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Bell pepper Benefits And Its Side Effects Health Feed

Infertile Couples - How Can They Benefit From IVF?

Dr. Surbhi Gupta 87% (142 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
IVF Specialist, Delhi
Infertile Couples - How Can They Benefit From IVF?
The most crucial benefit of the IVF process is that the couple can have the child of their own. True or False. Take this quiz to know now!
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Brown Sugar Vs. Normal Sugar - Which One Is Healthier?

Dr. Tulika Bakshi Sinha 88% (43 ratings)
Bachelor In Clinical Nutrition and Dieteics, Master in Nutrition and Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Pune
Brown Sugar Vs. Normal Sugar - Which One Is Healthier?

They say, not everything sweet necessarily leaves a sweet taste. True to that, sugar, whether brown or white, is often considered detrimental to health. Not only does it trigger glucose imbalance in the body, it also heightens the potential of cardiovascular diseases. However, if a comparison is drawn between white and brown sugar, the latter is assumed to be healthier. Brown sugar is essentially granulated sugar with molasses, so it contains greater amount of minerals and consequently is recommended over white sugar. Molasses, being a more natural constituent, reaps more health benefits in comparison to white sugar.

The usual process of manufacturing sugar involves extracting the juice from sugar cane, which then is centrifuged to form finer granules. Unlike white sugar, it goes into further processing; brown sugar is blended with molasses. This enhances the natural constituency of the sugar and makes it more refined. Brown sugar has certain explicit advantages. Often, white sugar includes synthetic flavors which may cause further damage to your health. As against this, brown sugar is slightly more beneficial.

Brown sugar comes with few other discrete advantages. A large number of weight watchers vouch for it. Compared to white sugar, brown sugar supplies a fairly reduced amount of calories. Moreover, brown sugar is surfeit in minerals. It provides one with a decent quantum of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. With regard to taste, brown sugar has a quainter taste than white sugar. Brown sugar, on account of the greater proportion of molasses content, usually is less saccharine than white sugar.

While the minimal processing that goes into making brown sugar enhances its nutritive value, it really isn't a healthy alternative to plain sugar. True, it retains more health enzymes than plain sugar, but it does not really benefit your body. Many perceive that the hype around the health benefits of brown sugar is a marketing strategy and gimmicky stance to increase its market values.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Alcohol and Heart Disease - All that you need to know!

Dr. Sameer Mehrotra 90% (1105 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS - Physician )
Cardiologist, Delhi
Alcohol and Heart Disease - All that you need to know!

Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Heart-- 

  1. Excessive alcohol intake leads to increase in cholesterol and BP which are risk factors for heart attack or blockages. 
  2. Excessive alcohol intake leads to alcohol induced cardio-myopathy or weakening of heart muscle. 
  3. Excessive alcohol intake is also a risk factor for developing irregular heart rate called Atrial Fibrillation

Recommended daily alcohol intake value - 

Men - Upto 2 glasses/day 

Women - 1 glass/day (studies have shown that even small amount of alcohol intake in women is very harmful) A drink is one 12 oz. beer, 4 oz. of wine, 1.5 oz. of 80-proof spirits, or 1 oz. of 100-proof spirits. Binge drinking should be ABSOLUTELY avoided. 

Red wine - There is no clear cut data to prove that red wine has some cardioprotective properties. A few small studies have suggested so, but as of now there is no clear cut answer. 

Alcohol and Aspirin - If you are on aspirin and take alcohol then you have higher chances of developing gastric ulcers and erosions. Hence you should try to reduce drinking if you do. If you do not drink then there is no need for you to start drinking as drinking alcohol does not provide any major benefit.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Exercise & Pregnancy - Whats The Relation?

Dr. Sunita Chavan 90% (215 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gorakhpur
Exercise & Pregnancy - Whats The Relation?
Exercise during pregnancy makes one weak. True or false. Take this quiz to know more.
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Massage Therapy - Ways It Can Help You!

Dr. Sunil Tiwari 92% (380 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PGD IN NATURO & YOGA SCIENCE
Ayurveda, Katni
Massage Therapy - Ways It Can Help You!
Elderly people are most benefitted from a massage therapy. True or False? Take the quiz to know now.
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Health Benefits Of Gram Flour/Besan

Alternative Medicine Specialist, Delhi

1. Helps lower cholesterol: 
Gram flour contains healthy unsaturated fats which help in lowering the cholesterol level of the body. 

2. Controls diabetes: 
It is a great food for diabetics. Use it in your rotis, paranthas as a replacement for flour. 

3. Helps improve health of the heart: 
Besan has high soluble fiber content which is beneficial for the health of the heart. It is also endorsed by the heart care foundation. 

