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Benefits of Borax And Its Side Effects

There are several health benefits of Borax, which include; Prevention of Arthritis, heals swollen throat and tongue Sores, relief from painful swollen red eye, solves menstrual problems, cures urinary infections, enhances testosterone levels, enhancement of female lipido, Cures womb inflammation, and helps in cancer therapy.

Benefits of Borax And Its Side Effects

Table of Content

Health Benefits of Borax
Prevents Arthritis
Heals swollen Throat, Mouth, And Tongue Sores
Relief from Painful Swollen Red Eye
Solves Menstrual Problems
Cures Urinary Infections
Enhances Testosterone Levels
Enhancement of female lipido
Cures Womb Inflammation
Helps in cancer Therapy
Uses of Borax
Side-Effects & Allergies of Borax


Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. It is believed that it improves the natural ability of the human body to absorb calcium and magnesium. Borax, commonly used as a natural c leaning agent, is an increasingly popular natural remedy for a whole host of health issues. Fruits like apples, oranges, red grapes, pears, plums, kiwis, sultanas, dates, as well as certain vegetables, avocado, soybeans, and nuts are rich sources of boron. Other notable sources of Boron are chickpeas, hazelnuts, currants, peanut butter, red kidney beans, tomato, lentils, olive, onion, potato wine, and beer.

Health Benefits of Borax

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Borax

Prevents Arthritis

Boron is a successful treatment option for arthritis. With its anti-inflammatory powers already being recognized by traditional medicine like Ayurveda, experts today are exploring it possibilities for treating inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis(RA). Research suggests that those with arthiritis have lower boron concentrations in their bones along with synovial fluid, and femur heads. Thus use of Boron can stem this. Boron ensures that calcium levels are maximized and used effectively, thus preventing arthritis.

Heals swollen Throat, Mouth, And Tongue Sores

Borax is a remedy to be used as a topical treatment for certain health problems like sores on the tongue or mouth, as well as swelling of the throat. It can cause toxins to disperse from the affected area, bringing down swelling. Borax also eases pain linked to the swelling or sores. The remedy includes application of a paste made by combining borax with Cinnabaris, Borneolum, and Natrii Sulfas Exsiccatus.

Relief from Painful Swollen Red Eye

Borax is paired with Calamina, Borneolum, and Natrii Sulfas Exsiccatus to create eye drops. These are used to soothe the eye when it is red and swollen. Boron protects the eye from a host of parasitic attacks and other nasty fungal infections. With an organ as delicate as the eye involved, and the importance of the correct mix of these ingredients, it goes without saying that this treatment needs to be done only with professional help.

Solves Menstrual Problems

Boron helps ease menstrual problems in women. Ayurvedic research has found that it helps with maintenance of normal uterine and menstrual function. This makes it beneficial to women with dysmenorrhoea or amenorrhoea, commonly referred to as irregular or absent periods. It acts by clearing obstructions in the body,it alleviates kapha and vata thus bringing balance to your system. Studies have evaluated its use along with other herbs to help treat Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS and found it to be effective. Boron can also cure the symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats that are typically associated with menopause, clotted menstruation, , painful menstruation, and it ensures that the mineral level remains at appropriate levels since post-menopausal women often suffer from hormonal imbalances that can skew many of the body’s most important systems

Cures Urinary Infections

Borox acts on the urinary bladder, uterus, and stomach, besides the lungs. Its antimicrobial benefits can therefore be tapped to cure urinary infections. Chinese herbal medicine has a similar application in treating urinary dysfunction that involves stone formation in the urine and is often painful. Homeopathy suggests borax for those with cystitis, a condition that causes a sharp pain in the urinary opening and a general ache in the bladder that gives you a feeling of urine being retained.

Enhances Testosterone Levels

Boron is able to enhance the testosterone level in males; this quality is increasingly taken advantage of by male bodybuilders and athletes. Although some weight lifters prefer to take its supplements to enhance their testosterone levels, there has been no concrete evidence or explanation of the mechanism by which it helps to make them any more successful.

Enhancement of female lipido

It has been reported that a quarter of a teaspoon of borax added to one quart of drinking water sipped throughout the course of a day while taking magnesium supplements can reverse male impotency. This can be attributed to many effects of borax on the human body. Borax stabilizes calcium and magnesium in the blood. It stimulates hormone production. Toxic states of hyper fluoride accumulation, internal fungal growth and dangerous microbe production are normalized by borax consumption. Finally, borax has been attributed to female libido enhancement.

