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Chronic Kidney Disease: Causes You Need To Know

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Dr. Waheed Zaman 90% (295 ratings)
MCh Urology, DNB Urology, MS-General Surgery, MBBS, Diploma In Laproscopy & Urology, Basic & Advance Robotic Urology Training
Urologist, Delhi  •  29 years experience
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I am Dr Waheed Zaman principal consultant Urology and liver transplant Max Shalimar Bagh and Max Pitampura New Delhi. Mai yahan pe, I am the head of the transplant unit. I am looking after many CKD patients.

So I thought I will share my views on CKD, CKD is Chronic Kidney Disease and it has got 5 stages there are various causes of CKD and as we know in India diabetes and hypertension is quite common and CKD is the major cause of renal failure, patients are due to diabetes and hypertension. In India almost if you see 60% of chronic kidney failure cases are due to diabetes and hypertension, so we have to take care about the our lifestyle, you have to reduce weight, to exercise proper monitoring of weight and take less salt intake, control your sugar intake and do regular exercise, so we can prevent somehow these two diseases. The other factors are like stone disease, few congenital diseases that leads to kidney failure and a stone disease is quite common in India so that is another major cause of kidney failure or CKD can be divided into 5 stages, stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Stage 5 is that is the end state renal disease when GFR is less than 15 and hardly we can do anything with medicines, only option left is either hemodialysis or renal transplant. While in stage 1 to 4 we can have medicine, dietary modification and we can delayed this end stage renal disease. Once in a renal failure is diagnose and CKD is diagnosed within stage 5 then we have to consider about the hemodialysis, if patient is symptomatic. Kidney functions it filters the body toxins, it filters out the water from the body and it is responsible for the calcium metabolism, bone metabolism and blood formation. So it's a very important organ and if both kidneys are not functioning well that leads to kidney failure. If single kidney is ok, there will be no rise in serum creatinine that is the major blood test and very simply, simple blood test by this we can detect the kidney failure.

The other thing is urine protein that is another important, if urine protein urea is there is protein is coming out of the urine then you have to be alert consult your doctor. If renal failure is diagnosed stage 5 then plan for transplant, transplant is always a better option then hemodialysis, hemodialysis just temporary relief and it excrete de toxins and within 3 to 4 days again, we will back to the same. While kidney transplant will give the better quality of life, patient can lead normal life and average lifespan we can say with the transplant is around 12 to 15 years and there is myth in the society that somebody will donate, you will not have to take lifelong medicines that's not true, we are doing all donor nephrectomy laparoscopically and they are free and they are fit and up to work within 1 to 2 weeks. While kidney transplant is a standard technique worldwide and we have got excellent results now a days with the kidney transplant, that is around 90 to 95% success rate in our centres that is as part to the international level, and but one thing is very important they have to live discipline life, lifelong they have to be on immunosuppression. The another myth in the society that donors may lead to renal failure or later on but that is not true, because donors can lead normal life and of course discipline life then they can maintain the creatinine level don't take analgesic and unnecessary analgesic that also leads to kidney failure. For donation as far as the two types of donation one is live donation and other is cadaver kidney transplant and live donation of course only family members are allowed first degree and second degree relatives, wife and husband can donate while distant relatives are very difficult as per of the transplant law. Another is donor exchange we are doing that is the blood group match is not there in two groups then we are matching, predict transplant is possible in our centre, we are doing ABO incompatible transplant, elderly transplant, donors we are taking, so all sort of transplants we are doing and we have lot of excellent result. So transplant will definitely give better quality of life and I will request more and more people to come forward for donation that is when brain death is there, then donate your organs and even live after death that is the my request to all the audience because in India if you see we are lacking in the cadaver transplant program, so we need more and more donations, per year 2 lakh people are dying of roadside accidents if you use 10% of this we can get a huge bank of organs and from the brain death people and many-many people can be benefited with this. In India almost 2 lakh people are having renal needs renal transplant per year and hardly we are doing 8 to 9 thousand transplants per year. So definitely mai janta ko yahi kahunga ki jago aur, aur bhi organ aap donate kare, ang daan maha daan hai, aur isko samaj mein aap failaye. Yadi kisi ka brain death hota hai toh uss brain death se hum log 7-8 logo ko nayi zindagi de sakte hain. So jyada se jyada log organ donation kare isse donor badege aur jo organ failure ke patients hai unko benefit milega.

Thank you so much.

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