4. Helps getting rid of iron deficiency: 
Being rich in iron, consumption of besan on a daily basis can help your body recover from iron deficiencies like anaemia. 

5. Useful in pregnancy: 
Gram flour is rich in folate, a vitamin which takes care of the foetus’ brain and spinal cord development and ensures a healthy well developed baby. 

6. Helps during fatigue: gram flour is a good source of the vitamin thiamin which helps the body in converting food into energy. 

7. Helps regulate mood and appetite: besan is rich in vitamin b6. Vitamin b6 is an important component involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin plays an important in mood and appetite regulation. 

8. Helps regulate blood pressure: 
The magnesium content of besan helps in maintaining vascular health and it also helps in the regulation of blood pressure. 

9. Helps in strengthening of bones: 
The phosphorous in gram flour combines with calcium in the body to help in the formation of bones. 

10. Very. Effective for skin care and hair care.

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Health Benefits of Kiwi

Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd 89% (229 ratings)
Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
Health Benefits of Kiwi

1. High Source of Vitamin C

If you thought that lemons and oranges were the highest sources of Vitamin C, then think again! According to the nutritional break-up of kiwi fruit, per 100 grams contain 154 percentage of Vitamin C, which is almost twice that of lemons and oranges. Vitamin C acts as powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals that could cause inflammation or cancer. It also helps in boosting the immunity of the body against harmful pathogens.

2. Sleep Inducer

Having trouble sleeping? According to a research done by Taipei Medical University, “Numerous studies have revealed that kiwi fruit contains many medicinally useful compounds, among which antioxidants and serotonin may be beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorders.” It is said that having two kiwi fruits one hour before bedtime can help immensely in inducing sleep.

3. Good Source of Dietary Fiber

This exotic fruit is loaded with dietary fiber, which helps in the prevention of numerous diseases. According to a study done by the University of Leeds, “Increasing consumption of fibre-rich foods can lower risks of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD).” According to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, high fiber foods keep one full for longer and control metabolic markers like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. It also facilities weight loss and is often recommended to diabetics.

4. Helps in Digestion

Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme known as actinidain which is known for its protein dissolving properties, similar to that of papain in papaya. This is the reason why it is commonly used as a meat tenderiser. Moreover, it helps in the digestion of proteins in the body and is also known to help patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

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1) What benefit are from our body hair and what is not? 2) Why I get always from common cold? 3) Why I have unwanted hair more and how can I remove it permanently?

Dr. Abhishek Vijayakumar 91% (160 ratings)
MCh Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
1) What benefit are from our body hair and what is not? 2) Why I get always from common cold?
3) Why I have unwanted ...
Hello, Hair has thermal regulation function and cosmetic in some areas. Laser hair removal is safe and effective treatment. You may require 6-8 sittings and a maintenance once 6 mo to a year.
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Rainy Season - 7 Skin Care Tips For It!

Dr. Siddheshwar Mathpati 89% (95 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma In Dermatology And Venerology And Leprosy (DDVL)
Dermatologist, Navi Mumbai
Rainy Season - 7 Skin Care Tips For It!

Monsoon is a season that brings respite from the sweltering heat and ushers in joy. But at the same time the season also brings along diseases and a threat to the skin and hair. However, all it requires is a little effort from your part to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Some of these are- 

  1. Wash your Face Daily: The pores of your skin tend to get clogged with dirt and pollutants during monsoon causing the outbreak of pimples and rashes. Therefore it is imperative to wash your face two to three times a day to avert these eruptions. You can also use a toner in case you have dry skin to keep the pores clean.
  2. Use Moisturizer: Though using a moisturizer is almost always associated with winter, it is equally important to use it during monsoon especially during the nights. Night is the time when the skin tries to repair itself on its own, therefore applying moisturizer helps in averting the wrinkles and maintains the glow of the skin.
  3. Exfoliation of the Skin: Monsoon is the time when your skin requires the most pampering therefore an exfoliation at least once in every week will help you to keep the dead cells away, consequently helping you to keep your skin glowing and soft.
  4. Apply Sunscreen: Similar to a moisturizer, a sunscreen is a product whose benefits are strictly associated with summer. But that is not rather should not be the case. During monsoon, even though the rays of the sun may not seem harsh, it can as well damage your skin; therefore applying a sunscreen should be something you must not miss.
  5. Eat Green Vegetables: Your skin reflects not only the benefits of the cosmetic products that you apply on it, but also what you eat. Eating oily and junk products show their mark on the skin sooner than later, therefore the trick is to stay away from them and indulge in green vegetables. Your skin will inevitably show the benefits soon.
  6. Eat Fruits: The benefits of eating green vegetables and fruits go hand in hand. Rich in antioxidants, fruits help in maintaining the luster of your skin.
  7. Drink Lots of Water: Water has plenty of advantages and it takes care of the skin, health as well as hair. Drinking plenty of water during monsoon takes care of the skin and keeps the glow.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Fruit Juice Benefits in Hindi - फलों के रस के फायदे