Cures Womb Inflammation

Women suffering from womb inflammationare recommended to soak in lukewarm bathwater with borax twice a day. If women displayed profuse, egg-white-like discharge or leucorrhea, they were told to douche with borax and lukewarm water solution three to four times per day. Other symptoms that can be alleviated by borax and water exposure include painful sexual intercourse, blood-streaked vaginal discharge, abdominal distention and false signs of pregnancy.

Helps in cancer Therapy

Boron neutron capture agents are used for cancer therapy and in the development of strong enzyme inhibitors. Its compounds are also used as antibody mimics that can easily identify biologically important saccharides.

Uses of Borax

Borax is used in various household laundry and cleaning products, including the '20 Mule Team Borax' laundry booster, 'Boraxo' powdered hand soap, and some tooth bleaching formulas. Borate ions (commonly supplied as boric acid) are used in biochemical and chemical laboratories to make buffers, e.g. for gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA, such as TBE buffer or the newer SB buffer or BBS buffer in coating procedures. Borate buffers are also used as preferential equilibration solution in dimethyl pimelimidate (DMP) based crosslinking reactions. Borax alone does not have a high affinity for the hardness cations, although it has been used for water-softening. A mixture of borax and ammonium chloride is used as a flux when welding iron and steel. It lowers the melting point of the unwanted iron oxide , allowing it to run off. Borax is also used mixed with water as a flux when soldering jewelry metals such as gold or silver. It allows the molten solder to flow evenly over the joint in question. Borax is also a good flux for 'pre-tinning' tungsten with zinc – making the tungsten soft-solderable. Borax is often used as a flux for forge welding. Borax is replacing mercury as the preferred method for extracting gold in small-scale mining facilities. A rubbery polymer sometimes called Slime, can be made by cross-linking polyvinyl alcohol with borax. Borax can be used as Food additive. Borax is used as an ingredient in enamel glazes. It is used as a component of glass, pottery, and ceramics. Borax is Pulverized for the prevention of stubborn pests in closets, pipe and cable inlets, wall panelling gaps, and inaccessible locations where ordinary pesticides are undesirable. Used in treatment for thrush in horses hooves. Borax is used to make indelible ink for dip pens. Other uses of Borax includes; curing agent for snake skins, curing agent for salmon eggs, for use in sport fishing for salmon, as a micronutrient fertilizer to correct boron-deficient soils. Borax is also used for stopping car radiator and engine block leaks and are used by blacksmiths in forge welding.

Uses of Borax

Side-Effects & Allergies of Borax

Internal use of Borax is generally not suggested. Due to its highly alkaline nature, it might cause skin irritation. There are also reports of adverse reproductive and developmental impact on the foetus. Its use in the long term is not recommended as there is a possibility of causing renal dysfunction as the borax accumulates in the body. It can also cause fatigue or vomiting due to toxicity. Some research suggests it could also cause genetic damage and be toxic to lymphocytes, the building block of the body’s immune system.

Popular Questions & Answers

Is there any permanent solution for migraine? How much it costs? Treatment period?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPP, Madurai Medical College
Pain Management Specialist, Chennai
Migraine treatment consists of drugs, diet& life style modifications & relaxation therapy. If very severe interventions like borax injections are safe & expected duration of pain relief will be around 3 months.In the mean time we have to go far aggressive rehabilitation.
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My hair is dry and going to be white approximately 10%. please suggest me permanent solution.

B.H.M.S, M.D in Homoeopathy
Homeopath, Anand
Apply hot oil on your hair thrice a week. You can also tie hot and cold towels alternately after oiling. U can apply home made hair packs like curd or egg or tea or heena or fruit pulp once a week. Take nutritive diet. Take homeopathic medicines like lycopodium or borax or wesbeden. We can provide you treatment plan and send the medicines if you contact us.

I am suffering from some skin problems around mouth and near ear. I suspected this may be due to oral sex with my husband to each other, when we had urinary tract infection. It is realized later. I consult dermatologist to this problems she suggests D-acne soap, deriva-bpo gel, azithromycin tablet but it's severe after using please suggest correct medicines.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), FWT (W.B)
Homeopath, 24 Parganas
Hi Lybrate user, first you stop all allopathic medicine, you take homoeopathic medecine for your problem Kali chloloricum30 2 drops to be taken every after 2 hours with half cup water Borax 30 2 drops to be taken twice daily morning and evening with half cup water, externally you use Berberis aquifolium Q30 drops mixed with 30 2 drops water twice daily, I hope your problem solved to some extent, if you want you can consult with me privately, Take care.
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Hi, I have burning mouth please let me know what to do? It feels horrible and hurts please let me know asap.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
you may take homoeopathic medicine Borax 30 one dose... see if it helps.. Or better consult for proper treatment..

