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What is the treatment of dengue and what is the platelets? what happened when we suffered from blood cancer?

What is the treatment of dengue
and what is the platelets?
what happened when we suffered from blood cancer?
Treatment of dengue consists of pain medications and fluids treatment includes fluids and pain relievers. Severe cases require hospital care. The platelets are the cells that circulate within our blood and bind together when they recognize damaged blood vessel. When you get a cut, for example, the platelets bind to the site of the damaged vessel, thereby causing a blood clot to stop us from bleeding.
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My wife having blood cancer in boon marrow .can I make physical relationship with her.

Hello Lybrate-User, Yes, you can have sex with her. If she is healthy enough. Also you should take homoeopathic treatment. It may give better results than allopathic.
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Hi, Mujhe secondary brain cancer h or last 2 weeks se mouth se blood are hai, kya matlab h iska?

Iska matlab apko aur bhi jagah spread ho sakta he. Take proper check up. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment.
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Hi, my aunty is diagnose with blood cancer, her siblings not agree for chemotherapy they decided not to take chemotherapy, she came to our house, I want to know, can we stay with her like we stay with a normal person.

Blood cancer is not a contagious disease. You can stay with her. However as her immunity is suppressed, follow hand washing and barrier nursing.
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I am from gujarat ,rajkot .my 44 years old mom had blood cancer aml m2 a year ago, and recently reports and doctors says that recurrence of the same aml m2 currently so we are really very stressed and confused that what can be done, we do not want to continue with the chemotherapy because even she is also not able to bear it anymore, can you suggest what can be done hoping for your reply thank you.

Hi lybrate-user, sorry to hear about your mom. At times like these, it is best to avoid chemotherapy if the patient is not willing. There are many other therapies available for her which are effective and also not so troublesome. I personally see a lot of cancer patients and my mode of treatment is integrated therapy where we use Homoeopathy and Mistle-toe therapy. If you are interested in considering these therapies, please reach out to me. To get an idea about the cost, you can see my package for cancer treatment on my profile on Lybrate. I can definitely suggest to you that these therapies will have practically no side effects and will help your mother to lead a good life. How much of the disease can be treated will depend on what stage it is on. For this I will require to see all her reports. However, we can at least make sure to give her a good quality of life without suffering from side effects of treatment and also try to control the disease if possible.
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What is the causes of thick blood? Does thick blood is curable? And thick blood is only a sign of cancer? I am very worried about this. Tell me the answer please.

Thick blood is usually not a sign of blood cancer. Blood thickness if due to polycythemia vera ie raised hemoglobin is classified as myeloproliferative neoplasm. But the chances of it progressing to blood cancer is extremely rare especially if it is treated properly. Thick blood could be because of abnormalities in proteins of the coagulation system. Durability depends on the underlying cause.
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Hello I have one question according to my grand mother mri doc said its cancer and according to blood and hemoglobin test which is referred by doctor but after blood report they are according to it .its not cancer please help me what should I do and this thing is often? Is that possible mri report is wrong?

Hello lybrate-user. Yes there are chances of misdiagnosis. If the changes are not much significant. Better consult a good oncologist. With all the reports.
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What test is need to be done for checking cancer in men and women both. Eg. Like cervical cancer, breast cancer, blood and skin cancer.

Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in an area of our body. It can be due to loss of function of tumor suppressor genes or due to increased function of oncogenes. Screening is recommended for a few cancers to help in early detection and cure. Breast Cancer: screening mammography from age 45 years every 2-3 yearly. Cervical cancer: Pap smear (3 yearly) or HPV (5 yearly) from age 26 to 55 Prostate cancer PSA level every 2 years from age 50. Oral cancers: visual inspection in high risk individuals Lung cancer: low dose ct scan in high risk individuals Colon cancer: Fecal occult blood test (colonoscopy for high risk) Stomach cancer: OGD scopy for high risk Some tests which may be done, but not standard recommendations are: Ovary: usg and CA 125 Pancreas: Ca19. 9 and usg Skin and cancer: examination Blood cancer: CBC There are many cancers and that many causes of cancer. If localised, it may form a lump or swelling. Usually painless. If it has spread i.e. Stage 4, then symptoms due to the affected site or organ can occur. E.g. Breathlessness or hemoptysis in lung, jaundice in liver, ascites with abdominal distension in peritoneum, bone pain or fracture in bony mets, convulsion, vomiting and signs of raised intracranial hypertension in brain mets. It is not possible to write about all cancers and all it's symptoms. I will enumerate a few causes and symptoms of common cancers in non metastatic settings. Please note that most cancers donot have any cause and are asymptotic 1) Oral cavity and laryngeal cancers Symptoms: ulcer, Leukoplakia or erythroplakia rarely pain, neck node swelling, hoarseness of voice Cause: tobacco, alcohol, smoking, HPV, sharp tooth or ill fitting dentures with chronic trauma 2) Breast Cancer Symptoms: lump, nipple discharge especially blood stained, armpit swelling, nipple retraction, skin redness or thickening, skin dimpling Cause: increasing age and female sex are the most important non modifiable risk factors. Others include obesity, increased estrogen exposure due to early menarche, late menopause, no breast feeding, no children, OC pills, HRT, obesity. Familial due to BRCA genes 3) Colon or rectal cancer: Symptoms: bleeding per Rectum, alternating constipation or loose motions, lump in abdomen, intestinal obstruction Causes: Age, low fibre diet, Familial in AFP or HNPCC 4) kidney cancer Symptoms: Pain, lumbar swelling, hematuria Cause: Smoking, familial 5) urinary bladder cancer Symptoms: Hematuria, urinary retention Causes: smoking 6) lung cancer Symptoms: cough, hemoptysis, breathing difficulty, hoarseness of voice Causes: smoking 7) esophageal cancer Symptoms: difficulty in swallowing food, Causes: smoking, smoked fish 8) stomach cancer Symptoms: black stools, hematemesis, lump in abdomen, obstruction with vomiting Causes: smoking, alcohol 9) liver cancer Symptoms: lump in abdomen Causes: hepatitis B infection with cirrhosis, toxins 10) gall bladder cancer Symptoms: asymptotic, lump in abdomen, jaundice Cause: gall stones, cholesterosis 11) prostate cancer Symptoms: urinary retention, hematuria Cause: age, androgens 12) penile cancer Symptoms: ulcer Cause: HPV related 13) ovarian cancer Symptoms: mass in pelvis Cause: familial 14) endometrial cancer Symptoms: post menopausal bleeding or inter menstrual bleeding Cause: hormonal 15) cervical cancer Symptoms: bleeding pv Cause: HPV related 16) pancreatic cancer Symptoms: jaundice, lump in abdomen Cause: smoking 17) bone cancers: Symptoms: swelling, pain, fracture Cause: multifactorial 18) skin cancer Symptoms: ulcer or black lesion Cause UV rays 19) brain tumor Symptoms: neurological deficit, vomiting, visual deficit Causes: multifactorial 20) blood cancer Symptoms: bleeding, infections Cause: genetic, multifactorial 21) Testicular Cancer Symptoms: testicular painless swelling, abdominal lump Cause: genetic, multifactorial.
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