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Common Feeding Problems Faced By Mothers!

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), Pediatric Gastroenterology
Pediatrician, Delhi
Common Feeding Problems Faced By Mothers!

Spitting up, refusing to try new foods and occasionally turning up their noses at feeding times, is normal but consistently refusing food and water, vomiting and allergies may indicate an underlying medical condition that requires attention. Common feeding problems that affect infants include sucking, prolonged chewing without swallowing, holding food in their mouth and grabbing food. Infants who are unable to close their mouths in order to keep food inside may also be said to be suffering from feeding problems.

Feeding problems could be triggered by medical conditions like a cleft palate, premature birth, respiratory problems, low birth weight etc. or by non-medical reasons such as the child’s feeling of being unloved or stressed. Symptoms of feeding problems vary from infant to infant.

However, some of the common symptoms exhibited are:

  • Problems with chewing

  • Excessive drooling

  • Refusing to eat foods or drink liquids

  • Long feeding times

  • Coughing or gagging while feeding

  • Difficulty with breast or bottle feeding

  • Nasal stuffiness while eating

  • Poor weight gain

  • Recurring respiratory infections

  • Vomiting or excessive spitting up of food

  • Arching the back while feeding

  • Disinterest in feeding

Though feeding problems are minor in most cases, it is important to consult a doctor if this behaviour continues over a period of time. This is because the child may be suffering from an underlying medical condition or could be at an increased risk of suffering from dehydration, aspiration and lung problems. It could also lead to delayed physical and mental development, speech problems and cognitive issues.

Feeding problems are addressed in many different ways. The first step to dealing with feeding problems is to change the texture and temperature of food being given to the baby. In addition, try changing the posture of the baby while feeding.

In some cases, mouth exercises may be needed to strengthen the mouth muscles. Chewing exercises and tongue movement may also help reduce feeding problems.

Encourage your infant to try different types of food by including different textures in their daily meals. Alternating food textures and liquids can make it easier for the infant to swallow the food. Do not force your child to eat in a hurry but let him or her take their own time.

In cases where the infant is not gaining weight, the doctor may suggest nutritional changes and a specific diet to help gain weight. In emergency cases, hospitalisation may also be required and your baby may be given a feeding tube to ensure he or she receives adequate nutrition.

5 Easy Ways To Treat Sore And Cracked Nipples!

Dr. Bhumika Kalathiya 90% (213 ratings)
Mbbs, MS(obstetrics and gynecology), Fellowship in laproscopic gynecological surgery
Gynaecologist, Delhi
5 Easy Ways To Treat Sore And Cracked Nipples!

Sore, cracked or even bleeding nipples is very common condition, while you breastfeed your baby. This could be due to the ways your baby sucks on to your breasts or because of problems such as a fungal infection in baby's mouth. 

Here is 5 easy ways to treat sore, cracked and bleeding nipples while you breastfeed your child.

1. Position of your baby:
You need to check that your baby has proper access to your nipples. Position your baby in a such a way that help baby to reach your breast. Keep a pillow on your lap and place your baby on it. Allow baby to open mouth wide and push your nipples till your areolas are in his/her mouth. This will allow baby to suck in better way and it will not hurt nipple.

2. Check that your baby's tongue is not tied and look for oral thrush:
Sometimes, babies face problems positioning their mouth and may not be able to move their tongue to the roof of the mouth for proper sucking. We suggest you check for it and get it treated by a doctor.
Oral thrush is a fungal infection is babies mouth. It looks like white patches with redness over tongue and mouth cavity. Consult immediately for it's treatment.

3. Use your own breastmilk as a medicine:
Your breast milk has antibacterial properties and can treat sore nipples. Just pump a few drops and apply on the affected area until dry. This will soothe your nipples and help you.

4. Use protective nipple shells:
If you have severe sore and cracked nipples, buy yourselves a pair of nipple shells to protect your breasts from friction against your bra or clothes. It will help them to keep protected.

5. Feed your baby at regular interval:
If you aren’t feeding baby on time, than baby becomes aggressive, especially when they are hungry. Hence, baby will suck aggressively. 


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For past a week, I found some white patches on both the breast. I'm very much worried. What could be the reason for this?

Dr. Narasimhalu C.R.V.(Professor) 93% (55731 ratings)
Dermatologist, Chennai
For past a week, I found some white patches on both the breast. I'm very much worried. What could be the reason for t...
You are suffering from pityriasis versicolor. Medicine available for good improvement. As the treatment varies depending on the severity. Send photos of the affected area, by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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I am 26 year old female, unmarried I have a problem, My left nipple is scratchy sometimes, how can it be?

Homeopath, Hooghly
I am 26 year old female, unmarried
I have a problem, My left nipple is scratchy sometimes, how can it be?
Apply coconut oil, apply petroleum gelly, and massage gently, with this you need proper homoeopathic treatment to cure your problem.
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Doctor suggested to use Novex ds / sevista 30 mg for breast fibrosis. But I heard that this drug will effect pregnancy and period cycle. And also drug should not be used by pcos patients. Can you please suggest can I use that drug. I am a newly married girl. Please suggest.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
If you are planning pregnancy in near future then defer taking this drug. Vit E and Bit B 12 will help you to some extent and not interfere with pregnancy planning.
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I am of age 30 and having 2 children 9 yr's and 5rs old. Getting liquid drop from breast when squeezing my nipples with fear and the color of drop is light milky. I am very healthy.

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Nipple discharge refers to any fluid that seeps out of the nipple of the breast. ... One or both breasts may produce a nipple discharge, either spontaneously or when you squeeze your nipples or breasts. A nipple discharge may look milky, or it may be clear, yellow, green, brown or bloody.Reasons for lactating when not recently pregnant can range from hormone imbalances to medication side effects to other health conditions. The most common cause of breast milk production is an elevation of a hormone produced in the brain called prolactin. ... medications. underlying medical issues.Women who aren't pregnant but who wish to lactate can take a daily regimen of hormones to mimic these processes that occur during pregnancy. Typically, hormone therapy is discontinued shortly before breast-feeding begins. At that point, the baby's suckling is thought to stimulate and maintain milk production.
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Good night sir/mam I am 26 years newly married from 5 months only. But since last 40 days feeds are coming out of my breasts. Whether I am not pregnant. What can be the reason. And how can be it resolve. Is it a serious problem or something else.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Good night sir/mam
I am 26 years newly married from  5 months only. But since last 40 days feeds are coming out of my...
Lybrate-user first check for pregnancy if ypur period is delayed or period is irregular if no pregnancy then check for serum prolactin Blood test. It may be a harmonal problem.
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I'm my middle finger I got a infection as form of little pimple then it breasts and releases transparent puss, it is aching alot, kindly help me for this it is disturbing me alot.

Homeopath, Kolkata
I'm my middle finger I got a infection as form of little pimple then it breasts and releases transparent puss, it is ...
Kindly wipe it with Betadine lotion twice with soaked in clean cooton swap along with it take Cal. sulp 3x 4 tabs twice for 3 days and do give me a follow up there after.
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