My mom is 60 above and suffering from ulcer in mouth for many months now. She is unable to eat properly. Have already changed couple of doctors. Please help and suggest the reasons of these ulcers and treatment. Please doctor.

Dentist, Gorakhpur
Thease type of ulcers (aphthous ulcers) are stubborn and changing doctors will seldom help to cure it. It will take time so patience is most important thing to follow. Since you have already shown her to few, let her visit an oral medicine specialist. Have my words, once doctor will diagnose the real problem, it will be cured. The ultimate treatment is to go for laser ablation but not before consulting from specialists.
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Popular Health Tips

Impotence & Infertility - Why Homeopathy Is The Right Choice?

Homeopath, Jaipur
Impotence & Infertility - Why Homeopathy Is The Right Choice?

For most couples, having a child is their dream come true. For those who are not able to see this dream come true, the reasons could be due to issues in either the male or the female (impotence or infertility respectively). There could be multiple underlying causes of impotency and infertility including physiologic reasons and strained relationships.

As with all other conditions, homoeopathy looks at both impotence and infertility as a whole and tries to provide a remedy not just to the issue at hand, but to the problem as a whole.

Impotence: Common causes for impotence include hormonal issues, neurologic disturbances, psychological issues, and pathological causes like infections, inflammation, etc. The first step in treatment depends on identifying the underlying cause, and then giving a remedy. Some of the common homoeopathy medicines are listed below, but self-medication is not advisable.

  1. In cases where emotional desire and physical ability are lacking, Agnus Castus is used effectively. In these patients, the genital organs are usually cold, flaccid, and relaxed.
  2. In people who have mental depression, Caladium is the treatment of choice. The desire is strong but the erections are very weak in these people.
  3. In men with rapid, involuntary semen discharge, Selenium is indicated
  4. In men with low sperm count, x-Ray helps to improve both quantity and quality of sperms.
  5. In men with small testes and/or prostate enlargement, Sabal Serrulata is used effectively.

Infertility: This is caused by a multitude of factors including structural abnormalities in the pelvic organs, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, hormonal imbalances, pelvic inflammatory disease, infections like Chlamydia and gonorrhoea), blocked fallopian tubes, or thyroid disorders. The underlying reason should first be identified before treating infertility. Some of the commonly used homoeopathy medicines are listed below.

  1. In females with infertility due to acid vaginal discharges, Borax and Natrum Phos are used. Borax is used where the discharge is copious, warm, and resembles egg white. Natrum Phos is used in cases where the discharge is creamy and honey coloured and sour smelling.
  2. In women with menorrhagia or dysfunctional bleeding, Calcarea Carb is used. The periods are usually ahead of time, are too heavy, and last very long. Aletris farinose is used when the periods are heavy and early along with a history of frequent abortions.
  3. In women with irregular, scanty periods, Pulsatilla and Sepia are indicated. Pulsatilla is used when there are multiple ovarian cysts. Sepia is used in women who have a bearing down sensation of the uterus.

Of note, in both impotence and infertility, self-medication is not advised. The doctor will have a detailed discussion to find out what is right for you. For best results, involve the partner as well.

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Homeopathy For White Discharge Or Leucorrhoea

Sexologist, Lucknow

Leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge is a universal problem of all women. It is seen more in married women as compared to unmarried women. It’s also common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy period.

Female genitals are very much prone to infections since they are moist, sweaty and covered. The white vaginal discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engage in personal affairs. The affected women needs reassurance; prevention from infections and some counseling as most of the women health problems are psychosomatic. The amount of vaginal secretion varies throughout the menstrual cycle, peaking at ovulation and also increasing when under emotional stress.

What is leucorrhoea (white discharge)?

