with the sugars under control. Continuous motivation & reinforcements are provided through daily contact.

This programme helps the person to not only stop the medications, but also to reduce the risk of developing complications remarkably thereby improving the quality of life.

Diabetes prevention programme:

An another unique programme developed by Dr. Kulin Shah. India has the most number of diabetics only 2nd to China. In fact the number of pre-diabetics are much more. These people if not treated in time may go on to develop diabetes which is a life long condition.

So. In Order to prevent the development of Diabetes in such people, lthis unique programme has been devised.

Who is at risk for developing Diabetes?

1. Prediabetics or person with borderline diabetes

2. Person with a family history of diabetes

3. Person with Obesity

4. Person with Hypertension, Heart problems

5. Person with high cholesterol levels

6. Person with mental stress

7. Gestational diabetes

These people are screened to assess their risk of developing Diabetes. A proper Examination with appropriate blood tests is carried out to find out whether they are prone to develop diabetes. If they are prone, they are enrolled in this programme for continuous monitoring via frequent consultations, life style modifications, continuous contact.

Thus, this programme aims to either prevent the onset of diabetes or if not to postpone the onset by many years so as to enable them to live a high quality of life.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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