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Bipolar Disorder - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which is also known as manic depression. This condition brings severe high and low moods in people affected with this disease. This disease, even alters the energy levels, thinking, sleeping and behavioral patterns of the persons who gets affected with this disease.

Patients who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder can have periods when then will feel overtly energized and happy and sometimes again get bogged down with the feelings of hopelessness, sluggishness, self-pity and sadness. However, in-between these two phases, when they are well, they behave absolutely normal.

It is for this two “poles” of moods which are diametrically opposite to each other that this disease is known as bipolar disorder syndrome.

Per say this disorder is also known as ‘manic’ disorder because people suffering from this mental illness, when they feel overtly excited and confident, they become reckless and impulsive, which often makes them take hasty decisions, purely based on their cognitive impulses. Patients who suffer from sever bipolar disease, also often becomes delusive and thereafter hallucinate about seeing, thinking or believing things that are farfetched from reality.

However, there are also many bipolar people, who suffers from hypomania, which describes the milder symptoms of bipolar mania, and hence their symptoms do not interfere with their everyday lives. This condition is also at times known as clinical-depression in which bipolar patients never endure maniac episodes.

Experts on this disease, says that more than 70% of patients suffering from bipolar disease spends more time fighting depressive syndromes than manic or hypomanic episodes in their lives. Bipolar disease generally develops in the affected persons when they are in their in their adolescence or young adulthood. It has been noticed by experts that this illness rarely happens in people during their childhood.

Often bipolar disorder runs in the family and men and women are equally affected with this disease. Nevertheless, women, unlike men go through ‘rapid cycling’ when affected with this malady which is having 4 or more distinct mood shifts within a year. And so women spend more time staying depressed than men suffering from bipolar disease.

As there is no single cause, hence brain changes, genes and stress all can play a role in clinical progress of this disease.

Bipolar disorder can be treated, but this disease needs long-term ongoing care. Apart from talk-therapy, medications such as mood-stabilizers, antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants are often prescribed according to the severity of the conditions for the patients suffering from this disease.

Can't be cured, but treatment helps Require medical diagnosis Lab test sometimes required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Mood swings like sadness, or elevated mood. Loss of interest or sudden pleasure in activities. Delusion and lack of concentration. Manic episode, or paranoia. Difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepiness. Weight gain or acute weight loss. Rapid and frenzied speaking.

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First Digitally Tracked Drug Approved By FDA In US

Dr. Garima Sharma 92% (276 ratings)
General Physician, Fatehabad
First Digitally Tracked Drug Approved By FDA In US
Taking the healthcare industry with a storm, fda has finally approved the first drug with a digital ingestion tracking system in us. Abilify mycite (launched by otsuka pharmaceutical co ltd.) is the first drug which has an embedded sensor that will record when the medication was ingested. ; The pill has only been approved for the treatment of patients suffering from schizophrenia, manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar type 1 disorder and as an add on treatment for depression in adults. However, this drug is not approved for patients who are treated for dementia-related psychosis with antipsychotic drugs as they are at an increased risk of death.
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Bipolar Disorder - Signs You Are Suffering From It!

Dr. Jyotik T 86% (58 ratings)
Diploma in Psychological Medicine, de addiction
Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad
Bipolar Disorder - Signs You Are Suffering From It!
5 signs that you or your loved one may have bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is a condition where the patient may go through certain periods of extreme happiness and joy which is known as mania. On the other hand, there may be other periods where the patient may be extremely sad and depressed and even suicidal. In some individuals, these phases may last quite long whereas, in others, they may change very quickly. However, there are certain common symptoms displayed by patients with bipolar disorder. Let's look at a few of them. Feeling extremely happy, to the point of being careless Certain patients, at the onset of bipolar disorder, will feel extremely happy and have their sense of judgment hampered. When patients feel very elated without proper context, or for very small reasons, it could be an indication that the person is experiencing mania. Feeling extremely depressed Similarly, on the other end of the spectrum, if a person feels extremely depressed without an appropriate reason, it may be due to bipolar disorder. Also, the severity of depression and the length of time for which a person experiences it is also an indicator of the condition. Lack of interest in activities which formerly interested you You may suddenly lose interest in an activity that genuinely interested you earlier. This may include your profession or hobbies. Loss of appetite during the depression phases During the phases of depression or sadness, which may sometimes last for months, a person may rapidly lose weight due to lack of interest in food. Even for patients who have shorter cycles of changes lasting for only a few weeks, this will be noticeable. Extreme restlessness and lack of sleep during the manic phases When the person enters a manic or happy cycle, it may trigger over enthusiasm, restlessness and lack of sleep. This, like the depression phase, will also vary from patient to patient and may continue for the entire duration of the phase. A jump from a depression cycle into this phase will be definitely noticed by others. If a few of these symptoms are detected, then the patient should be taken to a mental health professional for appropriate treatment as soon as possible.
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What is Bipolar Disorder? Know Its Symptoms And Diagnosis!