Mucous membranes and glands in our body produce a lot of secretions, which have their own separate functions. The secretions protect our body by forming a thin lining over the skin or mucous membrane. It also helps to keep the mucous membrane or skin moist and flexible. The best example to understand is saliva in the mouth. If this secretion becomes very low, everyone will feel the dryness. The skin may crack thus paving way for infections. Similarly, vaginal glands also secrete some secretions to keep the organ moist, flexible and to prevent it from infection by its acidic nature. At ovulation time, the acidic nature of the secretion gets altered to alkali nature by hormones to allow the male sperm to survive for fertilisation. If not, the sperms will find it difficult to thrive and reach the ovum. Also, secretions of the vagina help in lubrication during the sexual act.

Leucorrhoea is a medical term for white discharge which is an excessive secretion from the female reproductive tract especially from the vagina or cervix or both. It is very common in females nowadays. It could be embossing, painful and may cause lot of discomfort, stress and even affect the sexual preferences and libido. It may be mild to severe, and varies from person to person.

Types of leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is mainly classified into two types:

1. Physiological leucorrhoea

It is an excessive discharge or secretions of a normal vagina. It generally occurs among teenage girls due to hormonal imbalance during puberty, at the time of ovulation period of the menstrual cycle and before periods. In case of adults, it occurs during the course of sexual excitement and pregnancy.

2. Pathological leucorrhoea

It is a discharge occurring due to disease or malfunction of the female reproductive tract. It needs immediate attention, cleanliness and treatment. Ignoring pathological leucorrhoea may lead to serious problems like infertility and complications of uterus. The nature of discharge varies from thin to thick bloody discharge with foul smell. This condition is commonly present in both the cases of vaginitis and cervicitis.

Causes of leucorrhoea

1. Infections

  • From fungus: candida albicans can easily flourish in moist circumstances and is commonly promoted by synthetic undergarments and poor hygienic condition.
  • From parasites: protozoa - trichomonas vaginalis causes the trichomoniasis which spreads usually through sexual intercourse and moist clothes.
  • From bacteria: gardnerella vaginalis and chlamydia are the prime causes in bacterial infections. Also, it is frequently seen in venereal diseases like gonorrhoea, syphilis, and aids.

2. Injury

Injury to the vagina or cervix or womb during childbirth, abortion, or excessive sexual indulgence can cause erosions and infections with discharges.

3. Poor hygienic conditions

Non hygienic measures, especially during periods, can create infection and cause leucorrhoea.

4. Diabetes and anaemia

May provoke infections due to weakened immunity among many females.

5. Irritation of iucd

If irritation persists at iucd, (intra uterine contraceptive device) it can cause pain and discharges.

6. Sprays and jellies

Used by males for provoking sexual act and jellies and drugs taken by females to kill sperms to avoid conception can also irritate and initiate the infective process.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea

Mostly there won’t be any symptom other than discharge. Discharge may be slim, viscid to dark coloured or even bloody with a foul smell. In some cases, the accompanying symptoms are:

  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Painful sexual act
  • Backache and pain in the leg, especially thigh and calf muscles
  • Intense itching with oedema of vagina
  • Soreness and burning in the genital tract
  • Burning urination and frequent urge to pass very little urine
  • Irritability and lack of concentration in work due to consciousness of discharges
  • Digestive disturbances like constipation or diarrhoea or vomiting
  • General tiredness due to loss of vital fluids as discharges
  • Soreness and dryness
  • Strong smell or frothy discharge
  • Dark coloured discharge
  • Rashes or sore spots on the genitals.


Leucorrhoea is generally found to be hormonal. The occurrence, time and nature of the discharge also points out the diagnosis. Mostly, it can be easily differentiated as physiological or pathological leucorrhoea by physical examination. It is essential to identify the inflammation and help identify and confirm the type of infection.

Also, sometimes blood tests may be recommended by the doctors. Routine blood test gives some idea about the infection. And, finally, urine test is also a must to rule out the spread of infection.

Complications of leucorrhoea

• in case of chronic infection, and if left untreated, the infection spreads inward into the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, etc, causing congestion of the uterus or ovary or pelvis, leading to heavy menstrual flow in the forthcoming period.

• it acts as a precursor of pelvic inflammatory diseases, salphingo-oophoritis (infection of fallopian tube and ovaries) which mostly result in pelvic adhesions like peritoneal adhesions and fallopian tube adhesions which obstruct tubes and may cause infertility.

• white discharges in late fertile period or after menopause should always be analysed completely to rule out cervix cancer which is the second commonest site of cancer in females after breast cancer.

• urinary tract, reproductive tract and the adjacent organs are often caught in the spread of infection simultaneously since the urethra, vagina and anus lie very close.


