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Bronchitis Questions

I have what seems like bronchitis. This happens often once every year and I usually take ascoril. But I forgot the dosage. My weight is 60 kg height is 172 cm. I am 19 years old. How much ascoril ls should I take.

Dr.Ankita Gupta 91% (314ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MS Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Haldwani
Hello, lybrate-user,don’t take ascoril, do panchkarma every year ,this will give you total releaf, and overall detoxification, and vaman is advisable for respiratory tract infection,
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Mu 11 years old child is diagnosed allergic bronchitis! its course, its from his childhood. pulmonary Dr. said its will not cure. he has cough very frequent and get fever and we have admit in hospital very frequently can homeopathy help us. were very fedup I am from nashik.

Dr.Sajeev Kumar 92% (39992ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Allergy is difficult to be treated with medicines and she needs to avoid contact allergens and can use cetrizine when needed.
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Hello doctors I have bronchitis as I had dine a check up with the doctor pre covid. I usually at times cough blood after I wake up from sleep. I'm really concerned about the same. Why does this happen? And is there any medical advice which can help me with easing my problem? Thanking you.

Dr.Rishav Sanghai 91% (100ratings)
General Physician, Malda
The cause of your cough needs to be look into. It can be due to various causes: 1.upoer airway cough syndrome 2. Gerd 3. Asthma 4. Any other lung disorder (mainly due to smoking or exposure to smoke) so a definite history and examination will help. You can consult me here at Lybrate or at mobile.
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I am 65 years old & have severe copd (bronchitis) since many years. I take salbair-i transhaler almost everyday, and budamate 400 inhaler only when feeling uncomfortable. Also I take olmesar 40 mg blood pressure medicines daily. Can I take the cavity covaxin vaccine or will it have any side effects with these medicines?

M.D - Respiratory medicine / M.D Pulmonology
Pulmonologist, Mumbai
Hello, would suggest to keep salbair I as an sos inhaler when you feel uncomfortable. And take the budamate 400 (can reduce to 200 2.puffs twice a day followed by mouth care) everyday. Inhaled corticosteroids plus long acting formetrol is said to be better as controller therapy. You can take the vaccine. Bronchisits is not a.contraindication. But wait for half and hour so as to watch for any allergic reaction. Take your inhalers with you. Hope this was helpful.
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Hello, I was diagnosed with allergic bronchitis in 2016. Earlier symptoms appeared only during cough and cold. But since 2020 feb symptoms became very regular that was chest tightness and laboured breathing. I consulter physician he firstly advise me nasal spray. In winter I was all well. Again in march 2021 I started with breathing problem and chest tightness. Doc now has advised me formonide 200 inhaler. And m using it since march till now but at time I don't find it helpful as condition gets extreme. please advise if I need to change the inhaler also if it is bronchitis anymore. I never had any fever, cold got tested for covid several times but got negative thrice.

M.D - Respiratory medicine / M.D Pulmonology
Pulmonologist, Mumbai
Hello, I was diagnosed with allergic bronchitis in 2016. Earlier symptoms appeared only during cough and cold. But si...
So allergic bronchitis will have variations with climate change and exposure to allergen. You might be having spring season related exacerbation. You might have to rule out bronchial asthma which is why the formetrol inhaler helped you. I would advise you to continue ti take the same and add mdi duolin 2 puff wheneevr you feel chest tightness. And continue 3 times a day in such an event. But you need to visit a doctor and do some basic tests like cbc to rule out eosinophilia and pft to see for asthma.
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Dm 2 and bronchitis mild with vpc occ nsvt .metoplorol er better or nebivolol 2.5 better. Angiography normal mri. inflammatory cardio due to old virus gone in past.

Dr.Rajesh Choda 93% (8374ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Zirakpur
Pl start Tab sarpagandha vati, Arjun ksheepak, Tribhuwan kirti ras and laxmivilas ras along with talisadi. For details pl consult. Even if you want to continue your current med, no harm just give 1 hr gap. Otherwise no need to take both.
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For my allergic bronchitis, well under control, I am taking seroflo 125 and asthalin 200inhalers daily. Can I safely take covid vaccines? My lungs could be slightly weak .hence seeking your advice.

Dr.Anusha Cm 93% (47ratings)
MD - Pulmonary Medicine, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Pulmonologist, Bangalore
For my allergic bronchitis, well under control, I am taking seroflo 125 and asthalin 200inhalers daily.
Can I safely ...
Yes, you should indeed take the vaccines. U neeed to be protected. Absolutely no issues in taking the vaccine.
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