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Bariatric Surgery - What Are The Benefits Of It?

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Bariatric Surgery - What Are The Benefits Of It?

Most individuals prefer to be in the best of shape and look flawless by getting rid of those extra inches or fat in the body. Excess fat, not only affects the self-confidence of the person, but also gives rise to several health problems. Bariatric surgery is recommended as a treatment option, for such problems & obesity itself.

Popularly known as the weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery is a popular treatment that has shown results and helped people to get into shape. To describe the process in simpler terms, it is a surgical procedure on the stomach and the intestines that result in substantially reduced food intake and weight loss in an individual. Bariatric surgeries can be of different types but it is important to remember that they are not cosmetic surgery.

Other Benefits of Bariatric surgery besides weight loss:

  1. Bariatric surgery reduces the risk of cancer(s).
  2. Obesity has proved to affect the psychological functioning of a person - surgery helps one to regain their self-esteem and improves quality of life.
  3. Obesity causes menstrual irregularities and fertility problems in women. Bariatric surgery helps to improve fertility and reduces the chances of complications during pregnancy.
  4. The surgery helps one to live a longer life by reducing possibility of early sudden death usually associated with obesity.
  5. Surgery has also proven to help with health conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, soft tissue infection and venous stasis disease.

Bariatric Surgery at present is one of the most common weight reducing surgeries but before considering it, it is important to gather as much knowledge as possible about the process and to also get it done under the supervision of a well trained and experienced doctor.

Though patient and family spends considerable time trying to understand the pros & cons of surgery, the single most important differentiator in outcome of bariatric surgery is post-operative care/support system affiliated with the surgeon.

The long-term risk of remaining obese is much greater than undergoing bariatric surgery. Though bariatric surgery in established clinics is performed by certified doctors only, still it is very important to research the surgical and back up facilities of the hospital. With internet support, one can also assess a program’s outcomes and safety track records. There is no harm in asking a straight or blunt question regarding number of surgeries done and even number of complications in the surgeon’s hands. It may appear difficult to decide but research and frank discussion can help make right choices

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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