  • Wash genitals everyday
  • Wear clean garments every day
  • Always wear cotton underwear to avoid moisture.
  • Do not stop treatment when symptoms disappear – taking full course of treatment is very important.
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse during treatment to avoid irritation of tissues, which are in the process of healing.

Please avoid

  • Sprays, deodorants, and strong perfumed soap and bath products
  • Stress since it may affect the hormonal level and may increase secretions
  • Sharing towels and garments
  • Synthetic or nylon garments which cause dampness of genital organs
  • Sexual intercourse during heavy discharges

Always take 

  • Nutritious diet, especially food rich in vitamins a, b, c, e, magnesium and zinc, to improve general health
  • Plenty of water and juices to avoid urinary tract infection and its spread to the vagina or cervix.
  • There are few medicine for like hydrastis, alumina, borax, pulsatilla, thuja, sulphur, kreosote etc.
  • But before taking this medicine please consult your homoeopathic doctor.
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White Discharge From Vagina - Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
Homeopath, Phagwara
White Discharge From Vagina - Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

A white discharge from your vagina is normal in most cases, especially if you are pregnant or are ovulating before your period. Further, when you are sexually aroused you will have white discharge. These are some legit reasons for normal white discharge from your vagina, but sometimes your vaginal discharge is not so benign.

Causes of vaginal white discharge

  • If the vaginal discharge changes color or is frothy, profuse and is accompanied by extensive itching, there is something fishy about it, and you need to consult your doctor ASAP.
  • Also, called leucorrhea, white discharge can be caused due to an infection. Fungal infections like yeast infections of the vaginal tract can cause leucorrhea, accompanied by severe itching. White discharge can also be due to a sexually transmitted disease especially trichomoniasis, which causes a reddish or brownish vaginal discharge. Pelvic inflammatory disease, unhygienic toilet habits, TB as well as anemia can be the reason behind it.
  • Further, The cause of this vaginal discharge is that the mucous membranes in the vaginal tract, try to wash off the offending organisms by increasing the secretion of mucous, causing leucorrhea.

Effective homeopathic solution
Treatment for leucorrhea is designed according to the exact cause in both allopathy as well as homeopathy. Rest assured that whatever be the cause of leucorrhea or white discharge, homeopathy is more effective in treating the problem from the root. In cases where leucorrhea occurs due to infection, homeopathic medicines are capable of not only treating it, but also have remedies for the infection as well. In case of discharge being due to physiological reasons, homeopathy is again equally effective in treating it.

Here are a few homeopathic medicines for leucorrhea:

  1. Sepia Officinalis: This is one of the best homeopathic medicines for leucorrhea at menopause. It’s also very beneficial when the vaginal discharge is yellowish green in colour, with excessive itching in the vagina and vulva.
  2. Alumina: It treats acrid and transparent discharge from the vagina that causes excessive burning and itching in the vagina. The discharge is also very profuse and it’s more during the day.
  3. Calcarea Carbonica: This is a natural homeopathic medicine for milky vaginal discharge with itching. It’s very effective in cases, where leucorrhea gets worse from exertion or during urination.
  4. Kreosote: It treats offensive vaginal discharge with violent itching. The vaginal discharge is yellowish and gets worse between periods. Few medicines in fact have the same power in treating leucorrhoea as Kreasote.
  5. Natrum Muriaticum: A medication to treat thick vaginal discharge, which gets worse while walking.
  6. Borax or Bor: This is useful in clearing a copious and albuminous leucorrhoea.
  7. Mercurius or Merc: An acrid leucorrhoea accompanied by burning and swelling of vulva or the external parts of the vagina. It treats purulent greenish yellow leucorrhoea, which is worse at night.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Vaginitis - How Homeopathy is Helpful in Treating it?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Vaginitis - How Homeopathy is Helpful in Treating it?

Vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina is a condition caused primarily by infection (from Chlamydia trachomatis or Gardnerella vaginalis, Trichomonas vaginalis and Candida Albicans) or by exposure to an irritant (allergic or chemical) and is characterized by burning pains, itching and abnormal vaginal discharge. To understand the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in treating vaginitis, one needs to take a peek into the nature of the ailment.

