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Chronic Bronchitis - Precautions To Be Taken And Treatment!

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Chronic Bronchitis - Precautions To Be Taken And Treatment!

The bronchial tubes (also termed as bronchi) present in the lungs play an important role in carrying the air inside and out of the lungs. In Bronchitis, the lining of this bronchial tubes gets inflamed. Chronic Bronchitis, as the name suggests is a more severe condition whereby the bronchi lining suffers a constant inflammation and irritation. In most cases, the condition is found to affect people who are into heavy smoking.

Chronic Bronchitis triggers a myriad of complications including shortness of breath, cough (often associated with the production of a large amount of mucus), tiredness and mild fever. Affect people who are smokers. Heavily and regularly exposed to pollutants like dust, asbestos, fodder, vehicle pollutants(traffic police). Early diagnosis and treatment can help in preventing many serious complications including Pneumonia. In this article, we will highlight the effective treatments and medications along with the precautions in the case of chronic bronchitis.

Treatment and Medications in the case of Chronic Bronchitis
The severity of the condition often decides the course of the treatment.

  1. Since most people with chronic bronchitis complain of breathing problems (shortness of breath) indicative of inadequate oxygen supply, the doctor may suggest an oxygen therapy. In this therapy, oxygen gas is made available to the body to deal with the breathing problem and also to enrich the lungs with sufficient amounts of oxygen to ensure proper functioning of the body. For this oxygen therapy, tubes are fitted either in the nose or placed right in the trachea. In some cases, a face mask may also be used to deliver the oxygen inside the body.
  2. In the case of chronic bronchitis resulting in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD (obstructive lung problem that makes breathing difficult), the mucus tends to block and obstruct the airways. Thus, the use of bronchodilators may be helpful. The bronchodilators play an instrumental role in clearing the airway of this obstruction thereby improving the breathing.
  3. Medications such as cough suppressant may also be prescribed to provide relief from a cough.

Precautions and Self-management:
For a speedy recovery, a person should take the necessary precautions. There are certain Do's and Dont's that one should take care of in the case of chronic bronchitis.

  1. For people with chronic bronchitis, smoking is more like a poison. Refrain from smoking during the entire course of the treatment.
  2. Keep away from things (such as paints, pollutants, or any cleaning products with a strong odor and fumes) that can irritate your lungs. The use of a mask (whether at home or outside) is advisable.
  3. Many people with chronic bronchitis have had significant improvement by practicing yoga.
  4. It is also important that you keep the body well hydrated. Make sure to drink water at regular intervals.
  5. Ensure you have a proper rest and sound sleep.
  6. Take care of your diet. Avoid refined sugar, salty and spicy foods, foods that contain high dairy fats (ice-creams, cheese cakes, whole milk, and any foods that contain high-fat cheese).
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