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Paget's Disease Of Bones - Know How To Treat It!

Paget's Disease Of Bones - Know How To Treat It!

The bones in our body are constantly renewing themselves. The old bone tissue is broken down and absorbed by the body while new tissue takes its place. This process is known as 'remodelling'. Paget's disease is a condition that interferes with this process. Over time it can lead to the disfiguring of bones and a loss of bone density. The bones most affected by this condition are the bones of the legs, spine, pelvis and skull.

Many patients suffering from this condition do not exhibit any characteristic symptoms. One of the most common complaints that can lead to a diagnosis of Paget’s disease is bone pain. Other symptoms, if any, depends on the part of the body that is affected. A physical examination and imaging tests help determine a diagnosis in such cases. This includes X-rays, bone scans and blood tests. X-rays are used to look for abnormalities in the bone structure. These can be seen in the form of enlarged bones, bowing of the bones or other deformities. Similarly, a bone scan provides a clear picture of the affected bones and allows the doctor to determine the severity of the case. Blood tests are used to look for elevated alkaline phosphatase levels that are also symptomatic of this condition.

There are two aspects to the treatment of this condition; medication and surgery.

Medication can take the form of oral or injectable osteoporosis drugs. These are usually well tolerated but in some cases, it may irritate the digestive system. In rare cases, it may also be connected to joint pain and muscle pain. It may also increase the risk of suffering from deterioration of the jaw bone. In such cases, the medication is usually withdrawn and calcitonin may be prescribed as an alternative. This can be administered as a nasal spray or as an injection.

Surgery is advised only in rare cases. This is aimed at healing fractures, replacing damaged joints, realigning deformed bones and reducing pressure on surrounding nerves. Before the patient undergoes surgery for Paget’s disease, he or she may be advised to take a certain medication that helps reduce the severity of the disease. This, in turn, helps control blood loss during the surgery.

In addition to this, patients are also advised to be careful and use a cane or walker. This can help reduce the risk of fracturing a bone. A diet rich in vitamin D and calcium is also recommended.

I have been diagnosed with accessory navicular syndrome combined with retro calcaneal spur and bursitis. I have been advised for surgery for navicular syndrome. I would like to know the recovery period for it and how long is the procedure as I was not told about it.

I have been diagnosed with accessory navicular syndrome combined with retro calcaneal spur and bursitis. I have been ...
You can try advanced physiotherapy for 2 to 4 weeks, if you get a experienced physiotherapist, if not surgery will take 6 to 12 weeks, being weight bearing area.
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PRP Therapy - Know Its Utility In Orthopaedics!

PRP Therapy - Know Its Utility In Orthopaedics!

It is considered as the medical speciality, which caters to injuries and various diseases in the musculoskeletal system of the human body. This constitutes the joints, bones, tendons, nerves and muscles that enables a human being to move, be active and work. Orthopaedic surgeons perform special problems like diagnosis of the injury or disorder, treatment with right medication, rehabilitation that is by prescribing exercises and physical therapy in order to restore back movement, function and strength and finally prevention by providing information and plans of treatment to prevent the injury or reduce the progression of the disease.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
PRP is the next generation injection method which is used commonly for conditions like knee, hip, shoulder and spine osteoarthritis, cuff tears, ACL injuries, pelvic instability, tennis elbow, back and neck injuries, ankle sprains, ligament sprains and tendinitis. It includes higher blood rate platelet concentrations and the patient experiences fewer chances of inflammatory side effects due to its pure PRP mixture.

How does it heal the body?

  1. The human body at first responds to the soft tissues injury which is to have the platelet cells.
  2. They are packed with healing factors that initiate repair and also attract critical assistance of the stem cells.
  3. The process intensifies the human body’s efforts which directly delivers a higher platelet concentration into the area of need.
  4. To create the PRP, a small section of the patient’s blood is drawn and it is placed into centrifuge which spins blood at a higher speed and separates the platelets from the components.
  5. It is injected into and at around the mark of injury and it significantly strengthens the process of healing.
  6. Just because the patient’s own blood is used in the process there is no risk of transmissible infection and also has less chance of allergic reaction.
  7. The procedure takes a couple of hours inclusive of the recovery and preparation time. It offers instant recovery as well avoids a long stay in the hospitals and application of anesthesia.

Outcome of PRP?

As the goal of PRP therapy is just to resolve pain by healing, it can prove to have long-lasting results. Initially, improvements are seen within few weeks eventually increases with the healing progress. The research studies have shown that PRP therapy is safe and effective and enables the patient to get back to their normal daily routine.

The PRP is very rich in platelets and it is a very old therapy that is adopted. It is a simple process and has multiple injections lasting 60-90 minutes and above all, it has natural end results, for example, PRP therapy is applied in hair restoration that provides natural appearing end results. It is a reliable process and therapy.