Normally the vagina of a woman is populated by a wide variety of microorganisms helping to fight infections. The beneficial microorganisms build a chemical environment that hinders the harmful ones. Now, if a woman consumes any sort of antibiotic for treating an infection, irrespective of whether she is afflicted with vaginitis or something else, the antibiotics destroy both the good and the bad microorganisms, giving rise to imbalances in one’s body. As a result, the amount of harmful yeast literally outnumbers the beneficial ones.

The conventional treatment of yeast condition involves the administration of suppositories or antifungal medications. While such medications might temporarily decrease the count of yeast cells, they can neither boost the survival of good organisms nor guard the body against future yeast infections. Also, factors such as pregnancy, certain hormonal changes, birth control pills and high sugar diet do contribute to vaginitis. Therefore, simply ridding oneself of the risk factors cannot resolve the fundamental threat.

Homeopathic medications are not antibacterial or antifungal in the usual sense. Rather, they work at strengthening one’s defense mechanism so as to help the body combat any kind of infection all by itself. Going by this principle, they never cause similar type of ecological disruption internally as that of the antibiotics.

Few of the common remedies for treating various conditions of vaginitis are:
1. Pulsatilla (for abnormal vaginal discharge as well as soreness, especially among pregnant women)
2. Kreosotum (for itching in the vaginal lips or excessive discharge)
3. Borax (for vaginitis occurring between menstrual periods)
4. Hydrastis (for profuse yellowish vaginal discharge accompanied by great irritation)
5. Sepia (for heaviness in one’s vaginal area along with constipation and general fatigue)
6. Graphites (for premenstrual yeast infection, mostly in overweight women)
7. Calcarea carb (for thick milky or yellowish discharge that triggers itching)

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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6 Homeopathic Remedies For Hair Fall!

Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
6 Homeopathic Remedies For Hair Fall!

Hairfall is a condition, which is also known as Alopecia and is known to include the aspect of thinning of hair as well. Genetics and hormones play a vital role in hairfall in both women and men. Few other factors are also responsible for hairfall. The hair growth consists of 3 phases.

  1. The anagen phase-active phase in hair growth. This phase lasts for 2-7 yrs.
  2. The second phase - catagen phase. This phase immediately follows the anagen phase. It lasts for around 10- 14 days and the hair stops getting blood supply and this leads the hair to become dead.
  3. The last phase is telogen phase. It is a resting phase.

The entire cycle is repeated after the last stage and it continues. Every single hair undergoes this process.

Causes/ factors to hair loss

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Skin diseases such as fungal infection, seborrhea (dandruff), tinea capitis ,eczema of scalp and lichen planus etc.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies like iron (leading to anemia) and protein
  4. Hormonal changes after childbirth, during menopause
  5. Drug in treating high blood pressure, cancer, joint pains or depression. Hair loss due to chemotherapy in a cancer patient is called as Anagen effluvium
  6. General diseases like Tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, AIDS, Hypothyroidism
  7. Auto-immune hair loss
  8. Hairstyles and frequent usage of hair straighteners and hair colors
  9. Recovery from erysipelas and typhoid leads to diffuse hair loss
  10. Physical trauma or injury to head
  11. Emotional trauma - loss of a family member / close friend
  12. Trichotillomania, -a mental disorder of the affected person voluntarily pulls out his / her scalp hair

Homeopathy remedies
The treatment for the disease could be based on the cause of the disease. Understanding the cause and treating it accordingly will increase the effectiveness of the medicine.

  1. Psorinum is the medicine useful to treat the hair fall that is caused due to skin diseases in scalp.
  2. Mezereum is also another medicine that is good in treating hair fall due to dandruff and other skin disease.
  3. Mercurius Solubilis is another homeopathic medicine that plays a wonderful role in treating the hair loss due to eruptions on scalp.
  4. Kali sulphuricum and Thuja occidentalis are best medicines to treat hair fall due to dandruff exclusively.
  5. Pulsatilla pratensis, Natrum muriaticum, Pulsatilla pratensis and Sepia officinalis are medicines used to control hair fall in women after childbirth.
  6. Cinchona officinalis , Calcarea phosphorica and Borax are medicines that helps in treating hair fall problem for anemic patients.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Table of Content

Health Benefits of Borax
Prevents Arthritis
Heals swollen Throat, Mouth, And Tongue Sores
Relief from Painful Swollen Red Eye
Solves Menstrual Problems
Cures Urinary Infections
Enhances Testosterone Levels
Enhancement of female lipido
Cures Womb Inflammation
Helps in cancer Therapy
Uses of Borax
Side-Effects & Allergies of Borax