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Top 10 Best Oats Brands In India For Healthy Breakfast!

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Top 10 Best Oats Brands In India For Healthy Breakfast!

You cannot ignore the health benefits of a good breakfast! Oats are one of the healthiest breakfast choices especially when you're on the go. They are gratifying, conveniently available, comparatively inexpensive and an extraordinary source of protein and fiber.

Whether you top them up with seeds or nuts, add cold yogurt or milk, dust with grated coconut and dried fruits, drizzle with honey, slice some berries or any fresh fruit of your choice – oats are endlessly versatile and super healthy.

However, a key obstacle that most people have to contend with, is the array of oats brands available in the market.

Not all these oats brands are wholesome and a majority of the time, they are packed full of artificial flavors - it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate between the worst & the best brands.

Oats Brands

Here are the top oats brands that are healthy, rich in protein & fiber and a perfect choice for breakfast or sudden hunger cravings:

1. Nourish Organics Oats Granola

Start your day with super-satisfying Oats Granola! This is an ideal breakfast choice for weight watchers and fitness freaks. Nourish Organics Oats Granola has whole food goodness and a healthful blend of rich ingredients.

If you like your oats sweet, this product contains organic brown sugar & honey to satisfy your sweet tooth and cinnamon & vanilla for a delightful flavor. You can serve these oats in a bowl with milk or creamy yogurt topped with nuts and seeds.

2. True Elements Rolled Oats

High in fiber, True Elements Rolled Oats improve your overall health. Consume them in the morning to start your day the healthiest way. These oats are a great source of magnesium and other essential nutrients.

True Elements Rolled Oats packed with proteins give you an energy rush to sustain throughout the day. Oat lovers who look at a bowl of oats with sparkling eyes can pick these rolled oats.

3. Zerobeli Oats

Consume a warm bowl of Zerobeli Oats for a Happy Morning! Whether you cook them in milk or water, these oats offer wholesome benefits. High in fiber and rich in protein, Zerobeli Oats can kickstart your day in the right manner.

You can top these oats with your favorite fruits and nuts for a tasty treat. Consuming Zerobeli Oats is a sumptuous way of adding protein and fiber to your diet. All you have to do is sprinkle healthy ingredients onto it for a rich breakfast.

4. True Elements Steel-cut Oats

True Elements Steel-cut Oats will keep you active the entire day. These quality oats are gluten-free and low in calories. True Elements Steel-cut oats are an excellent source of vitamin B & iron, thus helps against iron deficiencies and improve blood circulation.

This power food is rich in both soluble & insoluble fiber and will keep you full for a longer duration of time. These oats also aid in preventing cardiovascular diseases and keeping stress at bay. You can cook delicious recipes with these oats or include them in smoothies.

5. Saffola Oats

Saffola oats contain 100 % natural wholegrains and savory flavors. Minimal efforts are required to prepare these healthy and delicious oats. These also control your hunger pangs and thereby aid in weight management.

A variety of flavors are available in Saffola oats to suit your taste preferences apart from the traditional plain oats including Saffola Masala oats and Saffola Fruit & Nut oats. Made from the choicest of ingredients, Saffola oats are a perfect blend of health and taste.

6. Quaker Oats

Looking for a no-fuss breakfast option for on-the-go mornings? Quaker oat is a convenient and healthy alternative. Approved by FDA, Quaker oats reduce cholesterol diet and the risk of heart disease.

Your morning bowl of Quaker oats is filled with the goodness of soluble fiber. You can relish these oats by making different recipes out of them for a delightful oat snack. Use your favorite ingredients to create your own oatmeal for a healthy treat.

7. Kellog’s Oats

Whip up your dose of healthy eating by including Kellog’s oats in your dietary regime. This wonder cereal has comparatively higher soluble fiber. These oats are naturally cholesterol-free and rich in protein.

You can cook Kellog’s oats in either milk or water and enjoy its goodness by making some great recipes. They are available in different pack sizes and flavors from which you can cherry-pick as per your preferences.

8. Patanjali Oats

Available in an array of flavors, Patanjali Oats packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. They serve as a healthy breakfast choice and have high content of iron, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

Made from 100% whole grains and minimally processed, these oats have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Patanjali oats are an easy-to-make breakfast and you can serve them hot with milk, juices, fresh and dried fruits.

9. Bagrry's White Oats

Bagrry's White Oats are innovatively processed for a superior taste experience. These heart-healthy oats are packed full of nutrients and 100% whole grains. You can relish the goodness of oats and amazing taste at the same time.

Bagrry's White Oats come in a variety of appealing flavors for a wholesome experience. You can also use these oats as a staple ingredient in your everyday meals. The finest-quality Bagrry’s oats help in reducing cholesterol and managing weight.

10. Eco Valley Hearty White Oats

Eco Valley Hearty White Oats account for a healthy and complete breakfast. Rich in dietary fiber and protein, these oats have an array of health benefits. You can consume these oats in multiple ways as per your health needs and taste preferences.

An easy-to-cook cereal, Eco Valley Hearty White Oats are good for your heart health. Weight watchers need not to worry - these oats would not add on any extra flab! Eco Valley oats do not contain any sugar and aid in weight management.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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