Dr. Mukesh Jha 86% (47 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Delhi
What is Bipolar Disorder? Know Its Symptoms And Diagnosis!
Bipolar disorder is the medical term for extreme depression and mood swings that are abnormal or too frequent. The mood swings may go from depression to mania, where the symptoms may border on suicidal behaviour, and other such dangerous tendencies. Find out more about Bipolar Disorder with this article. - Main Symptoms: The major symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are hypomania and depression. The patient may swing between these two states on a sudden basis. The dramatic mood swings do not have a set routine or pattern and can strike at any given time. The patient may be in a certain kind of state for a prolonged period like many weeks and months, or can even be in a certain state for a matter of days, before the next mood strikes. While hypomania is a very severe outcome of Bipolar Disorder, many people do not recognise it as a problem until it gets out of hand. This state can actually make a person feel high on energy where the patient may also achieve all-time highs in terms of productivity and a sense of wellbeing. This state can switch to a state of depression and hopelessness within a matter of days or weeks. - Types: Bipolar Disorder can be categorised into many types, depending on the level and severity of the mood swings. To begin with, Bipolar Disorder I has full blown cycles of ups and downs in the mood of the patient. The up mood never really manifests into full fledged mania. This is a more mild form of the disease, and the symptoms are often missed. Rapid Cycling is another form of Bipolar Disease where a patient may experience at least four or even more episodes of major mood swings within a period of 12 months. Further, Mixed Bipolar is a form of the disease where the depression and elevation may come together or in rapid succession of each other. Cyclothymia is another mild form of this mood disorder and comes with subtle changes in one's mood. - Diagnosis and Treatment: While the diagnosis is done by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist with the help of an examination of the symptoms, the treatment includes long term counselling and therapy as well as medication for more severe cases. The drugs and therapy aim at making the mind more stable with psychotherapy. Drugs like lithium or benzodiazepine can also be prescribed to control sleeplessness and hyperactivity as well as hostility and suicidal tendencies. Talking and discussing things are the foremost methods used by psychiatrists when it comes to treating this disease. Persistent mood alterations must be run past a specialist in the field.
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Psychiatry - Common Myths Around It!

Dr. Manish Jain 90% (10 ratings)
MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Psychiatry - Common Myths Around It!
The mental health of a person can be regulated with the help of self awareness and a conscious attitude in many cases. Yet, in most cases, one will have to resort to the use of psychiatric help which may include the use of therapy and medication. There are many conditions that may go out of hand and affect our day to day functioning. These include conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many more. Yet, there is a certain amount of stigma and many myths attached to the field of psychiatry and its medication. Here are a few myths that we have tried decoding. Psychiatric medicines can be addictive: This is a major myth that many people have. It is not true that once you start taking psychiatric medication, you will have to take them for life. In fact, for medicines like anti depressants, most clinicians make it a rule to administer the drugs for only one and a half times for which the same may be required, so that the person does not get dependent on the medication in order to run his or her life in a normal manner. Further, the prescription of such medication is more often than not, backed with proper therapy which happens before and after the medication is taken. This helps in ensuring that the patient is weaned off accordingly with the help of positive discussions and evaluations. Antidepressants can make us happy: This is another major myth that many people have. The fact is that the antidepressants do not have any euphoria creating properties which recreations drugs may have. These are medicines that have an affect on the production of the specific hormones that may be creating problems in the life of the patient. Therefore, one should not expect to feel happy as soon as the antidepressant is taken with some water. A happier self can only come from within and with outside help like therapy in case the patient is in a constant state of despair. The medication will simply help in suppressing and increasing the production of the necessary hormones in the brain, which will restore the correct chemical balance. A person who takes these kinds of medicines without actually suffering from depression may face side effects like feeling off balance and sick. Psychiatric medicines have too many side effects: This is another myth that makes people fearful when it comes to taking such medicines. There are side effects in most kinds of medicines, and these are no different. The extent of the side effects for medicines like beta blockers and antidepressants may include an upset stomach and a slight headache, which may make the patient drowsy. Fatigue and a decrease in one s sexual appetite may also follow as a side effect. Yet, most patients get over these side effects once their body adapts to the medication. These side effects do not hamper one s life majorly. In fact, there is a constant influx of new medication that makes the side effects, even more mild.
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Homeopathic Remedies For Psychiatric Disorders!

