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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Change In Voice - What Can Cause It?

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Dr. S K JhaENT Specialist • 19 Years Exp.MS - ENT, MBBS
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Change in voice or voice mutilation happens when the voice breaks that commonly occur when a person reaches puberty. Before puberty, almost all the girls and boys have the same voice pitch. But after puberty, a boy’s voice deepens an octave and the girl’s voice deepens only several tones. Therefore, it becomes easy to identify the gender through voice. 

Another type of change in voice is known as voice crack. It happens when a person unintentionally enters a higher voice pitch zone for a brief period of time. It may be due to singing, shouting, talking in noise, and several other reasons. Also, there are several medical conditions leading to voice break or hoarseness

Medical Causes for Change in Voice

  • Acute Laryngitis: In this, the hoarseness or voice loss starts suddenly. One of the reasons can be a viral infection that causes swelling of vocal cords. Staying hydrated and less talk can treat it. 

  • Chronic Laryngitis: It can cause acid reflux disease. Exposure to irritating smoke, infections of vocal cords, or asthma can be some of the reasons. It can be cured only through medication.

  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease: This problem causes a change in voice. Due to this disease, people may also suffer from swelling issues, a lump in the throat, hoarseness in voice, and throat pain

  • Voice Misuse: Excessively loud voice, prolonged talking, and inefficient voice use can cause a change in voice and also known as voice misuse. 

Risk Factors That Can Cause Voice Disorder

Aging, alcohol use, and allergies are some of the major reasons for the voice disorder. Apart from these, smoking and throat cancer also results in a change in voice or voice disorders. All these are highly risky causes for the throat and may result in long-time problems. 

Some other risk factors are thyroid, psychological stress, and neurological disorder. 

How to Treat Voice Disorder?

  • One can use an air humidifier to keep the air of the surrounding moist because breathing moist air is a simple solution to the problem.

  • Giving rest to voice is also a solution.

  • One must drink plenty of liquids to keep the throat hydrated.

  • One must avoid whispering and decongestants to take care of the throat.

  • One must avoid shouting for a long time.

  • Avoid staying in a polluted area for a long time.

  • Gargling the throat every day with lukewarm water is good.

  • Staying warm during winters is also necessary.

All these remedies are simple and can be tried comfortably. A simple change in voice can turn out to be serious if not taken proactive measures. Therefore, one must not ignore any small unintentional change in the voice.


One must consult ENT doctor immediately for any sudden change in voice and if the problem lasts for a long period of time. 


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