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
Fruit Juice Benefits in Hindi - फलों के रस के फायदे

फल का प्रयोग तो हम करते ही हैं. हमारे यहाँ तो फलों को धार्मिक रूप से भी काफ महत्वपूर्ण माना जाता है. फलों के फायदों के बारे में तो हम सभी जानते ही हैं लगभग सभी फलों में कई तरह के पोषक तत्व विटामिन और कई अन्य स्वास्थ्यवर्धक पदार्थों की प्रचुरता होती है. इसलिए ताजे फलों या कुछ सब्जियों को भी स्वास्थ्य के लिए काफी अच्छा माना जाता है. जाहिर है इन फलों के रस भी हमारे लिए लाभकारी साबित होते हैं. इसलिए यदि आप नियमित रूप से विटामिन, खनिज, एंजाइम और प्राकृतिक शर्करा कि अपने शरीर में आपूर्ति चाहते हैं तो आपको फलों के रस का सेवन करना चाहिए. यदि आप अपने शरीर के प्रतिरक्षा तंत्र को मजबूती प्रदान करना चाहते हैं और शरीर की सभी क्रियाओं को सामान्य करना चाहते हैं तो आपको फलों का रस जरूर लेना चाहिए. फलों के रस के लाभ को विस्तार से समझने के लिए और इसके फायदों को ठीक से जानने के लिए हमें निम्लिखित बिन्दुओं का अध्ययन करना चाहिए.

1. एंटी एजिंग के रूप में
फलों के रस में पाए जाने वाले कैल्शियम, पोटेशियम, आदि खनिजों से हमारे शरीर के कोशिकाओं में जैव रसायन और खनिज का सही संतुलन बनाए रखने में काफी मददगार होते हैं. इस संतुलन के कारण हमारे पूरा होने की प्रक्रिया काफी हद तक धीमी हो जाती है. जिससे हम काफी समय तक जवान दिख सकते हैं.
2. तुरंत पोषक तत्वों की आपूर्ति
फलों के रस का सेवन हमें ऊर्जा से भर देता है. यानी आपको जब तुरंत उर्जा चाहिए तो आपको फलों के रस या जूस का सेवन करना चाहिए. जब हम फलों के रस का सेवन करते हैं तो यह सुपाच्य होने के कारण जल्दी ही इस में उपस्थित सभी पोषक तत्व हमारे खून में सीधे-सीधे मिल जाते हैं.
3. तत्वों के संतुलन में
फलों के ताजा रस के सेवन से हमारे शरीर में क्षारीय तत्व की अधिकता होती है. जिसे हमारे खून व शरीर की कोशिकाओं में अम्लीय और क्षारीय तत्वों का संतुलन सामान्य हो जाता है. हमारे शरीर में ऐसे संतुलन का सकारात्मक असर होता है. इससे हम कई तरह की परेशानियों से बच सकते हैं.
4. मोटापा कम करने में
यदि आप सुबह में एक नींबू गर्म पानी में के साथ भी है. तो इससे और इसके बाद 12 औंस गाजर का रस और 4 औंस पालक को मिलाकर इसका मिश्रण नियमित रूप से पिएं तो इसे मोटापा कम होता है. मोटापा कम करने का ये आसान और प्राकृतिक तरीका है.
5. चेहरे की सुंदरता के लिए
कई फलो का उपयोग हम चेहरे की सुंदरता को बढ़ाने के लिए कर सकते हैं गाजर, संतरा, टमाटर और चुकंदर आदि फलों में से किसी के भी रस का 25 ग्राम यदि हम रोजाना लगातार दो महीने तक सेवन करें. तो इससे हमारे चेहरे की चेहरे पर उपस्थित सभी तरह के दाग मुंहासे दूर होकर चेहरे में चमक आती है. इसके अलावा इससे आपके शरीर को अच्छा ख़ासा पोषण भी मिल जाएगा.
6. लकवा में
लकवा से पीड़ित मरीज को सेब, अंगूर, नाशपाती आदि फलों के रस की एक समान मात्रा को मिश्रित करके इसका सेवन नियमित रूप से करते रहना चाहिए. क्योंकि ऐसा करने से लकवा का असर काफी हद तक कम होता है और इसके मरीजों को राहत भी मिलती है. इसका इस्तेमाल बहुत आसान और आसानी से उपलब्ध हो सकने वाला है.

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