Dr. Princy Khandelwal 93% (16022 ratings)
Homeopath, Faridabad
Homeopathic Remedies For Psychiatric Disorders!
There are a number of psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and many more. The homeopathic cures for these disorders are given based on the patient s condition and their history. These medicines need to be prescribed by a doctor only. However, the most common homeopathic cures for psychiatric disorders are as follows: Belladonna: Belladonna is a solution for delusions and should be given where there is restlessness, anxiety, and a desire to tear their own clothes. Such patients tend to spring out of bed and hurt people around him. They seem to be scared and see objects when they shut their eyes. The speech and actions of the patients are hasty. Hyoscyamus: This is a cure for intense insanity with a lot of excitation of the senses and abnormal impulses. Hyoscyamus is for patients who mostly imagine that they are being followed by some evil presence or that somebody is attempting to kill him. The patient keeps running from an imaginary enemy. They are very talkative and usually jumpy. Cimicifuga: In depressed states, this is one of our best cures. The patient is covered in a dull, dark and mental environment. He or she doubts people and items that seem unusual and unnatural. Stramonium: This cure is for patients who suffer from insanity and act in the most alarming manner. They usually have pipe dreams and see rats, mice, snakes and different creatures moving towards him or her. Sepia: Another cure is Sepia for the patients who have dull premonitions about their ailment, powerless memory, and feeling of weakness and vulnerability. They fear almost every situation, give up easily, and fear separation. Aurum metallicum: This is a cure for those with mental depression and sadness. They feel as if they have lost the companionship of their friends and are destined to stay alone. Their memory is frail, they are usually outraged, or feel the need to debate about everything. Ignatia: Most instances of depression at some time of the treatment require Ignatia. It suits women better while Arsenicum and Nux vomica are more appropriate for men. Ignatia is for patients who are always gloomy and tend to murmur with an inclination to sob. They conceal their sadness and are usually quiet. Sulfur: Sulfur is used as a cure for mental conditions that are broad and usually related to religious depression. They turn out to be on edge about their own life. They are additionally distracted and these patients will stop for quite a while to think about how words are spelled. Cannabis indica: This cure is for those who have heavenly vivid dreams and fantasies that cannot possibly exist in reality; however, they seem real to the patient. A moment appears to be a great many years, and a thing might seem to appear yards away.
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Popular Questions & Answers

Hi, Please suggest me Can bipolar disorder together with ibs and clinical depression be cured.

Dr. Ramananda Kishore Kavi 89% (19 ratings)
Psychiatrist, Visakhapatnam
HI .Bipolar disorder and depression are treatable. The chance of relapse is high after stopping. Thus continuation of medication is important. Medication has to be taken regularly. IBS also needs to be treated alo g with these conditions. Consult a gastroenterologist for treatment plan of IBS. We can consult privately to discuss the treatment plan of bipolar and depressive problems.
1 person found this helpful

Will acupuncture help to provide some relief from bipolar disorder ,clinical depression and general anxiety disorder from 5 yrs. Currently I am under medication for depression and anxiety.

Dr. Deepti Bhandari 92% (112 ratings)
Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.Neuropsychology, BA, MA - Psychology
Psychologist, Udaipur
Dear Lybrate User, Yes acupuncture does help in channelization and correction of disturbed energy meridians which cause depression and anxiety, but for bi polar medication is important. During or after acupuncture stabilisation, consider Psychotherapy so that the root cause of all issues be dealt with. When done regularly twice a day, this exercise gradually alleviates the anxiety and is a sure shot method to relieve anxiety. But should be done religiously. Make a self rating scale of 0 to 10 where 0 = absence of anxiety, 10 = highest level of anxiety experienced. Each time you set yourself to do this exercise - note your anxiety level on 0 to 10 scale in a copy. Do the rating before exercise and after the exercise. Twice daily. Thus in a day you get 4 readings. OM jaap is one such mantra which allows your vibrations to become positive and aligns you to cosmic rhythm itself for ease in life.

Hello doc Yesterday checked my bp and now its 180. Now am only age 24. How to reduce bp naturally. What are the cause of high BP. Am also a bipolar disorder patient and now taken encorate 400 daily? If mental disorder increase Bp? please help meee.

Dr. Jayvirsinh Chauhan 93% (4913 ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Hi Chikku.. it can be perfectly managed by homoeoapthic treatment plus it can also help in Bipolar disorder.... It needs details about you to find out such powerful medicine... you may consult through lybrate for the treatment... Will guide you further... Till then take Rauwolfia Q 10 drops tds.

I lost my body control and I am always angry without having any reason. I searched about this in the google I think I have a bipolar disorder what will I do for this find me a solution please.

Dr. Akshata Bhat 97% (1380 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Consult a Psychiatrist for detailed assessment regarding your problem rather than going for self diagnosis on Google. Symptoms can be many but have to be taken in context while making a diagnosis. Get a professional opinion so that you don't get more upset about a possible condition that you may or may not have.

I am losing my control over body, I became angry without any reason, I do not know what to do, when I searched in the internet it showing that that is because of bipolar disorder what will I do please find me a solution for that.

Dr. Namrata Grover 91% (40 ratings)
M.A in Clinical psychology, B.A - Psychology
Psychologist, Faridabad
Hi lybrate-user It's about how you see the world or situations. Happiness is within you. Check what is disturbing you most. Talk to expert to counselling you Set some goals and plan accordingly. We all have our highs and lows in life. Lets get on a call and discuss things further. There are many solutions that I can provide you depending upon your problems. There is goal setting, relaxation improving confidence. You can consult a clinical psychologist near by you to help you some behavior, personality issues cope with same. Therapy is very useful in this case. You can consult me privately for same.

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