Does having bones broth or soup of goat will help improve bones health and does it also helps cartilage and ligaments to build or recover from an injury. Please suggest me.

It will Help but it’s not the only one on u can rely. So start calcium magnesium boron from solgar
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Machine Crush Injury In Hand - Know More!

Machine Crush Injury In Hand - Know More!

Machine injuries in hand, as the name suggests, occurs when a part of your hand – the palm, wrist, or arm – gets caught between machinery or sustains severe injuries under the influence of a high magnitude force.
Industrial and factory workers whose job role involves working with or around machine equipment are at risk of getting machine crush hand injuries.


The symptoms of machine crush hand injuries depend on the type of injury. For minor injuries, such as fingers getting trapped in a machine, the symptoms may be mild –

  • Lacerations
  • Bruises
  • Moderate pain

For major crush injuries that happen due to high impact forces or for a prolonged time, the damages are severe and usually are seen below the skin, affecting the bones, tissues, and muscles. In case the injury leads to loss of blood supply, damage to the tissues and muscles could be grave, and in rare cases, may lead to paralysis. Symptoms include –

  • Severe bruising
  • Open wounds
  • Damage to the skin layers
  • Extreme pain

If left untreated, the open wounds could become infectious and acquire deformity. In extreme cases, this may even lead to amputation. Worst cases of machine crush injuries may reveal symptoms like –

  • Swollen skin
  • Paralysis of the arms
  • Loss of pulse in the injured hand
  • A tingling sensation in the injured hand

Treatment for Machine Crush Injuries

Treatment depends on the severity of the injury.

  • If you sustain minor damages, cleaning the wound with disinfectant and clean water should suffice. First aid is immediately required to stop bleeding and address bruises.
  • Applying ice packs on the injured limb or hand can help ease pain
  • For mild to moderate crush injuries, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to avoid the risk of infection
  • Severe cases are treated with fasciotomy. It is a surgical procedure, which involves cutting the fascia to release pressure or tension and restore the flow of blood to the muscles and tissues. In some cases, multiple surgeries are required to repair the nerves, tendons, and muscles completely.

If you have undergone traumatic machine crush injuries, industrial accidents, or if your hands have been stuck between machines, under heavy weights for long hours, you are advised to consult a doctor at the earliest.

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I am 20 years old male and have feel like lack bones in my body. Also feel like crushed in bones since 1 year.

I am 20 years old male and have feel like lack bones in my body. Also feel like crushed in bones since 1 year.
This might be due to low calcium or vitamin d which has more impact on the bone density and also it makes one feel that there is lack of bone strength or in a way the bones are brittle and almost breaking and they feel it is crushed in a way there are many bones breaking at the same time. You have to take vitamin d rich foods. Like milk, cheese, yoghurt, brocoli, spinach.You need calcium consumption to increase bone density. vitamin d intake via supplements or exposure to low levels of sunlight. Vitamin d is used to absorb calcium in the bone and regulate calcium in the blood.
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Hi Doctor. I cannot bend the second toe of my left leg after a pinning surgery though the pin has been removed.

It may be because of the immobilisation of the toe. Your muscles would have gone stiff. You can go for physiotherapy treatment.
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Hi Sir, What is the use of a medicine like neocal plus, inroxime 500, prymocin br for a orthopaedic female patient, age about 48 years, patient have thyroid, sugar, who three months back broke her leg and yet to restore. Please advise.

Hi Sir, What is the use of a medicine like neocal plus, inroxime 500, prymocin br for a orthopaedic female patient, a...
Neocal is calcium supplements. Inroxime-and prymocin ccould not find the same name medicine. Better provide right name. Or ask the doctor who prescribed.
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I have humped neck and rounded shoulders. What should I do in order to reverse it?

Do some postural correction. Go for a physiotherapy treatment. Strengthen the•stop any exercise if you have more shoulder pain. It may be too soon for you to try. •watch your form. Exercising incorrectly can also cause or worsen shoulder problems. •warm up, even before deep stretching. Light shoulder rolls, gentle movements, or even a warm shower are all ways to warm up your muscles before exercise and stretching. Pendulum stretch for range of motion•stand and bend at the waist. •let your arm on the injured side hang straight down. •keep your neck relaxed. •move your arm in a circle up to 20 times. •do once or more times in a day. Overhead shoulder stretch•sit or stand to do this shoulder stretch. •intertwine your fingers in front of you. •bend your elbows and raise your arms above your head. You can also place your hands on your head or behind it. •gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to move your elbows back. •continue for up to 20 repetitions. Repeat 5 to 10 times a day. Muscles of the shoulder.
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